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Lance Corporal Cyfian Harper

Name Cyfian James Harper

Position Alpha Team - Sniper

Rank Lance Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22
Languages English

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Deep Blue
Physical Description Cyfian's hair is short yet messy. His white face looks gaunt yet handsome, with a small, thin nose. His thin cheeks and jaw are normally covered in stubble, unless for a special occasion, and a small dimple centred within his chin. A contagious smile and sparkling youthful eyes are the most defining features of his face.

Standing at 5'8" and only weighing 140 lbs Cyfian does not look very intimidating, in fact quite the opposite a rather warm, welcoming glow. Though not very muscular his body is well conditioned and fit.


Spouse None
Children None
Father David Julian Harper
Mother Suzan Harper
Brother(s) Trent Harper
Sister(s) None
Other Family Davis Neptune Harper and Jane Harper - GrandparentsCourtney Parson - Grandmother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cyfian is a very kind hearted and warm person. Quite the opposite traits that a marine would normally be associated with. Also thoughtful and ambitious his personality might be more suitable for a diplomat. Very well humoured and always trying to cheer everyone around him up, he does enjoy the attention he gets by making people laugh.

However, he is also rather impatient. Striving to complete his goals and objectives he lets very little get in his way to complete the mission. Anything that delays the completion of the objective annoys Cyfian greatly.

Cyfian does have a minor tick. When nervous or in a awkward situation he involuntarily scratches the back of his neck.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cyfian's kind heart and cheerful personality is both a strength and weakness. He has great compassion for his colleagues and crew mates and is hit very hard when something happens to them.

Cyfian isn't the strongest of men, instead in hand to hand combat he relies more on his agility and speed.

His greatest strength is his accuracy with a firearms. Coming top at firearms training in basic he undertook advanced firearms training with many different types of weapons. As a result if Cyfian gets hold of a weapon he will be able to use it with great accuracy.

Though a dedicated Marine he is not afraid to voice his opinion in particular matters. Though he may disagree with certain orders, he will always carry them out to the greatest of his ability.
Ambitions Cyfian's ambition is to push himself to his limits. Everything he does he strives to prove to himself and everyone around him that he is up for the job. When joining the Marines it was believe he wouldn't last the first month due to his size and strength. But this drove his ambition to prove anyone wrong.

For the moment he is content with being a Marine, though one day would like to possibly be put in charge of his own unit or perhaps take a different career path within Starfleet. For now Cyfian is happy to just live in the moment.
Hobbies & Interests Reading and writing books, hiking, mountain climbing, diving and camping in the wild. He also has a keen interest in different cultures and non-spacefaring civilizations.

Personal History Cyfian was born in Wales UK to David and Suzan Harper their second child. Their first was to Trent who was around 9 years old when Cyfian was born. David was an ex tactical officer of Starfleet and Suzan was a doctor who served in one of the many hospitals on Earth. David served with Starfleet for most of his life. Serving thoughout the galaxy onboard many ships including the USS Dervish, USS Trident and the USS Newport.

His mother Suzan worked as a doctor all over Earth, but was mainly situated in the UK. A deeply caring and loving woman she dedicated her life to helping the wounded and sick. Even to the current day she still works tirelessly to assist those in need.

Cyfian was brought up in a loving but strict home. His mother's love contrasted harshly with his Father's strict attitude to efficiency and discipling. Many times his parents argued as to how to raise Cyfian, just as they did with his brother Trent. Cyfian was treated no differently than his brother but it was clear that he took more after his mother than father.

Throughout his school life Cyfian worked hard to accomplish the best he could do. Something he learned from his father. No matter what it was or how difficult he found it, he also strove to complete the task.

At the age of 10 Cyfian's brother Trent, left to serve as security for a trading outpost on the Federation-Romulan border. His mother Suzan was almost broken hearted at the news of this but David was proud. Starting off in security David always wanted both his sons to follow in his footsteps. However, as the years past it was evident that Cyfian would not follow his father. In fact he seemed to follow his mother's path and move into medicine and science. Many times he would assist his mother and follow her as she tended to the sick and needy.

His father not content to let Cyfian choose his own path, piled on the pressure. Becoming more and more strict, he continued to push Cyfian into his direction. This had a very bad effect for him. So much that at 14 Cyfian ran away from home and went to live with his Grandparents for awhile, Davis and Jane Harper.

Understanding the boy's problem they agreed to talk his father. After a few days he returned home. He cried with delight to be reunited with his mother but the look his father gave him cut him deep, like a knife in his heart. Though pleased to see that he was safe the look of disappointment of Cyfian's father's face could not be hidden. The tears of joy soon turned to soul tears of sorrow. That look of his fathers face still haunts Cyfian today, and what drives his forward to succeed in all that he does.

Throughout his teenage years that look of disappointment on his father's face haunted him. Through his eyes he felt he failed the people he loved. So at the age of 18 Cyfian announced he would be joining Starfleet as a Marine. The decision took everyone by surprise, including his father. So sure were they that he would follow his mother's footsteps and become a scientist that his choice was voice with confusion, sorrow but most importantly pride. Both his parents knew that he wasn't physically strong or particularly fit but they could not hold back their pride with his decision. Too attempt something so foreign to him they beamed respect.

Finally Cyfian could replace that look of disappointment on his father's face with one of pride.

Cyfian set off for basic training.

The training was every bit as difficult as he believed. Pushing himself to the very limits of his physical and mental abilities. Starting off slow, he quickly caught up to the rest of his class, demonstrating amazing tactical awareness. However, Cyfian found his natural talent on the firing range. Whatever weapon he used it felt natural to him as if it was part of him.

Afer Basic he was enrolled into an advanced firearms training program which developed young cadets skills even more. Cyfian passed with flying colours.

Now assigned to the USS Achilles, he endeavours to use his well trained skills to benefit Starfleet.
Service Record 2383 - Enrolled to Starfleet Marine Corp.
2386 - Completed Marine Corp training.
2386 - Enrolled into Marine Corp advance firearms and tactical warfare training
2387 - Completed Marine Corp advance firearms training and assigned to the USS Achilles.