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Lieutenant Hayley Lawson

Name Hayley Lawson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Languages Federation Standard, Sign language.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Hayley has an average height and weight for a human female. She has Blond, shoulder length hair which she leaves hanging loose but she ties her hair back while on away missions. Her skin tone is a light coppery colour with several scars over her body, which she received over her career. Her eyes have a Blue colour to them. Hayley has broad shoulder and slightly muscular arms


Spouse none
Children none
Father James Kore
Mother Sarah Lawson
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none know

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hayley has an easy going personality that would be expected from an engineer. Although she is a little stand-offish around new people, she tries to help them fit in as quickly as possible. Often, when she starts a friendship, it tends to be very stable. At times, she can be very forceful with her opinions. This 'habit' has gotten her into trouble more times than she'd care to admit, but over the years she has learnt a little restraint. Often when she has set her mind to a task or a line of thought, it tends to be difficult to move her focus.

She is often found sleeping in the ships Jefferies Tubes.

Hayley sufferers from a mild case of Hydrophobia (Fear of drowning) and taphophobia (Fear of being buried alive)
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Hayley has greater physical ability than most humans thanks to her personal training. Her hearing and eyesight are more sensitive than is usual for her race.

Weaknesses: At times, she can go too far with an argument and often looses her temper. When off duty, she tends to spend her time alone in her room reading, but she won't turn away company if anyone comes to talk.
Hobbies & Interests Rockclimbing, sketching, reading

Personal History As both of her parents were in Starfleet, Hayley was born onboard the starship both her parents were serving on. Her father left her and her mother not long after Hayley's birth, leaving her mother to raise her on her own.

Most of Haylay's childhood was spent on one starship or another as her mother transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years. As a result, she grew up around engines and warp coils most of her life.

Following in her mother's footsteps, she attempted to enrol in Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen.

Rejected for being underage, she took an apprentice position with the Academy of Technology for 2 years until she met the age requirements for entrance to Starfleet Academy. During her first year at the academy, she was very insular and withdrawn, because for the first time she was on her own without one or both of her parents there to help her. She was taken in by her assigned roommate, a young Vulcan girl by the name of V'lar. Over their second year, they became close friends and took many classes together. During her time at the academy, Hayley started to focus on starship Engineering and by the end of her third year she was one of the best combat engineers in her class. At the end of her time at the Academy, she had to part ways with V'lar, as they were assigned to opposite ends of Federation Space.

After graduating, she was assigned the USS Sydney under Captain Anderson. During her first year on the Sydney, Hayley was assigned to the ships Engineering Department.

Hayley served on the Sydney for four years, working her way up the ladder to a team lead. At the end of her fourth year, she was transferred to Starbase 204. While on the station, she found it a massive change from her work aboard starships. During her time on the station, a Gorn saboteur was discovered onboard, hiding in the Jefferies Tubes leading to the Power core. He had planted a small Nuke in the tube and had set the timer to give him time to get out. While the stations senior staff worked to get everyone off the station, Hayley went against orders and made her way through the super-structure of the station to where the Nuke was planted and got to work disarming it. After almost twenty minuets, her Division Commander noticed that she wasn't there and quickly ran through the station trying to find her. He eventually found her attempting to disarm the Nuke. With the seconds ticking away, the Division Commander had to drag her out of the Jefferies Tubes and out into an open area of the station they could be transported away from. Just as they were being transported, the Nuke went off, destroying half the station and irradiating the other half. Clare was half way through her transport when the radiation hit her. When she arrived on the transporter pad onboard one of the stations runabouts, she had radiation burns to almost 50% of her body as well as radiation poisoning.

She was rushed to the closest ship for treatment, which fortunately for her was the hospital ship USS Bach. During her time on the USS Bach, Hayley was placed in a medically induced comma as the medical staff went to work attempting to repair her injuries. After almost three months in and out of surgery, Hayley was finally awoken from her comma. The doctors told her that she would never walk again, as her nervous system had sustained severe damage from the radiation from the explosion. However, she never gave up hope as fixing things was her life. So over the next four months, Hayley designed and built neural implants, based on Borg technology, that created nanites in her body, which made their way around fixing what they could. The results of the repairs surprised the Bach Medical staff and Starfleet Medical as, slowly but surely, Hayley worked her way to almost full recovery. After recovering, she was reassigned to Starbase 204, which had been cleaned up and Starfleet had started to rebuild the station.

During her first year back, Hayley was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer. After three months on the station, she was transferred to Deep Space 4 as the Assistant Chief Engineer.

During the next three years, she had a fairly uneventful time, running diagnostics and doing routine repairs, which she found good after three months of sitting in an office. After the end of her third year, she was assigned to the IKS Kang as, Officially, Starfleet's liason officer but she actually was there as an engineering advisor as most of their engineering staff were new and inexperienced. Although she considered this a large step in the wrong direction, working on Klingon tech instead of Federation, Hayley didn't try to fight the orders. Over the next three years, she learnt about Klingon Engineering systems as well as several klingon 'traditions'. At the end of her third year, she was transferred to The USS Achilles as their Chief Engineer
Service Record USS Sydney - Engineer
Starbase 204 - Engineer
USS Bach - Patient
Starbase 204 - Engineer (Lieutenant JG)
Deep Space 4 - Assistant Chief Engineer
IKS Kang - Starfleet Liaison Officer
USS Achilles - Chief Engineer