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Commander Travis Stone

Name Travis Mitchell Stone

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 220 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slightly taller, Travis maintains a well-developed physical build, with a slight emphasis on strength over speed. The green eyes vary from a deep emerald to a light grassy-green depending on his mood, but always contain a visible spark that shows both his intensity and intelligence. The light brown hair has almost no distinguishing features, barring the length being Marine regulation. He is always seen clean shaved, except when not possible. In those times, a beard will grow out quickly. There are several scars on the chest, abdomen, back, and upper legs from his combat experiences.


Spouse Michaela Scott, 31, Divorced
Children None
Father Thomas Michael Stone, 74, Colonel, SFMC, Retired.
Mother Diana Evelene Stone, 70, Retired.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considered more genial, Travis usually takes the time to get to know his crew members and earn their respect. He prefers to handle situations at the lowest level possible, and will make sure if an issue is brought to him, it needed to be. The Marine training has ingrained a dedication to regulations that can border on obsessive, but he has learned to temper the reactions and bring people around to his point of view. Due to his history, he has little love of the Dominion, and even less of the Romulan and Reman species. When not on duty he tends to wear functional clothing, ignoring style for comfort, and is almost always in Marine colors. He vigorously maintains himself at the same physical standards of the SFMC, regarding fleet standards as inferior. Despite this, he has learned to moderate the reaction and not alienate either group, giving him an advantage in diplomatic dealings.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Focused on goals, analytical of combat situations, level headed in stressful situations.
Weaknesses- Borderline OCD on regulations, lacks depth or interest in noncombat and noncommand topics, can be very vengeful-
Ambitions Retirement when he can no longer perform at regulation levels.
Hobbies & Interests Combat training, strength training, deep water diving, reading.

Personal History Personal History:
2355 Birth

2373 Boot Camp, SOI, Assignment 1

Stepping off the shuttle at the Academy grounds was something of a shock for Travis. He was easily older than almost all his “classmates”. After the last five years in the SFMC and being an NCO for two of them, he had little patience for the “hazing” conducted by the upper classmen towards the first year cadets. After less than three weeks, the upper classmen decided it was less hassle to drop the acts with Travis and his group than put up with the creative yet within regulations revenge he extracted.

USS Polaris
Once again, Travis couldn't help but feel he was starting over. First the SFMC, then the Academy, and now he was reporting to ship as a fleet Ensign. Fortunately, the Polaris was a Akira class heavy cruiser, and assigned to the Badlands to help bring about an end to the Maquis problem. Assigned to the Tactical Department, Travis utilized the SFMC training methods to try and get his shipmates to take their role seriously. His almost too rigid adherence to regulation initially isolated him from his coworkers, but gradually he and they adjusted for one another. After only a few months onboard and past the personality differences, Travis' natural ability for combat and analysis lead to him being appointed as a training officer for security and tactical
members assigned to away teams, and became the CO and XO's personal choice for away teams, which lead to being called "The Bodyguard" by his fellow department members. It came as no surprise to anyone that after only a year, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and made Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. Travis would retain that post for the remainder of his five year tour, earning recommendation after recommendation for his performance.

USS Hudson
The promotion to Lieutenant was the last act aboard the Polaris for Travis, as he was detached to the Intrepid Class USS Hudson as Second Officer and Tactical Department head. The Hudson's mission focus was exploration of the Deltan Expanse, which should have proved to be an easier time after the Polaris. Finding the lack of combat to be almost boring, Travis made a few mistakes in handling his new department like the combat-ready Polaris, and the teething troubles resulted in the XO being called in to tone him down. Over the next few months, he managed to make the adjustment back to a less combat focused role, and combined with his natural personality, the Tactical Department staff adjusted as well. Within six months, the department had acclimated to him, and him to them, raising the productivity and efficiency by over half. During the second year onboard, an away team led by the XO encountered difficulties with the native fauna after transporting down, and the six member party was wiped out before assistance could be sent. Despite cautions from every department about his adherence to regulations being too tight, Captain Mikata chose to promote Travis to the position of XO. Over
the remaining three years of their mission, Travis learned to moderate his stance and be more diplomatic, earning him several commendations and recommendations from the various departments, while not losing the core traits that defined him. Seeing the potential in Travis to make a good leader with more experience, Mikata approved his promotion to Commander before his transfer.

