Welcome to the USS Achilles NCC-181450-A!

If they ever tell the story of my life, let them say that I lived in the time of giants. Let them say I lived in the time of Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Martok. Let them say I lived and served with Honor. Let them say I served on the USS...Achilles.

In Earth's ancient past Achilles was known as the greatest warrior known to man. So great was his skill on the battlefield that his exploits became the stories of legend. Even now, while his bones are mere dust his name still lives on. Like it's namesake the USS Achilles is a powerful warrior…a battleship of unique skills. One of the largest ships in the Federation fleet the USS Achilles is capable of defending herself from multiple attackers with ease and dwarfs most anything in the Romulan or Klingon fleets.

The year is 2393. In the years following the Dominion War and the destruction of Romulus, the Federation had returned to normal, with Star Fleet returning to the roles of exploration and discovery. However the lessons of the past have not gone unlearned. The new ships are better equipped scientifically, defensively, and offensively than the ships of the past. To that end the Ascension Class Starship was conceived and created. The USS Achilles is the next ship of the line of these massive Deep Space Exploration vessels.

The Achilles is being sent on a mission of historical significance; a 70 year trip to the Gamma Quadrant end of the Bajoran Wormhole. Literally going where no one has gone before.

What challenges will they face?

What new friends will they make?

What new enemies will they face?

What wonders will they see?

The Achilles, its escort ships, and their crews will be completely on their own. They will either succeed or fail...either emerge from the wormhole after completing their mission or tuck tail and return home...that or die trying.

Instead of rehashing the same ol' thing with the same ol' races the Achilles is setting out into the unknown to encounter all new races, new empires and alliances, new technologies, new phenomena, new enemies, and new friends.

To join the sim select from the open positions on any of our three ships and begin your journey. Any questions can be sent to me via the contact menu.

Captain Ricardo Esteban Montoya
Commanding Officer
USS Achilles


To Boldly Go!!

Chapter Three: The Alundra Host

As the crew of the Achilles repair damage, heal their wounds after their conflict with the ISS Achilles, and deals with the loss of friend and family they meet the first power in the region. The question is will this species be Friend or Foe?

UPDATE: After encountering their counterparts from the "Mirror" universe Star Fleet ordered a halt to their mission and dispatched additional ships to the area to examine the remains of the rift and to take procession of the material and data collected. Unknown to almost all another change was to strike the crew.

All of this taking place under the watchful gaze of an unknown species.

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The USS Achillies is a PG-15 Rated Simm

Latest News Items

» Facebook page

Posted on 03 Oct 2016 @ 7:37pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal in General News

As Facebook was SO kind as to kill the page I had created earlier I have created a new group page...check it out and don't forget to join.


» New (additional) Mission

Posted on 21 Jul 2016 @ 10:33pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal in General News

Hey everyone...I have opened a new mission called Below Decks. This a mission for those events taking place outside the events of the main mission. While there may be some reference to the main mission, the main focus of this mission is on the day to day activities of the crew and the other passengers on the USS Achilles.

Feel free to use your main character, personal NPC(s), or just make up a total random character/situation for whatever might pop into your head.

Chris / Da`nal

» June Awards

Posted on 17 Jul 2016 @ 5:39pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal in General News

Even with the issues we have been facing lately the Achilles has been recognized with several award.

Unit of Distinction for Area 51
Silver: Red Dragon & USS Achilles

We allow took both the Player of the Month & Writer of the month for Area 51.

Congratulations to all who contributed to our June awards!

» Activity and moving on

Posted on 01 Jun 2016 @ 8:29pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal in General News

I think it's only fair to let everyone know that the lack of activity of late for my part has been due to real life issues being a combination of work and family issues....and while we all have been hit by real life from time to time I still would like to apologize.

That said and as we try to wrap things up with the current mission there are a few thing I want/need us to due.

1. We need a Roll Call.

Lack of activity can push people away. So I need to know who is still with us, so I know what positions are open for recruitment. Please PM me whether or not you plan to stay by the end of the weekend.

2. The other ships.

I would like to get these other ships more involved. To do that we either need new players or our current members can create NPCs for those ships. If you want to make an NPC for one of the other ships, feel free and apply way. For those interested in creating those NPCs; I would like to see people playing characters different than they are playing now...but that is only a suggestion.

3. New missions - Side missions.

With the size of the Achilles and the other ships available the creation of side missions will be easy. If anyone has an idea for, or needs help getting one started, just let me know and I will get that side mission created on the sight for posting purposes.

As for upcoming sim missions. There are new races to encounter and regional powers to deal with. While the main races/powers have already been planned "there are always...possibilities". Additionally, there are several mission images on the sims upcoming missions page (http://achilles.ussardeshir.net/index.php/sim/missions). If these images gives anyone an idea, or if anyone has an idea for a mission they want to present, let me know.

