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Lieutenant Commander Anastasia Lyons

Name Anastasia Marie Lyons

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 121 LBS
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Deep Blue
Physical Description Ana is slender yet toned. She has long, golden hair, which she keeps pulled back in a ponytail or tied up in a bun when on duty. Her skin is pale and lightly freckled with a few age lines beginning to show through, much to her displeasure. She sports a pair of dazzling, deep blue eyes but the left cornea is slightly scratched due to an old battle injury, refusing to have it removed because she thinks it adds a touch of mystique.

She can be seen wearing the vest variation of the Starfleet Uniform mostly when on duty because she finds the full set too restrictive and due to her background in the Security field, she likes to be ready for anything. Off duty however, you will more than likely catch her just in a tank top and shorts with a pair of running shoes on her feet.


Spouse None as yet
Children None as yet
Father Alexander John Lyons
Mother Marie Anderson - Deceased
Brother(s) Corporal Daniel Joseph Lyons - SFMC
Sister(s) None
Other Family Nightshade AKA Shade - Siberian Husky

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ana first appears very aggressive and short. But she is in fact, very open and approachable after ‘breaking the ice’ with someone. Her harshness comes from her perfectionist tendencies where duty is concerned. She keeps up a guard until she can get a read on a person, which she happens to be very good at.

Ana is an animal lover, she has been that way since childhood due to lack of interpersonal skills growing up. Her trusty dog, Shade, lived with her on every assignment until his recent passing after illness, he was a gift from her father upon gaining the XO position on USS Scorpio.

She is known for being cool under pressure but overly analytical in some situations. Klingon history and culture are also a favourite of hers.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Cool under pressure
+Excellent shot with a rifle or phaser
+Klingon Expert

-Often perceived as aggressive and short
-Overly Analytical
Ambitions -To become Academy Commandant or Judge Advocate General
-To serve the Federation to the best of her ability
-To live a long life
Hobbies & Interests Klingon culture, Animals, Martial Arts, Weapons and Survival training, Holo-novels and reading.

Personal History Anastasia was born on Earth to Alexander and Marie Lyons. Her mother died of a rare illness when she was just 5 years old, leaving her and her older brother David in Alex's care. Their childhood was decent for the most part. Ana grew into a tomboy and copied pretty much whatever her big brother did. At an early age she was introduced to the great outdoors, hunting and weapons, she quickly noticed that she had a natural affinity with animals and nature, going as far as to try and stop her two family members from hunting and killing for sport. Even though she refused to kill animals, Ana's father still taught her how to shoot a rifle and by the age of 11, she could hit a target 1000 yards away.

When Ana was 16, her brother David joined the Starfleet Marine Corps. She wanted to copy him like she always did but as much as she loved nature, physical training day in-day out wasn’t something she wanted to go through. David's job obviously took him to foreign and fantastic places on Earth and in Space. He recited wonderful and action packed tales of his duties when he came back for R&R, giving Ana an even bigger urge to join up. One such occasion was her 17th birthday, when David handed her a recruitment leaflet for Starfleet Academy claiming that it would be the making of her.

Much to her Father’s annoyance, she researched Starfleet intently and the more she read, the more she loved the idea. So that Summer, she spent weeks badgering her father to let her join up. To his credit, Alex realised that should Ana go to the Academy it would open doors to experiences that he could never provide.

At her earliest opportunity, Ana applied and was accepted to Starfleet in the year of 2367. She would definitely have been one to join the military; she could not stand by and do nothing to help. She loved everything the Academy taught her, from command skills to unarmed combat. She again excelled in weapon skills with standard issue rifle and phasers, she became a 2 time Academy Marksmanship Champion and an Anbo-Jitsu runner up all in her first two years of being a Cadet.

In her final 3 years, Ana took a deep interest in Cultural Studies. particularly that of the Klingon race. She was captivated by their sense of honor and duty, so much so that she tried to mimic them as much as possible by learning the language and the intricate ceremonies involved in the race’s culture until she became somewhat of a resident expert. Because of her skill with weapons, Ana decided to go down the path of the Security Officer and possibly Command Basics if she got the right grades.

