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Lieutenant Amia Jaxx

Name Amia Jaxx

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 26
Languages English, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 160
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Amia is average height with black piercing eyes and dark brow hair that reaches half way down her back. She has an intricate butterfly tattoo that starts on her left side near her hip, winding it's way to her left breast before turning and going up her back.


Spouse MIA
Father Kalos Jaxx
Mother Glorianna Jaxx
Other Family Cousin Tiran Jaxx - set to become ruler of the 10th house
Boris Kasperek

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amia thinks outside of the box when it comes to solving an engineering problem. She is usually quiet and reserved and doesn't let herself get close to anyone since the lose of her husband, Amia doesn't want to go through that sort of lose again. She has created a wall to keep people at bay. The only times she seems to be happy is when she is in engineering , horseback riding or spending time with her beloved dog Sprocket.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Thinking outside of the box
+ Ability to get the job done under pressure
+ Can make things out of anything
- Swears like a sailor
- Doesn't let herself get close to anyone
- has erected a wall to keep people from getting too close to her
Ambitions Amia wants to find out what happened to her husband. She had once dreamt of a family but that dream was shattered with the disappearance of her husband. She wants to explore the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Horseback riding, spending time with Leonardo da Vinci on the holodeck and spending time with Sprocket.
"Slight" obsession with the works of a human author, Jane Austen. She loves spending her free hours re-reading the classic books or playing the holo-novels in the holodeck.

Personal History Born into the 10th House of Betazed, Amia was considered a little princess by her parents despite not being in line to rule over the 10th House. Her name meaning Spring Blossom because she was born on a lovely spring morning. That was the duty of her cousin. Still, she was doted on and given the education and upbringing of the noble class. Her early life was joyful and pleasant despite the expectations of her acting like a proper lady at all times. Not that she was always that way. In fact, her father often encouraged her to explore the more mundane aspects of having fun while growing up. Watching sunsets, looking at the stars, daydreaming and just plain being goofy were all activities her father endorsed much to her mother’s chagrin. Traditional Betazoid values were strong within her mother and she often pushed those very values on Amia. It led to a rather difficult childhood for the young girl given that she felt a responsibility to her mother’s wishes, yet enjoyed the freedom of her father’s take on just being happy with whatever she did. From birth Amia was pre-destined to be a lady of the house. Her wedding already prearranged to Leton Diryse of the 6th House of Betazed as a means to unite the houses and strengthen the bond between them through the offspring the two would eventually have.

Like all Betazoids, Amia began school at an early age only to struggle with the artistic nature of the classes. Mentally she exceled, however painting and music seemed to cause her difficulty compared to many of her peers. This left her in a position of not being as popular as she would have liked to have been as well as stirring an inner anger within her. The brutal honesty of betazoids didn’t exactly help her confidence either. She found herself with hurt feelings more often than not given the expectations placed upon her by her mother and others who saw her as a member of a royal house. Her frustrations redoubled her determination to get good at the things she felt she was poor at and while she did get better, her self-doubt kept her from accepting how truly good she was becoming.

At age nine tragedy struck. The Dominion War had come home. With Jem’Hadar forces easily bypassing the planet’s outdated defences, Amia and her family soon found themselves going into hiding like many other Betazoid nobles. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned onto months and before she knew it, Ania was in the middle of the resistance. During this time she got to know her betrothed Leton and the two became close friends drawn together by the conflict surrounding them.

The war was a dark time for Amia. While the adults did their best to continue to make life seem as normal as possible for the children the ever present danger of a battle kept everyone on edge. The children continued their school studies and yet it wasn’t the same. The joy was gone. Leton had become Amia’s rock during this period. The two were almost inseparable as they bonded. Yet, with violence all around them on a daily basis, Amia began to see something deep within Leton. Something that frightened her. Leton had a violent side. A part of him that lashed out under pressure. It wasn’t unique to the boy. Many Betazoids were falling into the darkness war brought with it. The telepathic links they shared only amplifying these dangerous impulses. Despite this, Ania managed to find solace in the company of a rather unexpected person.

