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1st Lieutenant Corisk Malluk

Name Corisk Kimpak Malluk

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon -
Age 29
Languages Klingonesse, Federation Basic, Romulan, Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 9"
Weight 209 lbs
Hair Color Brown Pony Tail
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Always wearing his black hair in a pony tail his klingon frame built for fighting and honed to a fine edge in Hand to Hand combat. Strength in his legs and arms for fighting govern his features primarily being his tight fitting uniform along with his tactical belt of a type-2 Phaser, tactical tricorder, and 2 palm stunners


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jessoka
Mother Markulla
Brother(s) Serius
Sister(s) Caltosh and Callosh (Twins)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quick decisive, quiet, hot tempered, not easily pissed off. (Just certain buttons issues) Disciplined to follow orders and train his personnel under him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength are of top quality are Disciplined, Honorable, loyal, quick-witted, Explosives Expert (all types), Phaser and Disruptor Expert, Favorable pilot on transports and fighters, Hand to Hand Expert,

Weakness are few but strong and quick to attack people who disgrace his honor. Hot tempered for ignorant people; hatred towards Vulcans and Romulans immensely.
Ambitions Ambitious for a Command Position of Personnel or of entire Regiments, Pilot expertise, Security/Tactical Expert.
Hobbies & Interests Batleth fighting, Chess *earth style* (flat and three-level), Holodeck Fighting Program, Hand to Hand instructor.

Personal History Giving his honor the test of a warrior; Corisk Malluk rises through the cadet ranks of the Empires Marine Training Unit with extreme ease. Excelling in Hand to Hand combat, Disruptor Training, and Explosives; Corisk is taken aside by his commanding officer and was given a opportunity to join Starfleet Academy, in a rare Joint Galactic Switch. Meeting the Starfleet cadets that are taking his place the two Vulcans fall drastically behind in there studies and is engulfed by the personal combat simulations that Corisk himself, organizes and fights regularly. Going and switching midway through Starfleet Academy second year Corisk Malluk requests joining the Marine Academy. Accepting him, the Marine Academy parallels the Starfleet Academy training rigorously pushing Corisk to be Top of his class in both Academies.
Top of class with honors in: Tactical, Security, Marine Infiltration, Marine Extraction, and Marine explosives knowledge.
Personal honor is a very difficult subject for Corisk. Using much of his teachings of his religious family, he has formed this personal code. Basing the religion off of the “Kahless Totalis” doctrine; or complete devotion to the memory and words of Kahless. Total of 25 codes govern his life, and growing from the settlements of the third moon of Q’ronos. His life was always in danger among the wilderness as he guided the local miners or locals to the Caverns of Blood. Guiding settlers or scientists among the Caverns was dangerous for Corisk in that dozens of guides never returned. He personally lost 24 friends due to natural rockslides, falling into the deep cavern ravines, wild animals, and old traps set by pirates or ancient blood feuds of families; due to the extreme nature of his family owning these lands he has was given the honor of leading the groups from then on. Growing up as a guide and when he became old enough his father pushed him into becoming a Klingon Marine. Like he was before him, setting his sights high he entered the Klingon Marine Academy and was accepted. To this day he is apart of the Empires military as an “Exchanged Personnel”. Finding that he excelled in the Starfleet Academies he further created this personal code to smooth out much of his difficulties with the Starfleet personnel.
Following orders given to him personally by the Headmaster of Klingon Marine Academy, Corisk Malluk lives today giving the Starfleet his full and undivided attention in the honorable way he has set forth to protect both the Empire and Starfleet. Creating a Personal Code of Honor Corisk Malluk; uses this Code as a set of rules that are more…Starfleet friendly. Being that his family and the Empire still hold him in high regard for making this “Personnel Swap”; similar in what Ricker did in the NG series. This code has guided him through much of the “experiences” within both academies and prevented any future squabbles or reprimands among his classmates.
Code 1: Honor above all.
Code 2: Selfishness is a destructive force.
Code 3: Battle is the blood of life.
Code 4: Guard your life and your friends’ lives with honor.
Code 5: Destroy the enemy or be destroyed yourself.
Service Record Hand to Hand Instructor for final year at both Marine and Starfleet Academy.


Training Incidents (Three Separate Occasions) (SA and MA Reprimand)
Fighting fellow cadets (SA Reprimand)
Insubordination (MA Reprimand)
Battery of Fellow Officer (2 occasions) (MA Reprimand)

IKV K'Tang - Weapons Officer
IKV M'Takin - First Officer
IKV Korvat - Marine Tactics Coordinator
USS Valiant - Transferred (Current Year) - Testing Officers for Shakedown Cruise