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Commodore Da`nal of the House of Varal

Name Da`nal of the House of Varal

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Klingon, 1/4 Human
Age 42
Languages KlingoneseFederation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 5"
Weight 253 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tall and Broad - Typically Klingon. His strict exercise routine keeps him extrodinarily fit.


Spouse CMO Lt. Anita Briam - Died in child birth - Current Bond-Mate: Ayren Kelan
Children Son - Garath - Born 10/27/2384 - Named for his brother who died in battle
Daughter - Ariella - Born 10/27/2384
Father Ral'nath - Killed by Lord Toran of the House of Morgrat
Mother K'Vash - 1/2 Klingon, 1/2 Human
Brother(s) Garath - 2nd Office IKS Qu'vat - Died 2383
Sister(s) Lar'anna
Other Family Anita's parent's live in rural France on Earth. While Anita's father is overly Xenophobic her mother had come to accept him, as have her sisters and brother.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raised all his life as a Klingon. But every time he looked at his mother he saw that there was something more to who he was. Thus he was always curious about his human side. Unfortunately he never got the chance to meet his human Grandmother, so he was on his own to discover his humanity.

His father was originally against his applying to Star Fleet. However he was finally able to convince him. "The true test of a Warrior is to stay true to who and what you are, when surrounded by those who are not like you. Look at Ambassador Worf. With his example to guide me, how can I fail?" What else could his father say...

When he graduated his father presented him with his own Bat'leth - forged by a Da'Har master on Boreth in the style of The Sword of Kahless.

Strengths & Weaknesses Holds honor above all. At times this can be both a strength and a weakness and while in the Empire it would be the norm. In the Federation it has landed him in hot water from time to time.
Ambitions Having achieved his goal of command, he knows he will one day have to leave Starfleet to take over the leadership of his House.
Hobbies & Interests Highly skilled with a Bat'leth and a variety of edged weapons, he is just as deadly with his bare hands.

Personal History Personal History

Stardate 51422 - Applies to and is accepted to Star Fleet Academy. At first his father is against the idea, but is convinced by Da`nal that it is an Honorable Challenge.

Stardate 59490 - Da`nal informs is family that he will be serving on a Klingon ship. When his father and brother had heard about his tour they were ecstatic. By SD 59589 his brother, being a typical older brother, had used is position and influence to arrange a permanent posting for him within the Empire. When Da`nal turned down the offer his brother was not happy at all.

Stardate 60529 - Da`nal receives word that his brother Garath was killed, while serving as 2nd Officer on the IKS Qu'Vat, in a Dominion attack in the Yal'Kar'Katnak sector.

Da`nal has sworn vengeance, even though his brother died honorable in battle.

Stardate 60734 - After being "ordered" to go on shore leave as the Tempest was orbiting the ocean world of Wad'Madani. Da`nal meets Ltjg. Anita Briam while being altered to blend with the planets native population, she agrees to join him on the surface.

Over the course of the shore leave Da`nal, much to his own surprise, begins to fall in love with Anita.

Stardate 60819 - After what could only be described as a whirlwind romance. Da`nal and Anita took the 'Oath of Union' (short form) according to Klingon tradition.

Stardate 60904 - Begins investigating the possibility of a traitor to the Fleet that maybe aboard the Tempest

Stardate 60912 - Discovers the possibility that the traitor is the Tempest's First Officer. He Notifies the Captain, who then orders him to monitor the XO and continue his investigations.

Stardate 60978 - While the USS Eclipse is being towed to the Annapolis ship yards by the USS Tempest Da`nal develops a friendship with the Eclipse's CSEC. A fellow Klingon by the name of Charghwl'IH.

Stardate 61025 - With the Eclipse still in tow Da`nal & Charghwl'IH had scheduled a friendly bat'leth sparring match. However thanks to Charg's fellow shipmate, Lt. Jason Bly, it was turned into an all out spectacle. The match was close for a while. But eventually the added strength and endurance from Charg's combined Klingon and Vulcan heritage, proved too much for Da`nal. As a result Charg won the match.

