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Lieutenant Lucas Mason

Name Lucas Xavier Mason

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Languages English, Latin, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lucas is tall and attempts to keep himself in a reasonable degree of shape.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Mason
Mother Heather Hawke
Brother(s) Nathaniel Mason; Seth Mason
Sister(s) None
Other Family Matthew Hawke

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucas has lived a very disciplined life that has focused on ones duty. It is a life that he has maintained knowing what happened when he abandoned it as a teenager. See personal history for details. Now that he has embraced the disciplined way of life again, he has vowed never to let himself, his family, or superior officers down again.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions Lucas has been groomed for a life in Starfleet, and not just to be a member but to progress through the ranks, hence his ambition is to become a Commanding Officer of a starship and then on to the Admiralty.
Hobbies & Interests Off duty, Lucas aspires to continually improve himself, so activities that would seem like work to others are a source of enjoyment to him, they include studying music, languages, art, history, archeology, architecture, and others.

Personal History Lucas Xavier Mason, had Hawke blood flowing through his veins. His grandmother was a Hawke, and even though he didn’t possess the Hawke name, he essentially lived it out. Being a Hawke meant that there were certain expectations placed upon you from birth. One of them was to be a contributing member of society, preferably as a member of Starfleet. Although it wasn’t stated, to do anything else would be unthinkable, and no one had ever deviated from this expectation. The descendants of Alexander and Katherine Hawke were inculcated with the belief that they were expected to serve the Federation as members of Starfleet. Alexander and Katherine’s children did so, as did their grandchildren, and the fourth generation of Hawke’s were proving to live up to their family name.

Lucas Mason was born on September 21, 2361, in Calgary, Alberta, in what was once known as Canada. He was the second of three sons to be born to John and Heather Mason. From an early age the ideals of honour, duty, and sacrifice we instilled into the three Mason boys, Nathaniel, Lucas, and Seth. And of the three it was easily apparent that Lucas was the one who took to his parents’ instruction with the highest degree of dedication. However, his dedication would also be the cause of great heartache for the family.

The Mason boys were enrolled, at the age of five, in the Founder’s Hall Academy, a prestigious private school, where their mother had graduated as valedictorian. It was the ideal school for decedents of the Hawkes’, for it exemplified everything they valued and wished to pass on to their children. At the same time, its location allowed the boys to live at home under their parent’s scrutiny. While the Masons’ loved their children dearly, their push to see that their sons’ do their best and exemplify the ideal of duty and honor, made them less emotionally involved with them. The boys were expected to be self sufficient at an early age and a demanding and exacting schedule was laid out, without any allowances for deviation.

Nathaniel, early on found it difficult to conform to the ridgity of his family. Discipline was strict, and failure of conform to expectation was not tolerated. Nathaniel did what was required and expected of him, but little more. In private or away from his family and school he often let his guard down. As he grew older, he began to change, he would often see the praise that his parents would pour on his younger brother Lucas for his success and discipline. He began to crave the acceptance and approval of his parents, who to him, only seemed critical. He began to embrace the strict family life more and more, as a result his friends’ changed and his school marks began to improve. The result was that he began to receive what he had long sought after, the approval of his parents. This began to have a negative impact on Lucas.

For a time Lucas could be what many would consider the “black sheep” of the family. After so many years of following the rules and expectations laid out for him, he began to chafe against the constraints. It what was now a reversal of rolls, Lucas who had been the pleasant, dutiful son in his youth was now the one rebelling against the rule of his parents and family, and his brother Nathaniel who often joked about or shirked his responsibilities, and was often chided by Lucas for doing so, we now the one conforming to the families expectations. This reversal added further tension, when Nathaniel, now found himself in the unfamiliar position of correcting his brother. Not accustom to the role he did a poor job handling the situation and resulted in Lucas becoming more isolated from his family.

In all this, John and Heather were at a loss in how to deal with their teenaged son, who had been so well behaved and pleasant. Their initial reaction was to discipline Lucas, but the more they tried to make him conform to the rules the more he resisted, often staying out all night in spite of a curfew and not doing his homework, which resulted in poor marks. A change in his taste in music and dress was also noticed by his parents, the rare times that they saw him. The situation deteriorated to the point where by the time his fifteenth birthday, Lucas was essentially a stranger to his family, who merely boarded at the Mason house from time to time.

Also, the problem was compounded when his younger brother Seth was starting to emulate some of the practices and habits of Lucas. John and Heather had tried to shield Seth, who was three years younger, and succeeded for a time, but when Lucas’s rebelling increased they could no longer conceal it. Seth, an impressionable boy who looked up to Lucas all his life, tried to follow in Lucas’ footsteps.

At an impasse in dealing with their rebellious son, John and Heather turned to their parents for guidance. This resulted in a family meeting to discuss the best way to address Lucas’s situation. Present at the meeting were the senior members of the Hawke family, the patriarch Alexander Hawke and his wife Katherine, their children, and for those who could attend, their grandchildren. The consensus at the meeting would be for Matthew Hawke, a cousin to Lucas’s mother Heather, to take Lucas in and deal with him. John and Heather did what they considered to be one of the most difficult actions in their life as parents, the granted Matthew Hawke, Heather cousin, guardianship of Lucas until he turned eighteen.