Starfleet Academy Instructor Duty and disappearance:
Upon completing his assignment on the Hudson and his approved promotion to Commander, Travis knew he would need to round out his career with a Tour as an instructor. After conferring with the Command and Tactical Departments at Starfleet Academy and submitting his record, he was offered and accepted a position as an Associate Dean in the Tactical Department, and a practical teaching instructor within the Command Department. Over the next three years, he gained a reputation with the Cadets at the academy for being demanding, hard, but willing to work with them on their deficiencies. Asked to conduct a lecture onboard Starbase 343, Travis boarded a civilian transport to make the trip, planning to enjoy himself on the way out. A month later, a communique was received that the transport had been attacked, and there were no survivors found. Travis was listed as MIA, until a full investigation could be done to determine his fate.

Academic record:
2371 SFMC Boot Camp, Graduated
2371 SFMC Expert Rifleman Qualification
2372 SFMC School of Infantry, Graduated
2372 SFMC Urban Hostile Environment Training, Graduated
2372 SFMC Deep Forest Hostile Environment Training, Graduated
2373 SFMC Non-Commissioned Officer Training, Completed
2373 SFMC Jungle Hostile Environment Training, Completed
2374 SFMC Arctic Hostile Environment Training, Completed
2374 SFMC Zero-G Environment Training, Completed
2374 Awarded Pathfinder Tab
Cadet Year 1: Starfleet Customs and Courtesies, Technology Familiarization, Freshman Maths, Freshman Science, Starship Engineering Familiarization, Physical Conditioning 1, Basic Weapons Training, Basic Personal Defense
Cadet Year 2: First Aid, Command Rules and Regulations, Starship Tactical 1, Starship Tactical 2, Basic Helm and Piloting, Astronavigation, Physical Conditioning 2,
Cadet Year 3: Personal Defense, Physical Conditioning 3, Xeno-Politics 1, Xeno-Psych, Junior Command Course, Advanced Weapons Training, Personnel Recovery Course, Hazardous Environment Training
Cadet Year 4: Command Psychology, Advanced Personal Defense 2, Xeno-Politics 2, Starship Familiarization, Diplomatic Functions, Advanced Tactical Familiarization, Senior Command Course, Physical Conditoining 4.
2387 Starfleet Bridge Officer Course, Completed.
2389 Starfleet Instructor Training Course, Graduated
2389 Starfleet Physical Training Instructor Course, Completed
2390 Starfleet Deep-Water Diving Trainer Course, Completed
2390 Starfleet Shuttlecraft Basic Piloting Licence, Completed
Service Record 2371 June Enlistment, Boot Camp
2371 October Graduated Boot Camp, reported to SOI
2371 December Promoted to PFC
2372 January Graduated from SOI, reported to 5th MEU, 2nd Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Bravo Company
2372 July Graduation from Urban Hostile Environment Training
2372 September Graduation from Deep Forest Hostile Environment Training
2372 November Promotion to LCpl
2373 April Completion of Non Commissioned Officer Training
2373 June Promotion to Cpl
2373 August Graduation from Jungle Hostile Environment Training
2374 February Graduation from Arctic Hostile Environment Training
2374 July Awarded Pathfinder Tab
2374 August Promotion to Sgt
2376 May Transferred to Starfleet Academy
2380 June Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Commissioned as Ensign, assigned to USS Polaris
2381 August Promotion to LTJG
2385 July Promotion to Lt, Reassigned to USS Hudson
2386 Sept Promotion to LCDR
2389 July Promotion to CDR, Reassigned to Starfleet Academy Instructor Duty