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Lieutenant Commander Anien Cre

Name Anien Cre

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ihruzai Cre
Age 29 Ihruzai, 39.73 Human
Languages Ihruzai, Cre, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 178 cm
Weight 68 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color White
Physical Description Anien Cre is a tall woman with skin, hair, and eyes the color of snow. Pale grey freckles dot her nose and cheeks and make her look younger than she really is. She wears fairly dark eyeliner, mascara and lipstick and dies her eyebrows. The contrast between pale skin and dark highlights is something that not only her own people find attractive, but many others might as well.

Anien is slender, though strong. She has long, thin fingers with perfectly manicured nails, which she generally paints a dark grey or black. Her hair generally flows freely, falling to her shoulders or just below. When required, she will place it in a loose ponytail, though she prefers otherwise. Her posture is always perfect, though not stiff. Instead, she looks as comfortable sitting with back straight as others look when lounging.

Anien has modified her standard duty uniform, with permission, to conceal two long knives which are fastened to her forearms. No Ihruzai is ever without a blade of some kind, and that is one tradition Anien has stuck to firmly. The blades slide out easily into her hands with a practice tension of the muscles. When she is nervous or bored, she will often sheathe and unsheathe her knives rapidly.

When not in uniform, Anien often switches between traditional Ihruzai clothing and more common human-style clothing. Her traditional garb consists of white trousers, white knee-high boots, a white tee, a white jacket, and a long, white, embroidered overcoat. Accompanying the all-white clothing is a single-edged sword made of a white metal that is word at her waist. Her concealed knives are hidden within the sleeves of her jacket.

If she’s wearing human attire, she’ll most often be found in a pair of jeans and a black tank-top with a pair of sneakers. In this attire she often abandons the long knives she wears at other times, instead opting for a small punching knife sheathed as a necklace and another small knife hidden in her belt at the small of her back.

She will also, occasionally, wear a temperature regulating jumpsuit that allows her to feel more comfortable in Earth-normal temperatures. The jumpsuit extends from next to ankles and down to the wrist.

The Ihruzai are generally tall, and skin tones range from a light grey to stark white. Normal Ihruzai are able to withstand greater variance in temperature than many of their humanoid relations, though they are distinctly uncomfortable in any temperature above 15.5 degrees and anything above 26.5 degrees is dangerous for them. They are most comfortable in temperatures ranging from -17 degrees to 7 degrees, and can withstand temperatures as low as -29 degrees before risking hypothermia. Normal Ihruzai body temperature ranges between 4 and 6 degrees.

Ihruzai have, on average, poor low-light vision but they can see very well in far brighter light than most humans find comfortable. Their reflexes are slightly faster than the human norm, and their weight is generally lower.


Father Jehron Cre
Mother Ilea Cre
Brother(s) Argess Cre
Sister(s) Eisa Cre
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anien Cre is unafraid. She knows her place in the universe and is confident in it. She understands her strengths as well as her weaknesses and does not hide from them. To some people she can seem arrogant or overconfident, but that doesn’t come close to reality. Instead she bears absolutely no false modesty. She is, she believes, what Deity made her. No more, no less.

The Ihruz woman has exceptional faith in the beliefs she holds. Even though she doesn’t follow all of the cultural norms of the Ihruzai tribes, she does follow every tenet of their faith exactly. Because of that she rarely doubts herself or the correctness of her choices. Though she makes mistakes, and freely admits so, she learns from them and rarely makes the same mistake twice.

Because of her way of viewing the world, she can be impatient with people who do not know themselves as well as she knows herself. Indecision and self-doubt are things she cannot comprehend and has little patience with. Even so, she rarely allows frustration to become anger. When that happens, it is terrifying.

Anien can sometimes seem standoffish and unapproachable but the opposite is really true. She values close ties and friendships and misses her family and clan intensely. Being an outsider in Starfleet and the Federation as a whole makes it so that she rarely feels truly included. Instead she often feels isolated and alone and she wants to feel like she did when she still lived on Hruz.
Strengths & Weaknesses Anien is a skilled administrator and leader. Her unwavering confidence and clear expectations don’t make her easy to work for, but they do make her reliable and generally result in superior performance. She is a blademaster, even among her own people, and few can best her with any kind of edged weapon. Anien is skilled with energy weapons of several varieties, as well as a couple of types of projectile weapons. She would have fit in well as a Marine, but decided that a Starfleet Security career path would offer her more opportunity for growth. She has a fair understanding of ship-to-ship tactics, but no more than fair.

Anien is not knowledgeable about the engineering, diplomatic, scientific, or medical fields. Certainly, she has some basic knowledge relevant to her responsibilities, but she has not had any interest in focusing on more detailed study.

Anien is friendly, though she frequently has a cool exterior. This isn’t helped by the fact that smiling with her lips is completely unnatural for her. She is intelligent and has learned to read human facial expressions, and knows multiple languages with passing familiarity, but she doesn’t always understand what lies beneath the surface.

She is different enough that she often struggles to empathize and find common ground with others. Anien makes a serious effort, and has some minor successes, but only with people she comes to know well and call friends.

