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Lieutenant Naja Jas

Name Naja Jas

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age March 17, 2339
Languages Trill, Federation Standard, Basic Klingonese

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 113 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Sweet and kind manner. Enjoys the company of others with a cheerful exception, A 'not a care in the universe' attitude towards all things, a lean body.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Girth (Beko) not joined 87
Mother Caitlin (Fula) not joined 79 (Dead)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jazima Beko (unjoined) 43 (Serving in Starfleet)
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview A scientist Trill Starfleet Officer. Willing to deal out logic towards trouble, while placing herself into harm's way. This Trill, who's has a sweet and kind manner, when it comes to every day interaction. Her cheerful exception and 'not a care in the universe' attitude towards all, brings out the best of people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Calm & cool while under pressure, knows a few tricks of Jerry rigging when it comes to Engineering. Medical skill is average, but lacking.

Weakness: Oyster. Fear of enclosed spaces
Ambitions Just to be herself and to lend a hand to anyone who needs it
Hobbies & Interests Various Hobbies and Interest due in no small part of the Jas Symbiont

Personal History Naja Beko and her little sister Jazima, started off life as a normal mischief filled little girls on Takashi, Trill Colony, City of Medraiza. Up until the age of sixteen, when Naja received the Jas symbiont. Naja was on a School trip with her classmate to explore the ancient sight of Stonehenge on Earth, when starship they were on was side wiped by an cargo carrier.

The accident, claimed the lives of five students, when the haul of the ship opened into space. It also injured, Saith Jas, Naja’s teacher, to a point that the injuries he taken, would risk the symbiont’s life.

Naja, was the only Trill on board the vessel at the time, when the Symbiont Committee Medical Doctors, had to save the Jas symbiont and place the slug like being into Naja. Of course, the young Naja Beko, had taken the symbiont exam, on her fourteenth birthday, but she thought she would have to wait for a few years to be excepted by the Committee and be graced with the Trill’s beloved symbiont. But when the accident happen and she found herself on an bio-bed, laying next to her professor on Trill medical starship. She knew that her life would be forever changed.

Naja, braced herself for the on rush of five life times of memories, when the committee doctor, place the Jas symbiont into the young teenage girl. Years past on by, as if nothing was out of place with Naja Jas and her family. When Naja and Jazima became eighteen, both of them enrolled into Starfleet and taking up different courses while in the Academy, Naja went with Science, while Jazima took up the fields of Command and Security.

For the next twenty five years, Naja Jas, preformed all things Science on several starship. Starting with the USS Ontario, an Orbeth class, the USS Galway, an Nebula class, up until the USS Galway was destroyed by an Dominion attack cruiser. After the lose of the Galway, Naja transferred to the USS Newark, an Steamrunner class starship, where she became the Newark’s Chief Science officer. Two years later, Naja, became the USS St. Vincent, an Galaxy Class Starship, CSciO. Yet, the call for excitement, continue to beacon the Science officer and when the Opening to be the science chief of the Achilles came available, Naja, made sure she sent her papers to become the Prometheus class Starship CSciO.

-The lives of Jas-

Lodi Jas ; 2082 - 2148; Lodi was the first of six host for Jas. Lodi, an warp engine designer, helped his fellow Trill to develop an more stable platform for there warp ships.

Dew Jas; 2148 - 2207; Dew was an Artist of landscape and an Exotic Dancer as she attended an off-world college, when she was picked to carry Jas. Once she was picked, she continue paintings and exotic dancing until she was thirty-six years of age, when she decided to devote all her time towards her paintings.

Kimba Jas; 2207- 2284; Kimba was an Starfleet Doctor, who was assigned to Starfleet Medical Center, on Earth.

Jadiza Jas; 2284 - 2332; Jadiza, an musical director who was kind and friendly towards everyone she encourted, while traveling the Federation many different opera houses.

Saith Jas; 2332 - 2353; Saith was an professor for the Medraiza School System. Who before he was a teacher was a Starfleet Engineer, who retired from Starfleet.
Service Record USS Ontario: NCC-54437; Oberth Class:
Sept.2361-July 2370
=^= Science Officer
=^= Promoted to Lieutenant JG and Lieutenant
USS Galway: NCC-33791; Nebula Class:
July 2370 - April 2373
=^= Science Officer
=^= Survivor of an Dominion Attack
USS Newark: NCC-66258; Steamrunner Class:
April 2374 - March 2382
=^= Chief Science Officer
USS St. Vincent: NCC-83988; Galaxy Glass:
March 2382- March 2389
=^=Chief Science Officer
USS Achilles: Promethous Class: NCC-81450
March 2389 - Present day
=^= Chief Science Officer