After passing through the Academy with the grades she hoped for, Ana was assigned to USS Britannia as an Ensign in the Security Department. Whilst there, she spent most of her time participating in combat drills. That was until 12 months into her first assignment, the Dominion War broke out and training got all the more real for the first time in 6 years. The Britannia saw little action to begin with, until one day, on a routine resupply mission they came under heavy enemy attack and were boarded. Ana was sleeping in her quarters when the first wave happened and was woken by the red alert klaxon. By the time she reached her duty station, there were many casualties and dead. She hadn’t seen so much chaos in her life, not even in training. Her Department Head, Lt. Commander Warrick Matthews tossed her a Type 3 phaser and rifle and told her she was to accompany him to find the CO, Task Force Commanding Officer, Commodore Peter Harris. So they set off, her in her pyjamas and running shoes, clearing corridors and searching rooms until the located Harris pinned down in Sickbay with 2 other Security Officers. One of which was wounded, the other dead. Harris himself had a phaser wound to the arm, which Ana patched up with a makeshift bandage before her and Commander Matthews escorted the wounded Commodore to a waiting shuttle, shielding him with their bodies. As they got their CO aboard the ship, Matthews was hit and killed by the enemy, giving Ana just a split second to react and shove Harris inside the shuttle and take out the attacker.

Back at Starfleet HQ a few months later, Commodore Harris promoted Ana for her bravery to Lt. JG and reassigned to the USS Solaris as Assistant Chief of Security, she also received a commendation on her record. For the next 2 years of the Dominion War, Ana continued to excel in her role, specifically in people management and tactical planning to the point that she lead an away team to rescue POW’s from a Dominion ship. After the war, Ana spent a further 2 years aboard Solaris, this time helping create the drills as opposed to being surprised by them. In her final 6 months aboard, the Chief of Security was taken ill leaving his position open, Ana applied and was successful, thus being promoted to full Lieutenant as well.

At the end of her 4th year on Solaris, the ship was mothballed and the crew reassigned. Ana was posted to Starfleet HQ to head up the Close Protection Division in charge of looking after Federation Flag Officers and the like. She protected many important officials in her 5 years as the Department Head, but she yearned for more, more responsibility. So Ana decided to sit her Command tests, tactically she passed with flying colours, experience wise, she didn’t have quite enough. The instructors suggested she apply for an XO posting to gain more experience before trying the tests again. A year later, Ana applied to an opening on the USS Scorpio and was made its Executive Officer under the command of Captain Kaitlin Williams, who took Ana under her wing and for the next 8 years they worked towards one common goal, getting Ana her own ship. In late 2391, due to an obvious administrative error, Ana was reassigned to her old department and posted to SB 24 to keep the reconstruction running safely. Only boredom and tedious drills ensued in the following two months.

In another unexpected turn of events, Task Force 47 Flagship, the USS Achilles, found itself without a First Officer. The Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Da'nal started a Fleet wide search which, despite wanting her own ship, she still had a lot to learn. Who better to learn from than a highly decorated Flag Officer? Not to mention the fact he was Klingon, her favorite race and culture out all the ones known to the Federation.

A short time later, she was informed that the Admiral had selected her as his 'Right Hand' out of many capable hopefuls. A quick goodbye was said to the base and it's crew then she was whisked off to meet her new crew mates who were docked there for resupply.
Service Record 2350- Born on Earth
2367- Joins Starfleet after receiving a recruitment leaflet as a birthday present.
2372- Graduated from the Academy and posted to USS Britannia - Promoted to Ensign
2373- Dominion War broke out, Ana received a commendation for getting a Flag Officer off a boarded ship, later reassigned to the USS Solaris - Lt. JG - Assistant Chief of Security - Promoted to full Lieutenant and Head of Security in her final year aboard.
2377- Reassigned to head up Starfleet CPD - Lieutenant
2382- Took Command tests, she passed but lacked experience
2383- Assigned to USS Scorpio - Executive Officer - Promoted to Lt. Commander
2391 - Assigned to Starbase 24 reconstruction Security - Lt. Commander
2391- Re-Assigned to USS Achilles - Executive Officer - Lt. Commander