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Staff Sergeant Philip Kasmierski

Name Philip Lorenz Kasmierski

Position Omega Team - Team Lead

Rank Staff Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Languages Polish, Federation Standard and some Klingon curse words.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Not the tallest of men, but he is big. with a skin tag (tattoo showing name and blood type) on his abdomen. Small mole on the right side bridge of his nose, right in between a pair of startling blue eyes.

Usually in uniform. Off duty, tends to be well groomed, though jeans and a leather jacket are his usual garb. Will throw some gel in his hair if he's going out.

Note: usually goes by Kaz or Vitamin K. Philip's for his parents and official things.


Father Phillip Kazmierski, clerk with the Exports Office, Neu Darmstadt, Brandenberg.
Mother Alexandra Hildebrand-Kazmierski, artist.
Brother(s) Florian, half brother
Sister(s) Olenka Poldoski, nee Kazmierski
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, cousins, brother in law Tadeuz, nephew Peter. Girlfriend Milena Damiecki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brash, optimistic and generally congenial. However, he is strict with his people, doing his best to make sure they stay out of trouble. Never shows fear in front of them, and is a sergeant's sergeant. Serves as a father figure to many of the soldiers, especially eighteen-year-old Private Whelan.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Very outgoing.
High endurance.
Knows his weapons systems.
Fiercely loyal to his people.

Dyslexic. Has difficulty with large blocks of text.
Cocky. Puts up a brave front to keep others calm.
Tends to inappropriate jokes.
Ambitions Make gunnery sergeant, of course. What are you, stupid? Beyond that, not a whole lot. Marry his girlfriend, add to his video stash, and try to keep as many of his people alive as possible.

Hobbies & Interests The club, aka nightclubs.
Video games and movies.
Runs; working on marathon distance.
Guns, the bigger the better.
Has a beautiful singing voice.
twentieth century Terran pop music
Hard alcohol – knows his scotches and vodkas.

Personal History Born on the remote colony of Brandenberg, Philip grew up in a very close knit family that was brought together more by marriage than biology. Jadwiga, his biological mother, died in an automobile accident, leaving his father to raise three year old Philip and his older sister Olenka for five years until he married the tempestuous and never boring Alexandra Hildebrand. She loved her two step-children as much as her son by Philip's father, and the quiet elder Kazmierski was just the balance Ms. Hildebrand needed.
When he turned eighteen, he became the latest in a long line of Kazmierskis to enter the military. He had been fed a steady diet of family history, starting with his several times great-grandfather, who had served with the Free Polish Air Force during World War II, on down to himself enlisting in the Starfleet Marine Corps. His father and a recruiter had discussed with him the possibility of going to Starfleet Academy, but all of them realized that it would probably not be a good idea due to Philip's handicap.
Philip did quite well in basic training, excelling with the squad support weapon. He was truly put to the test two years later when his platoon was sent to rescue a Starfleet expedition that had run into trouble on the planet Snowball. While the majority of the combat was with local fauna, the horrific cold and snow put the entire platoon to the test. However, the expedition was rescued with only one casualty, and Philip was promoted to Corporal.
That was not the case with the Villalobos. Six months into their cruise, the ship ran into two Kzinti warships whose Marines boarded and practically made mincemeat of the crew. The Villalobos was rescued, but not before being severely damaged and losing almost half of its crew.
Service Record 2381: boot camp, trained as a heavy weapons gunner.

2383: assigned to 3rd Platoon, D Company, 1st Starfleet Marine Reconnaissance Battalion “Star Wolves” as part of the crew of the U.S.S.Zheng He, an exploratory vessel. Promoted to Lance Corporal.

2384: 3rd Platoon assigned to rescue a Starfleet expeditionary force stranded on a planet on the Delta Quadrant border. Meets the famous Marine Major Chris “Dropkick” Delaney. Promoted to full corporal.

2385: assigned to U.S.S. Hood.

2386: assigned to Starfleet Marine Corps Base Quantico. Promoted to sergeant. Attends executive protection training.

2387: assigned to U.S.S. Biko as part of the Protective Service Detail for Ambassador Demara Tirenth.

2388: Transferred to U.S.S. Villalobos. Half of fireteam wiped out, along with a good chunk of the Villalobos's crew during action against the Kzinti. Remaining fireteam reassigned to the U.S.S. Achilles.