Physically, she is slightly faster than most of her human counterparts, and can see better in bright light. She is also stronger than she looks, nearing Human average. She struggles to see in dim light, and is lighter than average for a human of her height.
Ambitions Anien is ambitious. Powerfully so. Her ambitions, however, aren’t focused. She doesn’t want to captain a ship, at least not specifically. She doesn’t hunger for an admiralty or any specific position of power or authority.

Her ambition is to be the very best she is capable of being in any position she fills and to continue moving onward and upward. It’s an ambition that has worked well for her. Her constructive dissatisfaction with the current situation has driven her to seek more and better things for herself. And she has consistently reached them. But there’s always more. She can always learn more and be better.
Hobbies & Interests Anien never really had hobbies growing up. At least not what she considered hobbies. Her time was almost always spent doing something meaningful and that pattern has persisted throughout her time away from Hruz. While off-duty she trains with her sword and knives, as well as the other weapons of her people, with phasers and various other weapons. Anien spends time acclimating herself to uncomfortable or unusual situations.

She hand embroiders clothing and upholstery. And she spends time with people she has grown close to. All of which serve a purpose, but aren't really required for her duties. And occasionally, when she is in the mood, she'll also study something she doesn't know yet.

Personal History Anien is the child of the Auhutai of clan Cre. Though her parents were privileged as clan leaders, Anien rarely recognized much of the benefit her position afforded her. The responsibility she was expected to fulfill was more clear by far. She and her family lived in the largest of the long-houses her clan claimed and had access to the very best materials and resources available. Having the best, in Ihruzai culture, requires the best. Every good produced using superior materials was expected to have superior craftsmanship. Better access to information was expected to produce better decisions. And keeping the history and traditions of the Ihruzai Cre alive and active was expected of those who knew them all.

Anien began her apprenticeship as soon as she could walk. Before she was ten she had learned to sew and embroider, cook, work metal, stone, bone and wood, and make most standard repairs around the long-house. By fifteen she had mastered the essentials of surviving in the tundra and how to hunt and scavenge. And by twenty she had become an expert with blades. None of her training took place just one task at a time. She began learning to use knives when she could hold one without cutting herself. Swords came soon after.

She enjoyed her childhood. It was full of chores, but also exploration and experimentation. As much as she learned through training, she learned almost as much from being with the other children and exploring abandoned cities and playing on the frozen tundra. Her parents were strict, and she was always expected to do the right things and at the right times. And she listened. She never felt any resentment toward how strict her upbringing was.

When she was twelve Anien’s brother Argess was sent away to learn about the United Federation of Planets. He had always been an outsider, even within his own clan. Though Anien missed her brother, she believed her parents when they said that his time away would save the Ihruzai clans from some impending doom.

On her twentieth birthday Anien undertook the Egahmah. It was the test of adulthood. Like her brother had before her, Anien walked into the frozen tundra alone. She was expected to survive without assistance or contact for two weeks. She carried only the long knives she had crafted years before. The Egamah was brutal. Numerous dangers hid in the frozen wastes. Some she had prepared for and some she had not. But the two weeks eventually drew to a close and she trudged back toward her family’s camp.

When she arrived she finished the Egahmah, receiving a shallow cut to each cheek after her father disarmed her to teach her humility. Eight years had passed since Argess was sent with the Starfleet people, and Anien was told that day that she would follow the same path. She had mixed feelings. She had waited for her brother to return, or the impending doom to arrive from which he was supposed to save the Ihruzai. Now she was being sent away as well.

Eight weeks passed before the Starfleet ship arrived that would take her from her home. The USS Sun Tzu arrived, and with it, Argess. He arrived on the world and spent most of two days with them. He told tales of nearly unbearable heat, and strange customs. Of conflicts that seemed meaningless, but now clearly meant something to the Ihruz man. When the time to leave arrived, Anien was more nervous and more excited than she had been since learning of her impending departure. (Note: up to this point, time has been measured in Ihruzai years, approximately 1.37 Earth years each. From this point forward, Earth years will be used.)

She transported with her brother, experiencing for the first time the searing pain that came with the process. The heat aboard the ship was staggering. Robed in the traditional garb of her people, she began to sweat, and nearly passed out. She was rushed to a room with a much cooler temperature and introduced for the first time to a temperature regulating body-suit.

The USS Sun Tzu traveled halfway to Earth before she had to say goodbye to her brother and board a different ship. It took four transfers and twelve weeks to reach Earth from her homeworld. She spent that time learning. She studied Federation Standard. Her brother’s help was invaluable, but six weeks was not enough to become fluent. Even the six weeks after leaving her brother’s company didn’t giver her fluencyy. Instead, she gained a moderate level of proficiency.

On Earth, she spent another six months learning the language and studying the history of the Federation. Though she was far from knowledgeable, she felt she had a firm enough grasp to apply for Starfleet Academy. It was what her brother had done, and what she was expected to do. So she did. The entrance exam alone would not have gained her access to the Academy. Her brother’s history and experience, as well as her unwavering dedication demonstrated over the last nine months, however, was enough to offset her poor scores.

