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Lieutenant JG Elanor Byron

Name Elanor 'Elle' Byron

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (English - United Kingdom)
Age 26
Languages Fluent in Federation Standard, Ancient and Modern Greek, French, Italian, Turkish, Swahili, Klingon and Andorian. knows a bit of Vulcan and Orion. During the Romulan relief effort, she started learning Romulan.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Dirty blonde naturally, but she dyes it sometimes
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Elanor is quite tall and slim with a pale complexion. Part of that is due to an exercise regime to help burn off all the energy that she has and other is a habit of alternate day eating.

From a very young age, Elle was very athletic, agile and flexible, coming from a combination of parkour and football.

Elle isn't really into fancy clothing, and has a much more casual style when off-duty. She doesn't really like heavy makeup and prefers a natural look. She does use lipstick though. Overall, Elle probably leans more towards being a tomboy then a girly-girl.

She carries a Swiss-army knife with her at all times in one of her boots - an 18 tool Mountaineer model.


Spouse Apollonia Athena Papadopoulos (26, lounge waitress and singer)
Father Alfred Byron
Mother Dinah Byron (deceased)
Brother(s) Drake Byron
Other Family Nutley (Red Squirrel)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elle has the nickname of ‘Skellie’, mainly because she has a fascination with osteoarchaeology and palaeopathology. In her office, Elle keeps an English longbow on the wall, reminding her of her heritage, and a life-sized fleshed-out Neanderthal model that she nicknamed ‘Bob’ (with a animal skin loin-cloth). There is also a bed for Nutley, her pet red squirrel.

Elle is lively, hyperactive, energetic and daring, and a fighter too. Everything she does, she throws herself into, and is definitely very spunky. She is very exuberant, and willing to trying anything at all. She accepts all experiences as a challenge, something to be jumped into with passion and excitement. Elle has terribly problems with sitting still for periods of time. She tends to nervously fidget, hums often, chews pens or things within reach without thinking. Elle has an addiction to doughnuts and smoking cigarettes.

She has a quite open attitude to sexuality, and is quite immodest & uninhibited, walking around without clothes around her quarters. Elle is openly bi-sexual, and has a decent line of partners & one-night stands before marrying Apollonia. She is sucker for romance and especially loves slow-dancing.

Elle is self-reliant and is willing to do the work necessary to get ahead, although has trouble with tedious things. Often, she would go camping with her family, and loved being out in natural places.

She can often be found doing that on the holodeck camping or practising sport, and her vacations normally involve finding nature.

She goes from one extreme or the other – she is not good at doing moderation. This has generally been a weakness for her career and life. Elle lives in the here-and-now, and place little importance on introspection or theory - She looks at the facts of a situation, quickly decides what should be done, executes the action, and moves on to the next thing.

Elle is an active member of the Interspecies Medical Exchange and publishes articles in various journals – about 10 in her career so far.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Exuberant
+Agile with quick reflexes
+ Good running and climbing skills from parkour
+ Strong surgical and diagnostic talents
+ Protective of her staff
- Stubborn
- sarcastic
- sets very high standards
Ambitions To heal and protect the crew of the ship she is on and be a good chief medical officer. Other than that, she doesn’t really have any willingness to go any further.
Hobbies & Interests playing her acoustic-electric guitar, parkour, cooking and good food, drinking, socialising, dancing, nature walks, camping, mountain climbing, karoke singing

Personal History Elle was born in the city of in London in England. Her father, Alfred, was an archaeologist at University College London, while her mother, Dinah, was a concert musician playing the violin in the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Her parents had a young boy named Drake of age 2 when Elle was born, and he quickly took a liking to having a baby sister.

Tragedy happened when Elle was three though – while travelling to a performance in the United States, the shuttle that Dinah was traveling In crashed and all occupants were killed. This left Alfred with two young children and no wife, but he kept a brave front and provided a wonderful childhood. Often, they would come with him on digs in far off places across the world, which delighted the pair who ran through sites across Europe, Asia and Africa. They were taught by a French nanny & tutor, Madame Aceline Dubois, who also taught them parkour as a way of exercising.

Growing up with an archaeologist as a father, Elle and Drake picked up a love of languages, and he began teaching them Ancient Greek and Latin.

When she got older, Elle took up a music instrument like her mother did, but chose an acoustic-electric guitar instead of violin.

After school, Elle applied to Starfleet Academy as a medical cadet, and was accepted in. She spent four years at the Academy, learning medicine and developed an interest in the study of how anatomy had changed over millennia – namely osteoarchaeology and anthropology. On completetion of her studies, she was placed on the USS Anchorage, an Olympic class medical vessel.

She learnt a lot on the Anchorage over the first two years of her duty in Starfleet, travelling across the Federation to numerous situations, before she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

After her internship, Elle transferred to the USS Ontario, an Intrepid class vessel. For the next year, she worked well with others and worked with the Science department. During this time, she was involved with a number of interesting missions, including an investigation of a planet where the remains of a temporary-displaced human population were found.

It was during her time on that Ontario that her life would change after meeting a beautiful Greek woman one night in the lounge. Elle had come down to relax after a shift and been mesmerised by singing. Afterwards, she went up and began talking to Apollonia, both of them clicking quite easily. They began dating and eventually married.

When the Chief retired & the existing Assistant Chief took over, he asked Elle to step up to Assistant Chief, and she accepted the role.

After two years as Assistant Chief, Elle was selected as part of the Starfleet Medical Corps relief effort for the Romulans in the Cariel System, and Apollonia came along to & worked helping in the mess hall.

When the USS Achilles arrived, Elle transferred aboard as Chief Medical Officer, and Apollonia is going to work in the lounge.
Service Record 2381 - 2385: Cadet, Medical, Starfleet Medical Academy
2385 - 2387: Ensign, Medical Internship, USS Anchorage
2387 - 2388: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Medical Officer, USS Ontario
2388 - 2390: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Ontario
2390 - 2390: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Medical Officer, Starfleet Medical Corps Cariel system Romulan Relief Effort
2390 - present: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Medical Officer, USS Achilles