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John McPherson

Name John McPherson

Position Operations Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Languages Irish and English

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Reddish Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A slender, but muscular build. His hair is parted on the side, and hangs over his right eye a bit from time to time. His slightly rosy cheeks, gives his Irish heritage away. He is usual well kept, with a crisp appearance, both in and out of uniform.


Father Marcus
Mother Janessa
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is an easy going man. Usually seen cracking jokes, and trying to make the people around him smile. He loves to make friends, and be the center of attention.

At work, his is a no nonsense individual. He is seen in engineering at all hours of the day and night. He would never make someone do something, he could not do himself.

He has a never say die attitude, and is always seen with a tool, PaDD, or part in his hands. He hustles just as much as the lowliest engineer.

He is the first to arrive in his engine room, and the last to leave, every day.
Strengths & Weaknesses Positives
Hard worker
Fun to be around

Ambitions To become the head of starship theory and design division.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering, reading, exercising, weight lifting, and martial arts.

Personal History Having achieved above average marks, Johnathan survived Starfleet Academy surprisingly well. His first assignment was to the U.S.S. Britanis, as an Engineer's mate. He spent his first five years there learning all he needed to know, to become a useful engineer.

He took two advanced courses, while serving on board. A class in advanced warp theory, and another in propulsion mechanics. Each class were both, two years long.

Once he graduated, He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant J.G., and assigned as engineering officer. He spent most of his time, learning every nook and cranny of the ships systems, and layout. He became so proficient at it, he was able to dismantle an entire warp core assembly, and put it back together himself.

Almost two years later, their Assistant Engineer left the service. He had given twenty years of service, and decided to retire.

Johnathan put his name in for the new assistant.

He was denied, due to his lack of seniority with the crew.

This nearly crushed the man, as he had his sights set on this promotion, to help get him in the running to become a candidate for Chief, on another ship one day.

The Chief Engineer handed him a PaDD, with an open ended transfer list pulled up on it.

John read the PaDD's headline carefully. 'Chief Engineer open positions.' It read, in rather simple, and small text, but the message couldn't of been bigger.

His name was on one of those lines. One of the newer vessels. The U.S.S. Freedom. It seemed the fates were with him, and the luck of the Irish was on his side.

It seemed to good to be true, until the Chief handed him another PaDD. This one was simple, and short, but to the point.

It read of his CO, and the Chief recommending him as beyond qualified to continue serving aboard their vessel in his compacity, and had requested from the Admiralty, for an early bump to Chief Engineer.

It was approved by an Admiral Daluka, and signed for the previous days date.

Now all he waited on was approval from the Freedom, before his change of orders packet, bacame official.
Service Record Entered Starfleet Academy
Graduated Starfleet Academy
Assigned to the Britania, as Engineer's Mate
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Reassigned as Engineering Officer
Pending approval for change of orders to the U.S.S. Freedom as the Chief Engineer