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Lieutenant Atri Bi'trell

Name Atri Bi'trell

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian
Age 32
Languages Bolian, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 138 lb.
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Atri's first impression is always friendly. After that, she's a gently curvaceous Bolian woman. Her skin is lightly mottled with darker blue patches over a light blue base. Pale bands of yellow cross horizontally from her chin to the back of her head accenting her vibrant, yellow eyes. Her facial ridge is uniformly prominent across its length.


Father Zom Bi'trell
Mother Ilet Bi'trell
Brother(s) Lod Bi'trell, Miel Bi'trell
Sister(s) Ralu Bi'trell
Other Family Layan Bi'trell (non-biological father, co-husband to Ilet), Motat (cat, male)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Atri, like most Bolians, is an enthusiastically outgoing individual. She has little fear of social rejection, which she takes as a simple fact of life, and offers her friendship to anyone who might give her the time of day.
In her work she is (surprisingly to some) extremely focused, and often critical of her own performance. Some view her as a very competitive individual, but her love of challenge lies in her desire to learn and improve combined with an equal love of fun and games.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her outgoing nature serves her well in most situations, earning her good friends and happy patients. In some situations it can and has made her appear childish and ignorant of decorum. While it is something she's conscious of and working to control, her openness with her comrades sometimes appears very unprofessional.
She loves challenge, and creates games around her various tasks and difficulties to motivate herself to accomplish them with the "highest score." This can make her seem very competitive to some, as she often seeks out others to measure herself against.
She has been called a “chatterbox.”
Deep beneath her confident smile, Atri is torn by her self-imposed exile from her family and home.
Ambitions Atri's first love was the mystery of space, and it was only after taking her first step into its vastness that she discovered her knack for Medicine. Her current end-game is command of her own vessel, preferably a deep-space explorer. Until then, she intends to be the best CMO Starfleet has yet seen, and perhaps find someone to share the experience with along the way.
Hobbies & Interests Atri enjoys socializing, and is rarely found alone. She enjoys most competitive sports, being especially fond of Parrises squares due to its very physical nature. She has a large collection of holoprograms wherein she takes on the role of Alat'Shall, a Batman-like heroine from Bolian pop-culture.

Personal History Atri was born in the city if Res'lar, on Bolarus IX, to Zom and Ilet Bi'trell. She is the youngest of four children. Both of her fathers were structural engineers for Bolarus Space Construction (BSC), a starship construction company, so she had an interest in the world beyond the sky since she was a child.
At 15 she began working as a tug pilot for BSC, maneuvering ships and components around the orbital construction facility. It was tedious and lonely work, and her dissatisfaction with the job didn't go unnoticed by her fathers, who had fought to get her the position. The small tension became a large strain on her family structure in only a matter of months. Blaming herself for her inability to fully appreciate her fathers' efforts, and thus the stress on her family, she took the opportunity of the USS Cherenkov's arrival to leave Bolarus IX and her family behind.
Being that Atri was of adult age by Bolian standards, the Cherenkov accepted her request for asylum and travel from the system.
During the first few days of her stay aboard the Cherenkov, Atri spent much of her time in sick bay building her medical records. During these first days, she quickly developed a strong friendship with the ship's CMO, Commander Matthew Power. She continued visiting sick bay regularly after the fact, becoming something of a student to Cmdr. Power. Over the months, a more intimate relationship began developing between them, though mostly on the side of Cmdr. Power. While Atri enjoyed their friendship, the human's appearance was a bit too alien for her to consider a romantic relationship. After privately confessing his amorous intent and hearing her gentle rejection, Matthew did his best to continue their relationship on more professional lines. However, word had already begun to spread about the two spending slightly more time together than would necessarily be appropriate for a 40-year old Starfleet Commander and a teenage Bolian (regardless of Bolian Age of Majority). Cmdr. Power thus encouraged Atri to join Starfleet – mostly because of her aptitude and enthusiasm, but partly to get her off of the ship and away from him.
In 2375, Atri took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam. While she struggled with some of the more technical aspects of the exam course, she passed with high marks. She was accepted into Starfleet Academy, and enrolled the following year, at the main Academy Campus on Earth. During this time, Atri joined the Academy's Perrises Squares team, and was key to their championship run, though they were unable to take the grand final against Toronto. She graduated from the academy with a degree in Medical Science. Immediately following her graduation, she continued her medical education at Starfleet Medical Academy, where she double-majored in Pathology and Surgery, minoring in Pharmacology.
She was assigned to Starbase 273, and took her one-year residency there. It was at Starbase 273 that she first discovered the holoprograms of Alat'Shall, an old Bolian superhero character reminiscent of Earth's Batman. She stayed with Starbase 273 for 4 years, and when she came up for reassignment, she was offered a position at Starfleet Medical by a friend of Commander Power. Slightly torn by the choice – whether to stay in space, or take a chance at a greater opportunity at Starfleet Medical – she eventually accepted the position on Earth.
Atri was assigned to Radiology in the Department of Pharmacology, and began assisting in several research projects. She became particularly involved in a study of Hyronalin potency, and attempts to develop a more effective treatment. She was quickly given the lead on the project, and continued the study into the realm of developing an entirely new drug-based radiation treatment.
It was during this study that the USS Achilles CMO position came up for assignment. At the encouragement of her Department Head, Atri applied for the position, taking a step back into the stars.
Service Record Stardate 52211.0 – Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam, Starbase 273.
Stardate 53353.5 – Enrolled, Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 57107.6 – Enrolled, Starfleet Medical Academy.
Stardate 61200.2 – Assigned, Medical Officer, Starbase 134.
Stardate 65603.5 – Assigned, Assistant Research Officer, Radiology, Department of Pharmacology, Starfleet Medical.
Stardate 6799X.X – Assigned, Chief Medical Officer, USS Achilles.