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Captain Reva Madhava

Name Reva Madhava

Position Operations Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Orion
Age 23
Languages Betazoid, Vulcan, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 129 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Reva carries the dominant traits of the two species: black eyes from her Betazoid father; black hair and green skin from her Orion mother. Her mother also gifted her with all of the other typical Orion female attributes, including the pheromones that make Orion females so potent.


Father Avin Grax Madhava
Mother Europa (assumed name)
Other Family Grandmother: El'ana Grax

Personality & Traits

General Overview Reva is generally quiet and unimposing. When riled, she's a firebrand with a quick tongue.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Easily angered (rather emotional overall)
+Is brilliant at what she does. She's quick to understand the relationships between parts, including parts of various genetic codes, and is awfully good with understanding the mechanics of how something works, why it does what it does
Ambitions She hasn't yet picked an ambition.
Hobbies & Interests She tinkers with various projects, depending upon what strikes her fancy. She's also a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast - especially holodeck jigsaw puzzles (which are large and 3-d).

Personal History Long before Reva came to be, her father was en route from Betazoid to the Argellian Sector when the transport he was on was boarded by Orion pirates. Luckily for him, one of the leading Orion females took a liking to him and tagged him for her personal stable of men.

As the years passed, Grax became her 'favorite' among many. When she was finally arrested for piracy, Europa (a name that wasn't her true name, but which she'd adopted because she liked the sound of it) was pregnant with Reva. She gave birth to Reva while in prison and Reva was delivered to Grax, where he resided on Betazed. Grax never really recovered from being separated from Europa; he'd grown to love the Orion who had held him prisoner.

Reva grew up not knowing her mother and barely knowing her father; her father's mother raised her. In her early school years, she was teased for her green skin. That stopped when she hit puberty and developed many things in a short period of time: breasts, her empathic/weak telepathic abilities, her sexuality and, most noticeably: her pheromones. When she was 15, her grandmother removed her from school after she was discovered with several boys, all of whom were nude and in a state of arousal, in a school bathroom. She was clothed, and later claimed she hadn't any idea why the boys had stripped (it was her idea, though; she'd discovered that she had a power over the boys and it was a heady thing to discover).

Subsequently, she was educated and trained to control her mental abilities in a small monastic-style school. She helped the school's main caretaker fix whatever broke down, including the caretaker's prize antique vehicle: a thing he'd had shipped from Terra because he loved the lines and curves of the little car. Three years later, he loved Reva's 18-year-old lines and curves as well, an affair that caused a scandal and resulted in Reva leaving the school (fortunately with the credentials necessary to move to higher education). The scandal had been hyped to be more than what it was: Reva and the caretaker had been close, oh-so-close, to culminating their lust, but one of the actual instructors had burst in, alerted by Reva's rampant arousal, telegraphed through the temple by her poorly-controlled empathic power. Since then, Reva's been wary of being physical with any male - to her, doing so would just result in her being sent away.

At her grandmother's strongly worded suggestion, Reva applied to and was accepted to the Starfleet Academy at San Francisco. One of the requirements of acceptance imposed upon her was that she have monthly injections of a serum to reduce her pheromone output. Thanks to that and her relatively brilliant ability with bioengineering and genetics concepts, Reva graduated from the Academy with Honors (top ten percent of her class) and was assigned to her first posting: the USS Achilles.

Reva has trained in both sciences and engineering - engineering is simple for her, she's quick to understand the mechanics of engines. In Sciences, she's studied genetics, mostly because she wants to understand her own blend of genetics better: why did she get green skin instead of her father's pale flesh? why did she get only empathic ability instead of her father's full-bore telepathy? Mostly, though, she prefers engineering.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, Graduated Top Ten Percent
USS Montague, Cadet Cruise, Engineering
USS Achilles, Science Officer