Why am I doing all this? Because I want this to be your sim. I don't want to dictate but allow everyone to have a hand in the creative process.

Hope to hear from everyone.

» January Awards

Posted on 17 Feb 2016 @ 9:33pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal in Simm Announcement

To the crew of the USS Achilles - QAPLA!

Last month we saw a marked increase in activity...kudos to all, we had new players that jumped right in, and had players return from RL issues...with a vengeance. All that help the Achilles start the year off with a bang - and Fleet level awards.

Fleet Unit of Distinction - Bronze: USS Achilles

Fleet Writer of the Month: Peter, playing Lt. Sam Killpatrick

Fleet Post of the Month: "Mirror Broken"
Part 1 - (http://achlles.ussardeshir.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/1406)
Part 2 - (http://achlles.ussardeshir.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/1422)
Part 3 - (http://achlles.ussardeshir.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/1423)

Additionally I am awarding Lt. Diranne Ogar, played by Alex, the Captain's Honor Award – After being force to go inactive due to real life issues, he has returned with a zeal that was contagious; not only was he writing joint and solo posts, creating side plots & NPCs for character development, offering suggestions for site additions, but has also been spreading the word of our sim via social media.

Congratulation All

Commodore Da`nal

Latest Mission Posts

» Sim Closure and Restart

Mission: The Alundra Host
Posted on 22 May 2017 @ 10:22pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal & Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya

Due to multiple issues this sim was closed late 2016. However I am in the process of restarting the sim. If anyone is following the simm's activity, happens to read this...things will be starting again soon. If you are interested in joining the Achilles...feel free to contact me and apply.

» Group Therapy (part 3)

Mission: The Alundra Host
Posted on 30 Dec 2016 @ 11:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Alanna Wells & Lieutenant Trei Jansum & Captain Korra Wen


Petra gave her a panicked look. No way. She didn't go for security officers. She was going to poison their next drink. Not enough to cause any permanent harm, but just enough to give them a very uncomfortable night. Or some Dieffenbachia tea. Yeah, that would do it. "How…

» Group Therapy (part 2)

Mission: The Alundra Host
Posted on 30 Dec 2016 @ 11:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Alanna Wells & Lieutenant Trei Jansum & Captain Korra Wen & Civilian Reva Madhava

- Upper Level -

Reva looked out over the bustling crowd. Even before the funeral service she had had more and more customers, her undercover work continued naturally, but taking care of the crew took precedence. Besides as a bar keep it was her job to keep a sympathetic ear…

» Curious Eyes

Mission: The Alundra Host
Posted on 27 Nov 2016 @ 10:40pm by Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal & Ensign Jessica Logan (PNPC)

[USS Achilles]

He had taken Commander Montoya up on his offer, and the two had had a spirited workout. Now Da`nal was walking the corridors of his massive ship, encouraging those that needed it, keeping others on their toes, and just making himself seen to his crew. After taking the…

» There is no place like home

Mission: The Alundra Host
Posted on 26 Nov 2016 @ 10:15pm by Commander Nicholas Means

Commander Means materialized back on his ship, fortunately they hadn't taken any serious damage that would slow them down. He was actually feeling an excitement that was very uncharacteristic. The doors to the lift parted and he stepped out onto his bridge. He stopped half way to his ready room…

Latest Personal Logs

» I've gotta tell somebody...

Posted on 16 Apr 2015 @ 10:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Fanvo Adtanis


I know this is a bad idea, to have a record like this. I just... there is too much to keep inside my head, the Nosk is even asking me to calm down, anxiety makes it active and irritable.

What the hell am I doing? What the HELL AM…

» Holographic History Channel Presents...

Posted on 09 Feb 2015 @ 6:09pm by

Hello Fellow Achilles Crew,

We all know how I adore holo-programs, and let me say this particular program is a new league of its own.


This is a glorious re-telling of Garth of Izar's rise and triumph over the Klingons during our four years war. Featuring interviews from Legendary…

» The time it takes ...

Posted on 01 Feb 2015 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant JG Tobias Todd

"First personal log entry, Tobias Todd, Lieutenant. The transfer to the new Achilles was without incident. My personal belongings arrived safely and more importantly the data I brought along is undamaged as well. I intend to extensively research every method of life extension, biological or mechanical, known to man ...…

» K'nar Finally Caught Up With Me!

Posted on 28 Sep 2014 @ 9:37pm by Ensign Karrak

Perssonal log of Enssign Karrak.

It has been an uneventful time sso far since I have received my orderss for my firsst sship to sserve under. I have received notice that I must wait longer.

It has been a long journey for me to reach thiss place, long and hard,…

» Testing

Posted on 25 Jun 2014 @ 2:40pm by Ensign Tomek Dardos

Hmm. I spoke with the captain today, hinting as to whether or not he would allow me to vivisect sentient life. He hinted that his answer was no.

I find myself envying the many species who had free roam to do as they liked to their prisoners. I find it…