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Lieutenant JG Alana Tambor

Name Alana Tambor

Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Minaran
Age 21
Languages Empathic understanding and communication

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 155
Hair Color Long Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alana is tall with an athletic build, the Academy had no true challenge for her. A specimen of humanoid beauty she has long hair, well kept and a fashion sense for earth tones and simple accents. She walks with poise and as she lacks vocal cords often appears serene and aloof to affairs around her. It isn't arrogance that makes her walk upright, it is pride. She is among the first of her species to serve Starfleet.


Spouse Torran-avowed
Children Alana cannot carry children, Minarans are genetically reproduced by the Vians a sentient race they share their world with to propagate precise species growth. Her escape with her husband is for the hopes they will reverse the damage done to her. The Federation promises they will help her people.
Other Family Alana and Torran are it, Torran is on Earth, employed in civilian contracting, and they are making a life for themselves.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alana is naturally attracted to the medical fields by her people natural ability to absorb injuries. Along with the standard Medical training Alana spent two years in research with Starfleet Medical to analyze the nature of her abilities. She graduated early and was assigned to deep space posting.
Alana communicates with a UT voder and amalgam speaker of ten thousand female voices, it is a simple device but for more complex communications her empathy is needed to relay the data.
She also has a talent for spatial math, and navigation was a hobby of hers as a child. She is a capable Astrometrics officer to boot.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alana cannot speak in long terms without an empath involved or translating. Her voder is good for one word per four seconds at best.
Alana is attractive and can often be misread as arrogant or aloof, given her terse communications and lack of speech, she is actually just a loner who prefers time to herself.
Her husband is on Earth, space travel makes him ill, and this clashes with her life greatly.
She can type very quickly, and her empathy is easily read by other empathic species as clear speech.
She can absorb injuries onto herself and heal them, but it is exhausting.
Alana can close her eyes and feel the direction of the galaxy's spin, has a good idea of rough location and estimation of travel speeds etc...
Ambitions To see the galaxy and earn a good pension to live on, then raise a family. She hopes for more Minarans to escape the trap they bought into.
Hobbies & Interests Navigation, Exploration, reading and learning anything she can get her hands onto. Total bookworm.

Personal History Alana was destined like all Minarans for a cloistered and controlled life under domination from the Vians. She was going to be bred, sterilized, forced to raise a small litter of kids and then worked to old age. It was the same for all people, but a long ago war had brought them to this and the Minaran people bowed in obedience to the Vians ever since. Alana and many others flee whenever they can, but Vians are vicious enemies and telepathic nightmares, few escape.

Alana'a parents spent their lifes fortune as well as their lives to get her out, she was able to get her beloved out only to have him dying to an allergy to space-borne energies. They made it to the Federation after several years of travel, where Alana could freely claim asylum and live her life with Starfleet's protection. At Medical she was promised the Minaran crisis would be addressed, and two years later graduated. Her husband would have to remain behind, his allergy is too severe for him to serve on board a starship, a fact that has caused her considerable grief.
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy honors division.
-Assigned to Starfleet Medical for research and special missions information. Promoted to Lt. j.g.
-Assigned to USS Achilles as Astrometrics officer and relief medical.