Picking up speed...

Posted on 04 Jan 2018 @ 10:16pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya

Hey everyone,

I wanted to send this out to thank everyone that has joined so far. We have grown fast with one more to join soon and the possibilities for another two new characters within the next day or so. But the more the spread the word!!!

Things are developing nicely and right now most everyone has got check in posts going...even with that don't hold back. We have a ship to get ready for get those departments squared away, equipment unpacked or stowed, etc. Don't forget to interact with each other as well. We have a smaller ship so interaction will be key.

Lastly, we are still docked with DS5 and have an open invitation to interact with their players as we get the ship setup. Things are moving there as well and don't be surprised if we get involved in a little weapons test/war game with feel to set up a temp profile on the DS5 site in the "Guest" area for any cross sim interaction/posts.

Capt. Montoya



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