Stardate 61066 - Orders the XO taken into custody for questioning, after discovering that the First Officer had bypassed a computer lock out while under suspicion of treason.

Prior to beginning his Questioning of aCmdr Paine. Two seceurity officers, followed by Captain L'Berr and two officers from the USS Hellebarde, interrupt Da`nal's interrogation. Placing not only Acting Cmdr Paine under arrest, but Da`nal as well.

Stardate 61134 - He is finally released from the Brig after it was confirmed that evidence had been planted against him.

After being released he is given orders transferring him off the Tempest, as well as told his Bond-Mate Anita has been appointed as the Tempest Chief Medical Officer.

Stardate 61145 - Da`nal and Anita discuss the situation. Anita decides to turn down the CMO appointment to stay with Da'nal.

When they go to confront Captain L'Berr. They are informed that his orders have been cancelled and he has been appointed as the Tempest's 2nd Officer.

Stardate 61258 - Still torn between tradition and duty, concerning Cmdr Paine and being framed, Da`nal goes to the holodeck late one evening. In an attempt to find a path and settle the issue, he meditates in the tunnels on Boreth. His visions were intense and due to the excessive heat he is is late in reporting to duty.

Stardate 61268 - After falling for an April Fools day prank that Anita pulled on him he finds out that she is indeed pregnant

Stardate 61310 - Da`nal's Torpedo modifications prove extremely effective against the Xelucian fleet that was engaged during the retaking of the Parlaxis system.

Stardate 61447 - While underway to their next assignment Da`nal's parent's intercept the Tempest and join the on their journey to the Eris system.

Stardate 61471 - While on duty on the bridge Da`nal is called to sickbay only to find out the Anita has developed a complication with her pregnancy and will be required to remain on bed rest.

Stardate 61822 - Anita deliver date came late. And to Da`nal's surprise - TWINS. However complications arouse and Anita slipped into a coma.

Stardate 62016 - Anita's condition worsens and her condition continues to deteriorate. With Da`nal at her side, she past away leaving him to care for their two children.

Stardate 62033 - Following Anita's death he put in for a transfer. Saying goodbye to those he had served with for so long.

Stardate 62052 - Da`nal and his children arrive at Deep Space 5

Stardate 63200.7 - Da`nal was assigned command of the USS Freedom to lead a task force in an effort to defend Deep Space 5 from several Romulan warbirds. While many died in the attack none were aboard the Freedom. Upon returning to the station after defeating the Romulans, Da`nal was promoted and awarded his first command....the USS Freedom

Stardate 63973 - The Romulan extremists exposed and Isha's position secured, Da`nal had one final matter to resolve. The release of his brother thought killed in battle. To protect his families honor his bother would have to die.

Stardate 63983 - Following the events in Romulan territory the USS Freedom find themselves headed to SB 47 for some much needed repairs and time off for the crew. While en route Da`nal got an unexpected call...promoting him to Captain.

Stardate 64279 - While heading to SB 21 on a diplomatic mission the Freedom was diverted to the Panorian system. Da`nal was specifically selected to deal with a problem only a Klingon...a Klingon in a Starfleet uniform could solve.

Stardate 64458 - Danal and his crew arrive at SB47 for decontamination. Following getting a clean bill of health he is notified that his ships class has been recalled for a major refit. Instead of having him and his crew waiting on the refit they are reassigned to the Prometheus Class - USS Achilles.

Stardate 65085 - While on a long needed shore leave, Da`nal his bond mate, and his children are enjoying some some time together when their time is interrupted by the call to war. The Kzinti War

Stardate 66792 - The War finally over Da`nal found himself the subject of a formal inquiry. An inquiry into his disobeying of orders.

Stardate 66751 - The War finally over Da`nal found himself the subject of a formal inquiry. An inqury into his disobeying of orders.

Stardate 66792 - After being cleared of any wrong doing & be promoted to Commodore; Da`nal's section of the Achilles joined the rest of the ship at SB-80 for much needed repairs. While the ship is repaired the crew finally got a break from battle.

