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Lieutenant JG Tobias Todd

Name Tobias Horatio Todd

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24
Languages Universal, Latin, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1" (185cm)
Weight 83 kg
Hair Color no hair
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic within Starfleet parameters, comparatively tall and no bodily hair to soften his features and intense blue eyes he strikes an unintentionally imposing figure. The only outward sign of his augmentation was a small panel roughly the size of a playing card in the back of his head. It allowed for direct connection to any compatible computer as well as access to the unit without major operations.


Spouse -
Children -
Father Joseph Todd - Botanist and Civil Engineer in London (Earth)
Mother Erika Todd - Starfleet Captain (Retired)
Sister(s) Elara Todd - Starfleet Cadet
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Before his augmentation, Tobias was a bright young man with dreams of scientific breakthroughs to benefit the federation. While not always seeing eye to eye with his mother, who wanted him to pursue a more command oriented career in starfleet, there were seldom heated arguments in the Todd household.
While the augmentation ultimately saved his life, it changed a lot of things for Tobias. His emotions were intact, but felt distant most of the time and overwhelming at other times. While his dreams stayed with him, even after the operation, he threw himself into their pursuit with more conviction than before for fear to lose sight of them.
By the time he graduated from Starfleet, he preferred to spend most of his time in the company of computers with only a few stalwart friends remaining.
Strengths & Weaknesses His mind has the dedication of a machine, and the operation only improved this characteristic but it is easy for him to dismiss his biological needs for longer than is healthy. This detachment can be very unsettling for some people and interactions can be challenging to him.
Ambitions To make his mark on the Federation with what his mind can accomplish and while you would be hard pressed to get him to admit to it, he dreams of having a family one of these days.
Hobbies & Interests A vested interest in cybernetics and computer science as well as genetics.

Personal History After intense personal study, Tobias manages to get into Starfleet Academy at the age of 15 where he continued to excel in his studies. However, his age and confidence, which was rightfully labelled arrogance on more than one occasion, delivered enough confrontations to make his stay at the academy at least somewhat interesting. Despite several callings before a tribunal he never got into any trouble that would warrant expulsion.

In his 2rd year at the Academy a routine medical exam diagnosed him with a rare form of a genetic disease which causes severe neural degeneration. First it would prevent the formation of new neural pathways, then proceed to destroy already existing pathways and finally destroy even the most basic, autonomous functions of his brain. There was no treatment.

For almost a year he worked on a solution, pestering his teachers and any scientist he could find and soon found the only path that seemed to promise even the slightest chance of success. Cybernetics. The basic design and programming was simple, a computer that would interact with his brain, constantly reinforcing existing and new pathways and keeping the degeneration in check. The problem was the actual interface between the computer and his brain. He reached out to Dr Terence Epstein and Dr Bruce Maddox, pretending to pursue a theoretical project.

After long months of careful secrecy and tinkering, he managed to finish the implant. It was an ingenious device, but despite all the combined brilliance that had created it, it was purely theoretical. Starfleet regulations, morality and ethics were against him, he would never find anyone to actually go ahead with the procedure. Again, the options were limited. He took a leave of absence from the academy and travelled to the Adelman Neurological Institute. It took Tobias less than a week to convince Dr Toby Russell of the procedure, dangerous and intriguing as it was. Recovery took almost a year.

When he returned to the Academy he made his condition known only to the admiral in charge in the hopes he would refrain from making in public knowledge. It took some convincing and several medical exams, but he was allowed to finish his studies at the Academy and eventually graduated in Cybernetics and Advanced Theoretical Physics, at the age of 21.

While Tobias doesn't exactly hide his augmentation he requested that the details are not part of public record. It is at the discretion of each captain how to proceed and he makes a point to inform any captain he serves under personally about the details even though they are made aware of all of this well before.
Service Record 2388 - transfer to the USS Newton
2389 - transfer to the USS Bahrain
2390 - transfer to Starbase 17
2391 - transfer to the USS Achilles