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Colonel Stadi Andrus

Name Stadi Andrus

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 26
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Andorian, Tellurian, Klingon (intermediate), French, Czech

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description When not on duty she is wearing a black lace tank top and a form fitting jeans.

When in the field she wears a large brimmed hat. Usually attempts to wear non-Starfleet khaki's, but is rarely successful getting past the Officer's in charge with it.

Has a tattoo in the shape of a crescent moon made out of black vines.


Father Talloc Andrus
Mother Kestra Laorgan
Brother(s) Lon, Reittan and Talloc
Sister(s) None
Other Family Logan Tennant (Fiance)...deceased 2387

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stadi is strong willed and works to get what she wants and exactly when she wants it.

She demands perfection from those working under her in the field and doesn't care for the disobedient or tactless...however she has been known to let her temper flare when she knows she is right and her point of view is not being considered or is being brushed off.

Stadi is stubborn but has been known to be flexible if the time and place called for it.

She knows that she is an attractive woman and uses this to her advantage, flirting at all available opportunities.

She knows how to have fun.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Hard working, determined, caring, loving, won't take crap from anyone.

Weaknesses: Needs the occasional attitude adjustment, has told a superior officer to 'kiss my ass' on two different occasions.
Ambitions Make new discoveries of ancient cultures

Become a famous archeologist

Continue to have her work published
Hobbies & Interests Reading and research on other cultures and customs. Always trying to get involved with the Diplomatic Corps during first contact missions.

Riding her horse Windrider (Windrider is stabled on Earth in France).

Personal History Stadi was born on Cataris VII to two loving parents. She is the youngest, and only girl of four children. From the very beginning her life was an adventure, having been born while her parents were on an excavation site. So from a very early age she was living and breathing the past. Her parents were renowned archeologists and were even honoured for their work on their home planet Betazed. Thus probably ensuring her as the Heir of the Golden Moon Mirror of Betazed.

Her parents dragged her and her brothers all over the quadrant, taking them on digs. And while they loved their daughter, the were often busy with work and left her in her brother's care. Her brothers, being boys, loved their own adventures and they often dragged her along on them. So with much of her time spent in her brothers company, she often emulated their behaviour and was by all accounts a "tomboy".

Her brothers wanting to continue their adventuring ways decided that Starfleet was the right choice for them. So one by one they started apply for the Academy. Each of her brothers were accepted, and of course Stadi would not be left behind. And being the over achiever she was, it wasn't difficult to get in. Her studies had always been a strong suit for her. Once she had applied to the Academy she was immediately accepted.

Her Academy days were a blast. Sure she did the work, she even went out of her way to do extra work. She excelled in her academics. But schooling was not her life. She had an active social life, attending parties and keeping up with all the couture fashions. While she was sociable and got along with everyone, she had a core social group of four people, including herself. Her closest circle of friends was Micah Kline, Sophia Cooper (her roommate) and most importantly Logan Tennant.

Logan was the one. From the start their relationship was like fire that could never be put out. They were each others one true north. Anyone who knew them, knew that they belonged together. They had spend their days at the Academy together were to spend the rest of their lives together. In their last year of the Academy he had even asked her to marry him. The two of them had spent a day of dog sledding in the Yukon and while watching the Northern Lights he proposed and she readily accepted.

They had their life planned. The two of them were lucky enough to even be stationed on the same ship, the USS Aurora. Her as a science officer and him as marine. It was supposed to be the start of a new adventure for them. But not long after they arrived on the Aurora tragedy struck. It wasn't long after they had been aboard the Aurora during a routine war games session there was an accident. Rescue teams were unable to get to Logan in time and he died from the injuries he had sustained.

She was devastated and for a six weeks she even shut down. She talked to no one and did nothing, except what she needed to do for work. But slowly she started to get used to life without him. There was still a deep scar in her heart from having lost Logan, but she kept that mostly to herself. And for the most part she was able to hide her pain from those around her. She got on with her life sort of.

But to Stadi living on the Aurora could be hell at times. It was a constant reminder of what she had lost and of a future that could no longer be. Try as she could to continue her life there, she knew it would never work. She had to leave. So quietly she put in for transfer, and it wasn't long before she was reassigned to the Achilles.
Service Record Starfleet Academy

2378 - Enrolls at Starfleet Academy.
2379 - Promoted after first year.
2379 - Interned at the Vulcan Science Academy during excavations in the Vulcan desert.
2380 - Promoted after second year at the Academy.
2380 - Promoted after Cadet Cruise aboard USS Pluto.
2381 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy: Major - Anthropology/Archaeology, Minor: Language Studies.

Active Duty

2381 - Joins the Fleet. Transferred to USS Aurora: Science Officer.
2382 - Promoted to LT. JG
2384 - Promoted to LT.
2387 - Transferred to the USS Achilles: Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist.