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Lieutenant Sara'Marbela Har'tar

Name Sara'Marbela Har'tar

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Andorian
Age 36
Languages Klingonese, Andorii, Federation standard, Basic Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 112 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A cross between two honorable warrior cultures. Sara, shows the kindness of her mother and toughness of her father.


Spouse Single (at the moment)
Children N/A
Father K'Mar, son of S'ahn, Brother of Har'tar
Mother Be'lanko'ra
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Har'tar Uncle, Bel'a'tar and Lursa Cousins, Various other family members on both side of her family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mean spirit, honored bound, and everything one excepts from a Klingon woman, even if she is part Andorian, she doesn't let that stop her from proving a point. Friendly towards others, until, they over step their bound and piss her off. Other wise, the Andorian Klingon, is for the most part a friendly person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+Anatomy: Klingon, several species in the Federation, Romulan/Remen, Cardassian.
+Melee Weapons of Qo'nos and Andoria, Several Federation Worlds, and Romulus
=All fields of Science and Medicine

-Landings (Aero/space craft)
Ambitions To fellow in the foot steps of either or mother or father. To Captain a ship or own medical/space station, and to bring glory to her house, the Empire, Andoria, and the people of the United Federation of Planets.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Practices with known Klingon/several alien melee weapons and fighting styles. The Hunt. Reading up on all forms of medical/ Science research from the Federation. Singing and writing music. Re-enacting Historical events in a Holo-sim. Playing Dungeon and Dragons.

Interests: Hunting, Melee Weapons, singing, preforming all things Science/Medical, Writing

Personal History Brief History of the House of Har'Tar:

The House of Har'tar, is a farming/mining house, which is a minor one compared to those on Qo'nos, but the house has links spanning all Klingon history. A dark moment, yet, still honorable. K'norn, was assigned as Praxis head mining controller. He did his duties with honor, for 30 years. Producing more ore and other resources, up until the day the moon exploded. Yet, the one thing, that still haunts the House of Har'tar, is the Antaak virus (refer to Antaak files) and how the cure, is slowly reacting to those in the house.

History of Sara:

At a early age, Sara'Marbela, or Sara, as her Federation friends called her. Shown a great fondness for the sciences and medicine, when she went on hunts with her father, uncle, and cousins, to kill wild game. When she got her prey, she would open the up beast, along side with her cousin Bel'a'Tar. She begin pick through the inners and to wonder what made the beast tick. She also had a desire to be a great warrior, just like her father. So, when, she turned eighteen years of age, she joined the Military Academy. Sara learned all she can about being a warrior and leader for the Empire. But being an Andorian/Klingon mix, she had to prove to herself and young Klingons, that she was an equal in all forms. By the time she was finished the Military Academy, Sara, enrolled into the Empire’s Medical/Science Service to continue her childhood fondness. Within the following few years, Sara, finished her training at the Medical/Science Service. Of course, no Klingon captain would want any dealings with a half breed and Sara knew this, and didn't plan on join a Klingon ship or station. What she wanted was to follow in her Mother's foot steps and enrolled into Starfleet. As she arrived on Earth and filling out forms, the Andorian Klingon warrior, wanted a last name. Of course, the house in which she was apart of, didn't have a last name, but Sara, quickly determine that her house name would make a good and honorable last name.

Before to long, Sara's house, was called into action by Gowron. When he disbanded the treaty with the Federation. This action nearly divided her family apart. Sara, was torn between her love of the House of Har'Tar and the United Federation of Planets, but as quickly as the act took place, the Empire, renewed it treaty with the Federation and then turned it's attention to Cardassia. This left Sara, to focus on her studies at the academy. Upon finishing her schooling, Sara, was assigned to the USS Orgrimmar. Over the course of six years, the Andorian/Klingon Hybrid saw several front line action against the Dominion, Borg, and a host of other enemies to the Federation. During those years of service on the USS Orgimmar, she helped wounded Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and others. Before her transfer to the USS Achilles to be it's Chief Medical Officer, she was captured by the Knitzi while waiting on Starbase 23. She faced beatings and rapes, yet, meet the Knitzi head long as any warrior would. She over came this hardship and now looks forward to providing the best care for the crew of the Achilles.
Service Record Imperial War College and Academy 2370 - 2374
Imperial Science and Medical Academy 2374 - 2378
Starfleet Academy: 2378-2382

USS Orgrimmar: Akria Class: 2382-2388
-Medical Officer

USS Achilles: Promethous Class: 2389-Current
-Chief Medical Officer