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Lieutenant Jsioasi

Name Jsioasi

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Voairije
Age unknown
Languages Ainoeriaojei (native), able to translate languages quickly

Physical Appearance

Height 186 cm
Weight 83.7 kg
Hair Color none
Eye Color dark metallic
Physical Description Jsioasi is a member of a previously unknown race; it is unknown whether his appearance is the norm for his kind as he is the only one ever encountered and claims never to have met another member of his race. Jsioasi has dark blue-grey skin; he is tall and well-built, and appears entirely humanoid with standard five-digit extremities. His eyes lack normal features of ocular organs and appear instead as a dark, metallic sheen uniformly covering his eyes. He is completely hairless but the top of his head is riddled with ridged markings and a few protrusions of his cybernetic implants.


Spouse none known
Children none known
Father none known
Mother none known
Brother(s) none known
Sister(s) none known
Other Family none known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jsioasi tends to be very cold and methodical, though he does have emotions. His attitude has been called "more borg than vulcan" though he rarely shows signs of aggression. He enjoys organizing and cataloging things to a degree that, in a race with other individuals to compare to, would be considered a sign of OCD; as this tendency does not normally affect his ability to function, it has been deemed normal for his race.
Strengths & Weaknesses Photographic Memory: Jsioasi expresses almost total memory recall, though his expression of memories is often difficult to interpret.

Eyes: Jsioasi is able to see a wide array of wavelengths. The extent to which this ability is the result of implants versus natural for his species is currently unknown.

Voairije Cybernetic Implants: Jsioasi's implants allow him to perform a variety of functions.
Cortical Processor (skull): The main component of Jsioasi's neural implant system. All of its capabilities are not known, but it does enhance most higher brain functions. It coordinates the efforts of all other implants and allows Jsioasi to control them. Spanning and embedded into the skull, it has many sub-components and is protected by both metal alloy plating and shielding, making scans difficult; it is, however, believed to replace some portions of the brain. In the event of a malfunction or damage, Jsioasi will become unable to function and can die if repairs are not made quickly.
Technological Interface (left forearm/hand): Allows Jsioasi to interface with technology of any type, though he must learn the languages and programming used in order to operate any of the technology thus accessed and therefore it is not always the most efficient way to access information.

Jsioasi is impersonal, stubborn, and secretive at times, making him difficult to work with. Many individuals do not trust him. Despite his size and strength, he is not trained to fight, though his precision control makes him an excellent shot with a phaser. He is very literal and has difficulty understanding metaphors and the like; he has trouble with abstraction as well.
Ambitions If he has ambitions, he has yet to express them. In spite of this, he performs his duties well and has advanced through Starfleet successfully.
Hobbies & Interests Jsioasi enjoys collecting things to an obsessive degree. He has taken to collecting things on the holodeck and storing them in a program to save space.

Personal History Jsioasi was discovered by Starfleet in the year [REDACTED] at [REDACTED]. At the time of discovery, Jsioasi was in a stasis unit; he was removed to Starfleet Headquarters for study. In 2364, after several years in stasis under study, he was revived and Starfleet made first contact with his species. Finding him cooperative, he was allowed a degree of freedom while Starfleet continued to study him. Finding him cooperative, he was tentatively allowed to provide assistance to Starfleet at his own request, though his access to technology was severely limited. After several years, he was permitted to attend Starfleet Academy under special supervision in 2373, in part due to pressure from those who feared the Dominion War would become a long, difficult conflict and wanted to have access to Jsioasi skills.

He proved to be adept at learning new information, and excelled in those areas, though he struggled with certain aspects of the academy, such as simulations. During his Kobayashi Maru test, he defeated the simulation by accessing a computer terminal and reprogramming the test; this was not the fist instance of him struggling to understand the limitation of such tests as he considered reprogramming a legitimate solution to a simulated test. Rather than graduate early as he might have on account of his technical knowledge, Jsioasi was made to stay at the Academy for the full four years because of the end of the Dominion War's pressure to produce cadets and in order to acclimate him to other aspects of life in the Federation which he struggled with.

Upon receiving his commission in 2377, he was assigned to Jupiter Station as a technician and helped in retrofitting the station. Due to his successful assistance, he was transferred the following year to Deep Space 9 in order to help update the station's systems and improve integration of Starfleet technology. Several months later he requested assignment to a Starship; following review by his supervisors and his commanding officer, the request was granted and he was transferred to the Nebula-class USS Carina.

Aboard the Carina, Jsioasi exhibited exemplary performance and was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. After serving several months longer as a technician, Jsioasi transferred from engineering to operations in 2381. He continued to serve aboard the Carina until and finally was offered a position as assistant chief operations officer aboard the USS Magellan, an Intrepid-class starship, which he accepted. He was promoted again to full lieutenant in 2385 and in 2387, after submitting a request for a department head position, was reassigned to the Insignia-class USS Herald. He served on the Herald until the end of 2390 and, following a brief leave of absence, was reassigned to the USS Achilles.
Service Record [REDACTED] Discovered by the crew of the USS [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] - moved to Starfleet HQ for study
[2364] Revived at Starfleet HQ
[2368] Serves Starfleet as a specialist at Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco
[2373] Enters Starfleet Academy under special supervision.
[2377] Graduates Starfleet Academy
[2377] Transferred to Jupiter Station, Technician
[2378] Transferred to Deep Space 9, Technician
[2379] Transferred to USS Carina, Technician
[2380] Promoted: Lieutenant Junior Grade
[2381] Department Change: operations officer
[2384] Transferred to USS Magellan, assistant chief operations officer
[2385] Promoted: Lieutenant
[2387] Transferred to USS Herald, chief operations officer
[2391] Transferred to USS Achilles, Chief Operations Officer