Stardate 67003 - After what had to have been the shortest stint as Commodore in Starfleet history Da`nal is promoted the Rear-Admiral and given command over a task force of 17 ships, 2 starbases, and 2 planetary bases

Stardate 67647 - The USS Achilles has been sent to Dandurand IV to investigate the situation between the planets ruling government, religious groups, and to see that things don't get out of hand. Both the ship and the away team is thrown back in the planets past and into the middle of "The War of Judgment"

Stardate 68088 - After being returned to the present the Achilles is ordered to report to Earth for debrief and investigation of the crews possible violation of the Temporal Prime Directive.

Stardate 68816 - While on a supposed "milk run" mission of an inspection tour of established Romulan refugee facilities and the Federation starships patrolling the Romulan-Klingon border; the crew of the Achilles learns of a plot, by one of the great Houses of the Klingon Empire, to invade Romulan space.

Stardate 68956 - His Father was killed by the leader of a rival house and Da`nal is releaved of command under Regulation 619

Stardate 68986 - Following the murder of his father, then Rear-Admiral Da`nal went on his own to avenge his father's death and protect the future of his family and his House. With the dust settling and following the destruction of his ship and his enemies; Da`nal and his crew have been escorted to Earth to answer for what they have done.
Service Record Promotion History

Stardate 56403 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign
Stardate 57310 - Promote to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Weathers, SFHQ
Stardate 59373 - Promoted to Lieutenant by Admiral David Garza, Commandant, Starfleet Recruit Training Depot
Stardate 60458 - Acting Promotion lost during transfer from the Klingon Defense Force to Starfleet. Due to a "paperwork" mistake.
Stardate 60458 - Promoted back to Lieutenant by Captain Amber L'Berr. Was promised the screw up would'nt happen again.
Stardate 61145 - Appointed to the position of 2nd Officer/Chief of Security of the USS Tempest by Captain Amber L'Berr.
Stardate 61458 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander
Stardate 63248 - Promoted to the rank of Commander and award permanent command of the USS Freedom
Stardate 63841 - Promoted to the rank of Captain
Stardate 64458 - Command transferred to the newly commissioned USS Achilles
Stardate 66792 - Promoted to the rank of Commodore
Stardate 67003 - Promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral, Appointed Task Force CO over 17 ships, 2 starbases, and 2 planetary bases
Stardate - resigns as Task Force CO
Stardate 68986 - demoted to Commodore
Stardate 69000 - Assigned to the USS Achilles - A

Awards & Commendations - Prior to Obsidian Fleet

Stardate 61392 - Kragite Order of Heroism
For his actions during the retaking of Parlaxis III. Most notably the self sacrifice that saved the XO at great personal injury.

Stardate 62041 - Star Cross
For his investigation into the reported death of and resulting "re-phasement" of both the Captain L`Berr but of SCPO Avarine as well.

Transfer History

Stardate 56403 - Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, Security
Stardate 58530 - Assigned to Starfleet's Recruit Training Depot as an instructor
Stardate 59499 - Posted to the IKS Vor'nak as Weapons officer, as a part of the Officer Exchange Program.
Stardate 60458 - Posted to the USS Tempest as Chief of Security
Stardate 61134 - Given Transfer Orders - Transferring Da`nal from the Tempest to the Annapolis Fleet Yards.
Stardate 61145 - Transfer orders cancelled and he is appointed to Second Officer of the USS Tempest
Stardate 63049 - Transferred to Deep Space 5
Stardate 63247 - Made Commanding Officer of the USS Freedom
Stardate 64458 - Command transferred to the newly commissioned USS Achilles
Stardate 69000 - Following the destruction of the USS Achilles he is given command of the new Ascension Class USS Achilles

In 2393 during the first leg of his epic journey with the Achilles, they encounter a dimensional anomaly and they encountered their counter part from the Terran Empire. Though they were successful in defeating the Terran's and sealing the breach...bureaucracy still ruled the day and their mission was cancelled.

Commodore Da'nal was furious, but the situation gave him an opportunity he could not ignore and he resigned his commission and returned to the Empire to rule over his House and be with his children.