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Commander Karen Myles

Name Karen Anne Myles

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 43
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Karen has light brown hair that she wears shoulder length, Karen is in no way physically threatening her small stature and angelic face see to that. Karen's eyes are a deep blue. the only make up Karen wears is light red lipstick when she is on duty, when she is off duty or at an official function it is bright red lipstick.


Spouse None (Divorced)
Children None
Father James Myles
Mother Gail Myles
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Myles (Deceased)Lieutenant Janet Myles (Half Sister)
Other Family Jarred King (Divorced), Alan Pierce (Divorced)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karen has a great dislike of being called Ma'am.

Karen was diagnosed with Iverson's disease (a Fatal disease that attacks the body's muscles) She was however 'cured' against her will using barbaric and illegal methods. While she hasn't been cured in the normal sense she no longer suffers the effects and it will not kill her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- Karen is one of those rare officers who excell in paperwork, never accused of not doing it putting it off.

Her training and natural talent makes her adept at reading body language and reading people in general.

Weakness- Tends to over work.
Ambitions Karen has cast aside her old ambitions, she no longer knows exactly what she wants.
Hobbies & Interests Karen plays the piano and loves to read

Personal History Karen Anne Myles was born in Los Angeles, California her early life was fairly standard to outward appearances however those that knew the family soon came to see that it was not the standard. James Myles was rarely home unknown to anyone at the time just beginning his decent into the criminal aspects of the sector. Karen’s mother was far more interested in her social standing than being a mother. From a very early age Karen learned to be self-sufficient.

When Karen was seven years old her sister Sarah was born, Sarah as she grew up proved to be the opposite of Karen, concerned with only herself and immediate gratification whatever the cost, Karen retreated further and further from her family.

When Karen was sixteen her father left the family for the last time and Karen’s mother unable to cope spent ever more time out with friends, Karen stayed looking after her younger sister and trying her best to keep up with her studies. When Karen turned Seventeen she applied to Starfleet Academy for early enrolment, this was denied at the time and Karen turned to civilian learning institutions for her higher education.

Karen had finished a short course that would prepare young adults for Starfleet Academy and she again applied when she turned eighteen, this time she was accepted and she thrust herself into Medical studies.

Karen’s only concern was becoming a Doctor, she ignored all courses and lessons that would further a career as an officer and purely focused on Medicine, this tactic to her education allowed her to finish the Medical courses early and start her career as a non-commissioned officer.

Again Karen showed no interest in starting her career and she re-applied for medical study this time choosing the specialty of psychiatry, when she attained her PhD Karen was finally accepted a working role in Starlfeet.

Her first assignment was on Starbase seventy seven, Karen was an assistant Counsellor with the rank of Petty Officer First Class. She received criticism at the time for holding a position she was overqualified for and a rank well too low compared to others with her qualifications but Karen ignored it and focused on her work.

Karen was thirty one and had a fairly limited social life however that changed when she met Jarred King, Jarred was an Engineer who was briefly assigned to Starbase seventy seven, the two started dating and after a short time were married. This marriage almost immediately began to fall apart, with both Karen and Jarred too focused on their respective careers to manage to hold together a relationship.

Karen filed for divorce after only eighteen months of marriage and the two parted ways. Karen now at a loss in her personal life again retreated into her professional life; she finally took courses that would allow for her to become a commissioned officer.

At the age of thirty four Karen received her first pip and major promotion, Karen was made Chief Counsellor of Starbase seventy four and proceeded to close the gap between the counselling department and the main medical staff. But her success in career didn’t translate to success in her personal life; Karen met then Lieutenant Commander Alan Pierce a brilliant surgeon with an ego to match, at first Karen hated the man with a passion, he made no secret of his distrust of ‘quack’ Doctors who practiced what he liked to call ‘mind voodoo’.

After a substantial number of heated arguments that became legendary on the station for their length and volume Karen and Alan began dating, Alan at this time was married and Karen with a sense of self-hatred played the part of ‘the other woman’.

When Alan’s marriage ended Karen bore the brunt of his newly ex-wife’s anger, Karen fully aware that her actions were shameful made no attempt to fight back which only encouraged the whispering behind her back.

