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Chae-kyung Min-McGregor

Name Chae-kyung Min-McGregor

Position Biologist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Languages Federation Standard, Korean

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 3"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description She is of Korean decent. When on duty her long hair is usually pulled back, off her face in either a braid or a bun. She also follows proper uniform protocols to the tee when on duty, at least when in the presence of other officers. At times when she's alone she has a 'collar undone' attitude and at times can be caught in bear feet. When not on duty, her hair is usually down and a little curled. She prefers to wear long flowing skirts. Again, with her a lot of times she wears what is comfortable.


Spouse Murphy McGregor
Father Yul Min
Mother Kim Min
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is considered honest, open and friendly. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has been known to stick her foot in her mouth. She doesn't have a quick temper, but when she does lose it... she does it completely and you wouldn't want to be on her bad side. She had a tendency to talk a lot. But her ears are always open if you need someone to talk to. She also likes to push the envelope a little and doesn't really care what people think of her.
Strengths & Weaknesses She's a good friend. She always wants to help. But sometimes she comes on a little too strongly if she thinks you're hiding something from her.
Ambitions She wouldn't mind moving up in the ranks. She would like children in the future, but she's in no rush. And she refuses to back down if someone challenges her.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to dance, all kinds, not just classical. She enjoys rock climbing and camping. She's pretty outdoorsy.

Personal History Chae-kyung (CK for short) grew up in an extremely strict, traditional Korean family. Which of course went against the grain of her very free spirit. Thus making her childhood very trying. Not to say that it wasn't happy, there were just many bouts of tension between and her parents.

Her father, Yul, was a historian, with a specialty in ancient Earth Asian cultures. Which Chae-kyung had no doubt led to his fascination with tradition. Her mother, Kim, was a school teacher, mainly teaching maths and sciences. Both parents were beyond smart and CK couldn't help but wonder if sometimes she was merely a disappointment to her them. While she was smart, and did well in school, she was never singled out for her brains. She considered herself, average.

Her parents also seemed to have distinct plans for her, both in childhood and adulthood. As a child she was forced to study cultures, not just Earth ones but several alien ones as well. While most children read novels, she read the histories of Vulcan, Bajor, Romulus, Korea, England, etc. Some of which stuck, most of which didn't. Along with the histories she was allowed to read the myths of each culture, which held her interest a lot more. She could still get lost in Odysseus' adventure or Kahless' struggles. Her mother also felt she needed a thorough grounding in both math and science. The logic and order both demanded, bored her. She wasn't one to follow rules and she often wanted to do things her way. Her parents were strict followers of the Classical model of schooling. To her horror she was forced to sit through Latin lessons. And while the finer arts of drawing, music, and dance opened up to her more creative side, she hated having to learn the rules of composition and theory. She was basically a free thinker forced into the mold her parents had chosen for her.

As she progressed into her later teen years, only the expected happened. She started to rebel. Her parents were simply asking too much of her and she felt trapped. It started off with a missed piano lesson or two. She never really enjoyed that instrument, but of course her parents insisted. By the time she was 17, Latin had become a thing of the past (where she wished it had stayed to begin with), and since she showed no real natural talent in art and music her parents decided to end that torture to keep her from fighting it tooth and nail, as long as she stayed in dance where she actually did show an affinity. It was a compromise she was happy to make, as while her patience was waning for the other needless classes and studies, she still found herself enjoying the rigors of ballet.

One thing her parents weren't likely to give an inch, was her academics. She still had to maintain her grades. And while she wasn't at the top of her class, she found it easy to placate them by being in at least the top 25 percent of her high school class. They still had ideas of her being an alien archeologist, biologist, or some other lofty goal. While they kept this dream, she had no intention of letting them rule her life past the age of 18. She just had to figure out a way of breaking free.

She never made any real plans for after she was done with school. She just knew that the sky was literally the limit. She didn't have to stay in Korea, Asia or heck even Earth. She wouldn't mind traveling. She had been to the Mars Colony once, but no where else. She knew enough about several cultures to know that she would like to experience them first hand. But what profession could she choose that would allow for such wishes.

Finally one of her friends suggested Star Fleet. At first she scoffed at the idea. Her bohemian ways simply wouldn't allow for anything that was so structured, so confining. Besides what on earth would she do once in Star Fleet. Sciences weren't her strong suit, she wasn't aggressive enough for security, and while she was certain she could talk her way out of anything, she wasn't sure diplomacy was really her forte either.

But still the thought of Star Fleet kept coming back to her. Finally for lack of anything better to do she sought the advice of one of her mentors, a psychology teacher who also encouraged individuality. The teacher was certain that Star Fleet would indeed be good for her. Not only would the discipline help her, where her parents had not, it would still allow a freedom from her childhood home. Not only that she also suggested that CK might enjoy the counseling field, for she had shown an affinity in understanding a persons mind.

This seemed to cement her decision to enter the Academy. Her parents were to say the least, not happy. They thought the dangers of space to steep. And while they thought the discipline would do CK some good, well they felt that her time would be better spent doing work somewhere close to home. They were even more disappointed when she informed them that she would not be going to become a science or medical field. Or at least not the particular departments they wanted her to go into. Apparently counseling didn't rank up on there top lists of jobs. It was a rift that would never be completely healed.

Once she left for the Academy relations were strained with her mother and father. It's not to say that she lost contact, it was more that every time they met or contacted each other there was always an underlying tension that made everyone uncomfortable. But she never looked back. And Fleet life seemed to fit her nicely.

It took her a little while to take orders, and she got into plenty of trouble when her mouth over took her brain and she said stupid things. But her instructors saw something in her and persisted to whip her into shape. Despite some discipline problems she was well liked by other Cadets and professors alike. In academics she did as she always did, not the best, but definitely in the lower half of her class. And by the time she graduated, she thought she was thoroughly ready to take on the galaxy.

She was assigned to the USS Kelsey. And as a bright eyed young ensign she showed an almost nauseating eagerness to prove her worth. It took awhile for the rest of the crew to get used to her and her antics. But once they did, she once again easily formed friendships that she knew would last for the rest of her life.

But after a couple of years she knew her time on the Kelsey would be coming to an end. She wanted perhaps to try for the job of a Chief Counselor and she knew that on the Kelsey that wouldn't be possible. She knew it was time to spread her wings. So when she put in for a transfer, she was all but willing to take the job on the Ragnarok.

Where indeed, she was promoted to Lieutenant JG and was given the job of Chief Counselor. Alas though her time on the Ragnarok was short. Tried as she could she just couldn't make her life fit there. She had nothing against the Captain or the crew. It just didn't feel like home. She was surprised when Starfleet, gave in to her request for a transfer. Her new home would be Triton Seabase. It was a new experience that CK was eager to try out. She had an inkling that she would miss being assigned to a ship, but what could be more interesting then a world full of water.

After a short time on the Triton CK and most of the other crew were transferred to the USS Samurai. Where almost immediately she was asked to take over the duties of Second Officer as well as continuing her duties as Chief Counselor. She also started to deepen her relationship with Murphy McGregor whom she had met on the seabase.

After a short time, due to medical reasons the Samurai's XO was forced to resign. The Captain then asked CK to take over the position and CK stepped up. It was a bit rocky at the beginning, but she eventually gained her footing and performed her duties admirably. Even though she missed her counseling job.

Eventually the stress of the job became too much and CK was unhappy. She knew it was time for a change and so she submitted her resignation. After resigning she married her long time boyfriend Murphy McGregor, and took a two-year hiatus from Starfleet with her in order to travel and further their independent studies.

As time went on... she realized that she missed her work in Star Fleet. This time she wanted to go back to her true calling as a Counselor. She has no doubt that since her long absence she will no longer retain her rank, and she's more then okay with it. So she and her husband both put in for a reinstatement.
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