Boris Kasperek was a Starfleet officer who survived the first attempt by the Second Fleet to retake Betazed. He was stranded on the surface when his ship was destroyed above the planet and joined the resistance. The man had been nearing retirement and had a rather gruff demeanor. The last place he wanted to be was stuck on a planet fighting a losing battle against an unstoppable force. Or so he claimed. In truth, Amia was pretty sure the man wouldn’t have been happy if he was anywhere else. There was something about him that drew the young girl’s interest and she often hovered around him for hours regardless of how many times he tried to shoo her away. Eventually the man gave in and decided that if the girl was going to hang around she could at least make herself useful. It was here that Amia took her first steps into the world of engineering and more importantly creative thinking when it came to engineering. With a lack of supplies and tools, Boris was often forced to improvise. The engineer’s colorful language was more than enough to make her mother try to ban her daughter from hanging around the terran, but with all the distractions going on, Amia still found a way to spend as much time as she could with him. Perhaps he reminded her of her grandfather who had died during the Dominion invasion, perhaps it was just his alien ways. Whatever the case, Amia quickly bonded with Boris. While he never outwardly showed any compassion for Amia, she could tell that he had learned to care about her quite a bit. Once the war ended and the Dominion had left, the time came for Boris to leave as well. In a heart touching scene he gave Ania a hug before heading back to Earth to enjoy a long retirement. Although Amia wasn’t sure the man would be happy without having something to work on.

With the war over and the Dominion gone, Betazed attempted to return to normal. The scars of war still evident. Amia returned to her education Now into her teens, Amia was being trained in controlling her telepathic abilities as well as her general education. Yet, her experience during the occupation led her to study mechanical subjects more than art or diplomacy studies. She had begun to grow introverted with the exception of when she was working. Much like the Starfleet officer who had influenced her, she tended to talk while working. Sometimes to herself, sometimes to the object she was working, sometimes just to talk, and all the times uncharacteristically speaking like the old engineer. It was during these years that Leton began his courtship of Amia.

Still too young to formally bond, Amia and Leton shared a strong love for each other for a number of years. No matter how strong their feelings for each other, the two began to slowly grow apart. Leton had become cynical of the Federation and of Starfleet in particular, while Amia had come to look up to Starfleet due to her time with Boris. Amia had started to want to get out and see the galaxy while Leton wanted to stay at home and take up the lavish lifestyle that the two were born into. Finally, when Amia had learned that Leton had become enamored with the Enlightened Mind Movement who worked toward convincing Betazed to leave the Federation, the two separated. Leton contended that Starfleet had done nothing to prevent the invasion of Betazed. Nor did they do anything to free the planet once it was under Dominion rule. The anger Amia felt growing during the war within Leton was more and more evident. In the end Amia was worried that Leton would turn his anger on her.

With her relationship with Leton over and her mother’s constant pressure, Amia decided to leave her homeworld behind and join Starfleet. Her decision did not sit well with her mother by any means, but her father quietly supported her. Even going so far as to contact Boris Kasperek to sponsor his daughter. The first days of Academy were quite different than schooling on Betazed. All of the different races and customs were a lot to take in. Plus the general distrust of Betazoid telepathy pushed Amia into a quiet shell. Her chosen field of study was simple. The effect Boris Kasperek had on her during his time on Betazed had carried over into her early adulthood. It seemed a bit odd to quite a few people given that Betazoids were known for more social disciplines such as diplomacy, counseling, and even medical fields, but then Amia wasn’t about to be told what to do. She had spent a good portion of her life following the wishes of others. Now that she was in charge she was going to make her own decisions. Good and bad. Engineering didn’t come as naturally to her as she thought it would at first, but she did enjoy the outlet of doing manual labor. Then again, her first experiences with the field were under quite different circumstances than those of many of the other students. Unlike them, she didn’t have a replicator available to make parts to build a holographic imager. She had to scrape together wires and broken circuits for an old man to cobble together. Still, she kept at it. Determined to prove to herself and any doubters that she could be what she wanted to be. Friends were still difficult to come by. She considered some acquaintences friends, but none of them true friends. Boys would look to date her out of curiosity, but none of them really meant much to her and she generally dismissed them as children. She had more important things to do after all. Like horse riding. Never would she have thought that such an activity would be so enjoyable, but even she had to admit Earth did have its share of charm.

During her second year, Amia’s mother came to Earth to finally put an end to this Starfleet nonsense her daughter had followed. Leton accompanied her and proposed to the young woman in an attempt to fulfill the arrangement made at their births. Having not made any true friends in the year she had been on Earth and her grades being average, the temptation to return home and claim her destiny as a member of a noble house was strong. Leton had appeared to change his ways even though he still had a disdain for Starfleet. Not only that, but her life on Betazed would be much easier than it had been at the Academy. No more crowded dorms, people would look up to her, not be on guard and afraid of her. It was a difficult decision, but in the end Amia chose to remain in Starfleet if only to follow through with what she had started. The choice did not go over well with her mother, but in the end even her mother accepted the decision. Leton was different, however. Unable to come to terms with his rejection, Leton struck Amia only to regret giving into his impulses. The man soon disappeared and Ania has not seen him since.