She was required to take entrance level courses. She spent her first two years at the Academy learning Federation History and Federation Standard as well as her other normal courses. Anien did not need the full span of any of her courses. Within the first month of each course she took, she had read the material, practiced the lessons it taught, and could demonstrate knowledge and ability at an acceptable level of competence. By the time a course ended, she was far more prepared than many other cadets.

It wasn't that she was smarter than any other students. Anien simply studied and worked harder and with more dedication than most of her classmates.

It helped that she had few friends. And those she had were nearly as dedicated as she was. They were also outsiders, and felt as isolated as did Anien. Her friends included Ti'Rhian Andellas, a Romulan/Vulcan Hybrid; Viion Chor a Bolian assimilated as a child and later rescued; and Samuel Branch, a human who grew up as the son of the Federation ambassador to Quo'noS.

The foursome worked hard together, all striving to overcome the stigmas that were attached to them or the baggage they brought to Starfleet. Although they were wildly different from each other, they were also different from everyone else. That difference united them, and together they succeeded where there was every expectation of failure.

That pattern of study and success continued on throughout Anien's time at the Academy. Anything she was required to do, she dedicated herself to. She learned quickly, and made mistakes only once or twice. She may not have been the most gifted in every area, but she made up for it with determination. Basic medicine and first aid, introductory sciences, interstellar cultures, basics of engineering; none of these courses really interested her, but she passed each with flying colors. Her coursework on security procedures, weapons training, tactical awareness and practices, and on survival, on the other hand, she excelled in. Anien easily reached the top of her classes in each of these areas, and the Starfleet Marine Corps attempted to recruit her several times.

Anien politely turned down all efforts to pull her away from Starfleet. She graduated the Academy in 2384, and received her first assignment. She was assigned as a security officer aboard the Sovereign Class USS Grayville.

Anien led a small team of enlisted personnel on patrol. She rotated through shifts in the armory and in the brig. Each team she lead did their work well, though there was relatively little opportunity to stand out. All Anien did was to take the effort to complete her tasks exactly and thoroughly. She served in that capacity for a mere year before receiving an unexpected promotion. She was assigned to work as the Assistant Chief as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Her new assignment was a vast change of pace. She was no longer responsible for a single patrolling unit or guarding the armory or brig. Instead, she helped to supervise the entire department. It challenged her in ways that expanded on her previous experience.

There were times where she struggled against officers and enlisted personnel who felt entitled to special preference in duty shifts and assignments due to their tenure in the fleet. She also struggled to deal with those who did not seem to care about doing their work well.

She was forced to learn that not everyone responded to the same motivational techniques. Clear expectations were important, but weren't enough for some. She had some success with rewards, some with disciplinary measures, and some with shouting. Though she struggled most with the last of the three.

It was also this position that returned her attention to the tactical part of her assignment. She studied hard and gained fair proficiency in ship-to-ship combat, though it was never her strongest suit. Her understanding of infantry tactics far outweighed her proficiency in ship-scale engagements.

Though it never became easier for her to deal with personnel issues, she managed to impress both her immediate superior as well as her Commanding Officer. As a result, she was promoted once again, a mere two years later, to full Lieutenant at the retirement of Grayville’s Security Chief.

When Grayville's Security Chief retired, Anien was assigned as Security Chief. Her predecessor had been in the post for nearly a decade, and she faced some resentment due to her quick promotion and different leadership style. It compounded some of the difficult issues she faced earlier in her career. She sought the advice of the Executive Officer.

Though little of her XO's advice was new to her, she took it to heart. She tried new techniques to resolve issues. It backfired in some cases, but it resolved more issues than it exacerbated. That unconventional approach to problem-solving caught the attention of fleet-level command.

She was given opportunities to consult on fleet strategic planning, and apparently did quite well. With additional training and experience, Anien easily qualified for a move to Strategic Operations. After a mere year of service as Grayville's Security Chief, she was transferred to a task force command vessel, the USS Allenbach, as Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

Allenbach was a very different ship in a shockingly different situation than was Grayville. Her post was also different than she had come to expect. It focused far more on planning and reporting than on dealing directly with personnel. Or rather, dealing less with subordinates and more with command level staff.

Anien was exceptionally well suited to the position. She excelled, making plans based on reports received and on her own experiences with the realities of ship-board operations. Though her plans were rarely executed exactly, they laid a solid framework for fleet operations.

She received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander the next year and was given the post of Chief Strategic Operations Officer. She set her mind to the task and continued with the exceptional service her superiors had come to expect of her.

After two years as Allenbach's CStratOps Officer, Anien was reassigned to the USS Achilles. Here she held the same position, but with the added responsibilities of Second Officer.
Service Record 2380 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2384 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2384 - Promoted to Ensign
2384 - Assigned to USS Grayville, Security Officer
2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2385 - Assigned to USS Grayville, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2387 - Assigned to USS Grayville, Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2389 - Assigned to USS Allenbach, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
2390 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2390 - Assigned to USS Allenbach, Chief Strategic Operations Officer
2392 - Assigned to USS Achilles as Second Officer and Chief Strategic Operations Officer