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Lieutenant JG Telemachus Rahde

Name Telemachus corvin Rahde

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Human 1/2 Betazoid
Age 32
Languages english

Physical Appearance

Height 1.98
Weight 180kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color steele grey
Physical Description Telemachus is a tall well built. Short black hair combed back and controlled at all times, a scar above his left eye from an anti proton blast due to this is missing part of his eyebrow. He has 3 tattoos; the first on his left should the starfleet logo. The second on his right shoulder the initials TJR. The third beings the word forti nihil difficilius on his right forearm


Spouse -
Children -
Father Admiral Thadicus Rahde (deceased)
Mother Doctor AnnaMarie Rhade
Brother(s) Tasadar Rahde
Sister(s) -
Other Family -

Personality & Traits

General Overview Telemachus is a full telepath. telemcahus is a typical Scotsman, and has a short temper. While he is generally friendly and confident, that confidence can sometimes go to the point of arrogance. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, crew mates and his ship
Strengths & Weaknesses (strength)
Telemachus is very intelligent and confident and he can grasp new concepts very quickly. He has the ability to improvise and come up with new ideas
He i also an accomplished telepath

He has a short temper and has no grasp on anything medical
Ambitions Telemachus is very ambitious with several goals. First to be the best helmsman and pilot he can be. Second, one day he hopes to command a starship. His ultimate goal is to rise through the ranks of the Federation and ultimately command a fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Telemachus likes entering shooting competitions. He has a special holodeck program to show case the weapons he has built and some that he has designed himself. He has sent only two of his design to star fleet R&D. His first weapon was a shoulder micro photon torpedo launcher. His second design was a pulses phaser rifle, he doesn't believe that his design are efficient or effective enough for star fleet use
He also enjoys training himself in certain martial arts. He has practically mastered kobulitsu, ninjitsu,kungfu and taekwondo. He often competes in amateur contest never really feeling the need to go pro. He also uses tai chi to help calm himself and block out the thoughts of those around him

Personal History Telemachus was born and raised on star base 102

He attended the prestigious Julius Jeppe Academy

He enlisted in starfleet at age 19 where he took courses in flight,basic warp theory,Elementary Temporal Mechanics,Tactical Analysis,Temporal Mechanics, and command
during this time he also studied part time through the betazoid academy to control and hone his telepathic abilities,

After graduating he was assigned to the USS Kavallier where he continued his telepathic training while also taking up several martial arts,
on an week overlay on mars he discovered a tai chi master who in the brief time help tasadar find a way to almost completely control his abilities

after 3 years he was reassigned to the USS Clydesdale. during his time aboard Clydesdale, the ship spent most of its time in inner federation space
where he experienced a lot about interstellar diplomacy.

He was later assigned to the USS Princeton where he served as chief helms mans and occasional liaison with other telepathic races

he often served on away mission due to his advanced combat and telepathic abilities

sadly on one mission to a planet designated is-3-99 while he was in command of a seven man away team he and team where ambushed by a group of pirates, three men where taken down within moments another 2 a few moments later a few moment later tasadar was hit in the head by a anti proton pulse fortunately for him and the other wounded officer they where beam up a few seconds later

the doctor on board the princeton where fortunately able to to save him later explaining to him later that the shot had on grazed him and the pyschic shock and been what knocked him unconcious

He had had night mares and blamed himself for the lost crew.

this incident had cost him a lot of friend and a promotion he was hoping for he decided to apply for a transfer
Service Record 2 years aboard the USS Kavallier

3 years aboard the USS Clydesdale

3 years aboard the USS Princeton

current = awaiting assignment