Karen broke off her relationship with Alan and decided it was time for her to move on, a Counsellor mired in controversy wasn’t help to anyone. Karen put in a request to be assigned a position on a Starship.

Karen was assigned as Chief Counsellor on the Ambassador class USS Sarek, as always she found herself at home with work but again at a loss in her personal life, not willing to form friendships with the crew on the basis that she would stay impartial at all times.

This didn’t last long, after a few months and a few staffing hiccups Karen collapsed in her office during a meeting with the Sareks Executive Officer, not long after she was diagnosed with Iverson’s Disease. Karen as always retreated from dealing with her own problems and threw herself into work, however this time her personal struggles were far too much to cope with and her patients and work suffered for it.

Karen resigned as Chief Counsellor and took up the position of Chief Medical Officer, this allowed her to focus more on paperwork and impersonal medical procedures, and it also however placed her in direct command of Alan Pierce. Arguably she is the only person in Starfleet who holds any semblance of control over Alan little though it may have been. The two not long after rekindled the old romance in what could only be called an everlasting battle of wits. The two married privately with Karen deciding too Alan’s chagrin to keep her maiden name of Myles.

When Commander Guilder was unable to perform his duties as Executive Officer and stepped down from the position, Karen now a Lieutenant Commander herself was promoted to the position. Her time in the position was marked by her administrative skill rather than a command skill. Karen now using a cane to aid her walk was unable to lead away teams and her now vastly changing temperament wasn’t all too confidence inspiring.

Now a full Commander Karen was placed in temporary command of the Starlfeet Academy training ship USS Tiber, when during the first of the training exercises the warp core went into sudden and catastrophic failure Karen oversaw the evacuation of the officers and cadets. However the ship was too close to Earth and if the ship wasn’t moved before it exploded damage would have been done to Earth and its massive population. Karen with her shortened life expectancy and seniority of rank that she would be the one to remain and pilot the ship to a safe distance, over the objections of the Tiber’s bridge crew.

When the Tiber exploded Karen was assumed dead for a short time, until it became clear she had been whisked away at the last moment by her Father (by now a well-known criminal with heavy ties to criminal organizations in the Orion Sectors)

His plan was to force his daughter to undergo experimental and highly outlawed medical procedures to cure her Iverson’s Disease, this however failed and Karen was rescued in a classified Starfleet operation. However due to her being listed as missing in action presumed dead her position as Executive Officer was filled again by Commander Aaron Guilder. Karen was questioned by Starfleet Command extensively before being allowed to return to active duty, against her wishes she was sent back to the USS Sarek. (In part so the Commanding Officers who knew her well could keep a close eye on her just in case she was as some of them suspected corrupt and in league with her father) Karen was assigned as Chief Diplomatic Officer this time however work didn’t provide the relief it had in the past and Karen could be described as an apathetic officer merely going through the motions.

*Record Sealed* Karen's father in reality succeeded in forcibly curing his daughter, however in order to catch him Starfleet Intelligence required her to pretend the procedure had failed going so far as to take medication that left her clinically dead, her body was kept in stasis until her father was captured.

Karen eventually returned to the position of Chief Medical Officer as well as divorcing her second husband.
Service Record 2385.1104 - Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2386.0102 - Awarded Quarterly Unit Award "Player" for Fall 2008
2386.1018 - Promoted to Lieutenant, transferred to Chief Medical Officer
2387.2505 - Transferred to Medical Starbase for extended medical leave
2387.1408 - Returned to USS Sarek
2387.0831 - Promoted to Executive Officer, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2387.1201 - Promoted to Commander
2388.0307 - Awarded William Riker XO of the Year Award for 2010
2388.0410 - Declared Missing in Action.
2388.0601 - Transferred to Seabase Triton, Executive Officer
2388.0922 - Returned to USS Sarek, Chief Diplomatic Officer
2388.1020 - Placed in Stasis, (Officially recorded as deceased, unofficially taking part in Starfleet Intelligence operation)
2389.0829 - Revived and returned to official duty as Chief Diplomatic Officer
2389.0101 - Transferred to Chief Medical Officer
2390.1024 - Transferred to Romulan aid taskforce, stationed at refugee centres and emergency medical clinics.
2391.0723 - Transferred to USS Achilles, Chief Medical Officer