Graduation came and while she didn’t graduate at the top of her class, Amia did manage to make it near the top of her class. This was mostly due to her creative thinking and ability to think outside of the box when it came to solving problems. A little carry over from Boris who had been helping tutor her on the side for the past four years. While many of her classmates were given assignments on starships and space stations, Amia had caught the attention of the Utopia Planita Shipyards. It was here that she was assigned and it was here that she would grow into the woman she is today. Amia began her service doing routine maintenance for the station. It was tedious and boring, but she put up with it knowing full well that she had to work her way up from the bottom if she wanted to get anywhere. The odd thing about the station compared to the Academy was the level of ease she felt there. No one seemed to judge her and while she wasn’t the focus of attention, she often heard the thoughts of people passing by. One test pilot in particular seemed to notice her every time he was near. This same pilot soon became a major pain in her rear. Although he was kind of intriguing…

During her second year at the shipyards, Ania was finally assigned to one of the engineering teams that worked on some of the new specialized ships. Her first job was aiding in the construction of a small scout ship with starfighter capabilities. The pilot of which was none other than the pilot who had been showing interest in her for quite some time. Working so closely together was not exactly easy at first. Besides his cocky, laid back attitude and constant attempts to get her to go out on a date with him, he was completely and utterly frustrating. Argumentative, smart mouthed, and sweet all at the same time. One minute she felt like smacking him alongside the head, the next she felt like giving him a big hug. Her telepathic abilities didn’t really help either. The pilot seemed to have an ability to keep his thoughts simple and switch his emotions like a light switch. He was a bit baffling in this regard. There was certainly something under the bravado, but every time Amia thought she had him figured out, he would surprise her.

Amia soon moved on to another project. Not that it stopped the pilot from coming around. In a way the cat and mouse game between the two had become enjoyable for Amia. Eventually she agreed to go on a date with him. Little did she know that a date with him meant a trip all the way to Earth. Nor did she realize it would be an all day event. Despite her initial reservations, the date went better than she could have possibly hoped. As time went on the two began to see each other more and more often during their off time. Amia was happy. During the end of her third year at Utopia the pilot proposed to her and she accepted promising to help her see the galaxy like she dreamed of doing as a child. From that moment she knew he was her Imzadi. This did not sit well with her mother as the thought of her daughter marrying a human was disgraceful, but soon even she gave into the charm of the pilot giving her blessing to the arrangement. The two were married in a large ceremony in the Loneel mountains on Betazed. Amia didn’t feel comfortable with the large celebration at first, but her new husband seemed to thrive in the environment despite not having any clothes.

After the honeymoon, the pair returned to Utopia Planitia and began work once more. Amia found herself working on a team responsible for the preliminary design of a new class of Starship known as the Phoenix Class. The ship was to be based on many of the designs of the Prometheus Class as well as part of a new generation of Federation ships for the new century. Amia couldn’t imagine her life getting much better. She even received a puppy named Sprocket from her husband for the Earth holiday known as Christmas. Sure it didn’t come in the fancy box that such important gifts were known to be given in on Betazed, but her husband was a little more simple and practical than the noble classes of Betazed. Unfortunately, tragedy was about to turn Amia’s life upside down forever.

Part of the new generation of ships the research into transwarp drives once more began. Many of the side effects and problems that had plagued the Federation for over a century had been thought to have been solved given some of the advanced technology discovered by the USS Voyager during its time in the Delta Quadrant. Amia’s husband was one of the pilots chosen to test the new systems after a number of unmanned tests and simulations were run. She can still remember the smile he gave her before he left that day. The kind of smile that made her feel like no matter what, everything was always going to be alright. Unfortunately, something unknown happened on that test run. The moment the transwarp drives were initiated the ship vanished with Ania’s husband inside. Starfleet officially has him MIA, but by all accounts he is considered deceased by most. Ania’s life came crashing down that day. The grief overpowering her and causing her to retreat into a shell of herself. She knew the job was dangerous, but never really understood how dangerous until that day. Ania worked alongside the other specialists to try and discover what exactly went wrong, but there was no answer. It remained a mystery and Amia was losing hope quickly. With her life crushed, Amia had to leave Utopia Planitia. The memories of the place no longer joyful like they once were. Now just a sad reminder of the great loss she had suffered. She put in for a transfer to the USS Achilles with the hope that she can move forward with her life and perhaps fulfill her childhood dream of seeing the universe. After all, the least could do was keep the promise she had made with her husband.
Service Record Stationed at Utopia Planita for four years

Reman Refugee Camp

Transferred to the USS Achilles