Matthew was the only one of Alexander and Katherine Hawke’s grandchildren to remain single. A devoted Starfleet officer, Matthew was not one to coddle children, especially ones on the verge of adulthood who thought that they knew better than their seasoned parents. Matthew decided that he wasn’t going to let Lucas languish or “find himself.” He would act now, and act decisively. If that result would be that Lucas might hate Matthew and his parents, but get his life on track, it was an acceptable compromise. Hopefully someday Lucas would appreciate the sacrifices that his family made for his well being.

The Hawke’s were people of some means and influence, and so on relatively short notice, Lucas was enrolled in the prestigious and demanding, Xavier Academy, a Starfleet Academy preparatory school. Lucas bristled at the idea of enrolling in school that epitomized everything that he was rebelling against. He thought it was strict, conformist, and subordinated the individual to the collective. He fought against the decision of his parents and Matthew as best he could, but he only had so much fight in him. Despite the fact that Lucas was rebelling, it was because deep down Lucas was someone who sought structure and looked to authority figures for guidance and for approval. That approval seemed to have vanished with the change in the social dynamic of his family. With his brother Nathaniel changing to accept what his parents had taught and modeled, and being praised in the process, the niche Lucas held and the praise and attention he was accustomed to receiving for being a well behaved and attentive son, was now gone. John and Heather failed to recognize the change in the family dynamic, and as a result Lucas responded the only way he knew how to get attention. For a time it worked, suddenly his parents were again focused on him, but when it began to be a detriment to himself and the family, change had to take place. Lucas’ first month living under Matthew Hawke’s careful supervision was a time of transition for the boy. He had gotten used to his habit of rebelling against what was expected of him, and once he got into a habit, it was difficult for him to break it.

Under Matthew’s careful direction, and in partnership with Xavier Academy, Lucas began to return to his old self, but with some added discipline. Lucas embraced the order and discipline that his new life brought with a new found devotion, and he ended up adopting many of Matthew’s more conservative ways and outlooks.

Lucas spent that Christmas away from the rest of his family, as Matthew thought is might be a disrupting influence on Lucas’ newly found discipline. This turned out to be very difficult for most of the Hawke family as it was a long standing tradition to have the family get together for the season. Knowing that Matthew and Lucas were around but were not attending, brought home just how serious the family felt Lucas’s situation was. As Lucas grew older and more disciplined, Matthew began to insist he visit his parents for one weekend a month. His parents had sacrificed significantly for Lucas to succeed and in the process there had been some alienation in the family. It was not time to remedy that. His first visit home in over a year was a very awkward one for both Lucas and his family. His parents wanted to embrace his and tell him how much they loved him, while Lucas wanted to follow the routine he had grown accustomed to living at Matthew’s place. In time the gulf between parents and some began to close and by the time he turned seventeen, Lucas was spending every weekend at home with his parents. The void between Lucas and Nathaniel took longer to heal, as Nathaniel viewed Lucas as the prodigal son. It would be on Lucas’s graduation day and acceptance to Starfleet Academy that breach was finally healed.

As much as Lucas wanted to follow in the family footsteps by entering Starfleet, he had no idea which direction he wanted to go in. Various family members offered them advice about which branch of the service they thought was the best. He decided to spend his first year taking introductory courses without declaring a major. Based on what he liked and enjoyed he would then decided which branch to enter. He decided to do a double major in Flight Control and Operations and a minor in Tactical. It would mean taking an additional year at the Academy for advanced studies after being commissioned. For Lucas the time seemed to fly by, between classes, homework, athletics, and a bit of a social life there was little time to be bored or day dream. His preparation by Xavier Academy served him well and he was able to do well in his time at the Academy. His relationship with his brother Nathaniel also continued to grow as they both ended up being on the Academy swim team together.

After completing his undergraduate degree he decided to complete a graduate degree where he could integrate the 3 departments he had studied since they all provided a great deal of overlap. This required him to remain at the Academy for an additional year in order to research his thesis and then defend it. His professors were suitably impressed with his insights on departmental interaction, especially on new classes of Federation starships. His additional two years at the Academy allowed him to get to know his brother Seth better, especially since Seth was three years younger than Lucas, and after moving in with Matthew Hawke, they only saw each other on weekend. Forgoing an option to have his own room in his last year of studies, Lucas decided to room with his brother Seth, who was now able to live off campus.

Following graduation, Lucas was assigned to the USS Monarch as a Flight Control Officer. He remained aboard the Monarch before being assigned to the USS Destiny as Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer. He served aboard the USS Arctic briefly as Chief Flight Control Officer before being assigned to the USS Achilles.
Service Record 2378-2384 - Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 - Flight Control Officer, USS Monarch
2385-2387 - Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Destiny
2387-2387 - Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Arctic
2387-pres. - Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Achilles