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Nate Stryker

Name Nate Stryker

Position Operations Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Languages English, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nathan is fairly skinny, toned, but not stocky. He doesn't always appear approachable as he usually has a fairly stone like expression. He is very focused on the tasks he works on, so at times is not very personable. His hair is short and he tends to be fairly clean cut.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Stryker
Mother Ann Stryker
Brother(s) Joram
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is easy going and tends to get along with those around him. He enjoys talking with people and opens up fairly easily, although he may not always discuss the most personal things until he gets to know someone fairly well. He usually is happy even though it doesn't appear that way. He hates to repeat himself and gets upset when people don't listen, or ask for help when they need it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-Very focused, hard worker, learns quickly, looks to be as efficient as possible, natural leader, tires t o communicate as much as possible.

Weaknesses-Can be lethargic, lazy at times. Can get too focused and ignore things around him. Also tends to lose patience when he is tired, doesn't give as much room for flexibility, less willing to work with others. Under stress, he wants things done immediately, and that's it.
Ambitions He aspires to continue learning about Engineering systems and designs as well as to one day be a designer at the Fleet yards on Mars for Star Fleet and work on prototype warp systems. He also wishes to learn more and develop prototype communications systems for Star Ships.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys outdoor activities as well as shooting. He reads into new setups for communications and computer systems, enjoys a lot of technical learning. He also enjoys high orbit parachuting. Having jumped onto 31 different planets and endeavors to do so to more.

Personal History Nate grew up in Wyoming on Earth. Growing up he spent a lot of time and summers outdoors riding horses, camping, shooting guns from a very young age, learning some basic survival skills. As he grew up, in middle school he became very technically oriented and began his love of technology and Engineering. He learned to setup systems in his parents home as well as develop communications networks between himself and friends. He took as many classes as he could to develop his knowledge and intellect in high speed network and communications systems, and even looked in to warp theory and development. He never gave Star Fleet much of a thought until one day he won a contest and got a personal tour of the Antares Fleet yards. He chose a ship to be shown and got to be taken through the U.S.S. Sovereign. Having been so amazed by the ships systems and power, he made it a point to join Star Fleet one day.

After the Dominion war, he was even more set on joining to help. When he graduated High School he entered Star Fleet Academy that summer and graduated as an Engineering Officer with Major in Communications and Secondary in Ship Systems. He was immediately sent to a Ground forces warfare unit that specialized in planetary high orbit parachute insertion so as to be covert when entering an area and avoid detection. After receiving his training, they were sent to the Breen Front.

Having spent a year fighting them and working with communications and Engineering systems, he and the rest of his covert unit returned to Earth where they were stationed and the unit restructured. Having moved to a different Command and under a different mission scope, Nate wanted to get back out along the front lines and fight again, or at least be on some kind of adventure out in space. He was tired of staying in the same place all the time and wanted to learn more about other races and get to see and work with alien technology. Having heard stories from folks that worked deep space assignments, he knew he had to get off planet. After repeatedly being denied transfer requests, he resigned his commission and left Star Fleet.

About a year later while he didn't do much but help work on computer systems and do some odd orbital parachuting, he heard of a star ship, the Achilles out on the front lines, needing a Chief Engineer. He was re-instated by Star Fleet and applied to join as the Chief Engineer. He would finally be able to leave Earth.
Service Record 2380: Graduated Star Fleet Academy with Major in Communications, Minor in Star Ship Engineering. Commissioned as an Ensign, she was assigned to 35th Recon Brigade, Star Fleet Special Warfare CORPS. Based on Earth.

2380-2382: Deployed to Breen Front, he was promoted to Lieutenant (JG). Coordinated missions and worked as assistant Chief Engineer for their group. Returned to Earth and assisted in unit restructuring.

2382-2387: He remained as a Staff Officer and continue working on Engineering systems and knowledge, but never managed to get any transfers approved. In 2385 right after he was promoted to LT. (SG) he resigned his commission, frustrated with the politics and failed transfers. After a year off, he appealed and was re-instated pending his assignment to a Star Ship. He applied for the Achilles to be come Chief Engineer.