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Lieutenant Commander Fanvo Adtanis

Name Fanvo Adtanis

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ardana
Age 41
Languages Ardanan, Merchant-Romulan, Federation Trade Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 149
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Fanvo is an attractive humanoid figure to those who like that sort of thing. He is lean, not very tall, and generally lightweight, while not one ounce of fat exists on his frame. Not visible from the outside unless looking at the rear of his ear lobes is a bioengineering parasite that enhances his neurological functions as well as biological systems. Though he is 41 and Ardana live maybe to 150 tops, he looks fresh faced and young.

Fanvo is a swimmer, a runner, and extremely acrobatic, his size and flexibility lets him access engine parts and components easily. Immaculate in his grooming Fanvo is always looking sharp, even if rugged and dirty, the man is just a male model.

He prefers to be alone and will never be the one to initiate romantic interludes, though he isnt shy around those who are interested him, only if he is interested back does the fidgeting and anxiety come out.


Spouse Never married
Children Never married, but was a father in a surrogate coupling. Has no rights but is a friend to the young lady he helped create.

Bakka (9 years old)
Father Haflo
Mother Keskay
Brother(s) Krito
Sister(s) Sytora
Other Family Fanvo is related to a troglodyte clan, they have vast families. His blood kin from Droxana are his true family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fanvo enjoyed a priveleged life as an elite on the Ardanan world. Teh peace between the divided peoples had cemented into a form of labor division, leaving the affluent and wealthy acceess to education and the Nosk, a bio-engineered parasite which enhances their bodies at the cost of a normal social life. Similar to Trill, the Nosk parasite is not intelligent on its own, but "enjoys" learning prompting the host to learn and receive pleasurable feeling from the Nosk who in turn allows the host to have flawless memory and recall, and triple the normal lifespan. This has lead to a population divide as the troglodytes number in the high billions and the City Dwellers stagnate in population.

Fanvo is married into a City Dweller family, but this family is partially Troglodyte so he has some of their genetics in him prompting him to behave more animalistic then the purebred City Dwellers. This results in an extremely intelligent and well-mannered man with heightened sexual drive, compulsions to violence, and a short temper.

The Stratos Sky City was a marvel of engineering but the Starlfeet Corps of Engineers had to help when it finally began to fall from the sky. Fanvo joined Starfleet after working with the Corps of Engineers and enjoying their more loose style of service. Fanvo is a man of two methods, one of them is a highly cultured and educated professional who does his duty to the letter. The other is a passionate and driven man who isn't professional but able to inspire confidence through natural leadership ability. He switches between the two of them as needed
Strengths & Weaknesses +Nosk= bio-engineered parasite which gives him insane mental capabilities
- Nosk= the parasite when hungry leeches his emotional energies and he can get short tempered and cranky
+Brilliant architect and gravity Engineer, specializes in super structures and the engineering of super large vessels.
+Combat trained through Starfleet Corps of Engineers, has a "bag of tricks"
-Can be very arrogant, his cultured side has no qualms issuing a degrading remark in a biting manner
+Religious feelings towards Engineering, "Organizing matter into intelligent forms is what Gods do."
-Can be an egomaniac when he gets going on a project, has to have the steps laid out and micromanages everything, the Omnipresent Boss.

Ambitions Fanvo wants to achieve something for himself, his life has lacked a certain definition and he has no direct goals other than enjoying his life and learning all there is to know. He also wishes to have the freedom and resources to build an orbital sky complez for his world in honor of the fallen Stratos. His people feel differently about the Startos seeing it as a symbol of when they were divided and ruled by the city dwellers.
Hobbies & Interests Fanvo loves holodeck adventures, and frequently pushes the envelope.
Writes and designs custom programs for the holodeck
Sailing and ancient tech before computers and industrial assembly lines
Anthropology in modern culture clash with primitive populace.

Personal History Stratos was abandoned when the peoples of Ardana united somewhat loosely for their petition to join the Federation. The sky city was once a paragon of modern engineering and design, but neglect and decay brought it into low orbit and the Corps of Engineers tried valiantly to save, nearly doing so when members of the ground cities fired weapons at it, in a spiteful final act of hatred against the symbol of the City Dwellers superiority and tyrannical rule.

Rebuilding the ground and aiding in terraforming efforts Droxana was founded as a new Capital city and Fanvo was but a child when this happened. Enamoured with the Starfleet men and women and their shiny equipment, he began a lifetime of idolizing Starfleet and the Corps of Engineers in particular. When he was old enough to pass the physicals he scored perfect marks on every exam (thanks to the Nosk and flawless memory) and applied to the CoE. After a trial period he was accepted, serving on the USS Roulette in a tour of post Dominion recovery, brief engagements against hostile species, even one week long encounter fighting the Borg.

Fanvo learned the ropes of Command early on, finding an aptitude for leading others, but not inspiring them so much as being their friend. He removed himself from the CoE for additional training and development of his research goals. Many of his designs and works with Jupiter Station resulted in breakthroughs allowing larger ships to be built for similar cost to their current staple models. After Command training and a chance to grow up in the organization he signed up again, this time enlisting in Starfleet directly.

Service on board various vessels landed him the Chief Engineering position on a Galaxy Class doing reconnaissance in the Beta Quadrant when a fatal error in a shuttlebay inspection caused the shuttle to fire phasers inside the ship. This resulted in the near instant destabilization of the warp core. With little time, the Saucer would not clear the explosion area from the imminent implosion. Fanvo created a miniature slipstream using the collapsing warpfield and extreme energies before transporting the remaining crew site to site. second remained when Fanvo finally beamed himself over and they shot .8 light years in a micro slipstream tunnel.

With such actions, he was promoted to Lieutenant and offered a posting on an advanced vessel destined for exploration, several to choose from. The newly made Ascension class was lifted from the doodles of his boyhood margins and he chose to see his work in action.
Service Record Starfleet Corps of Engineers- Cadet Crewman
---6 ten month Tours on board:

USS Lincoln
USS Roanoke
USS Anatvetke
IKS Koloth
CDS Savage Peril
Deep Space T4

Starfleet CoE- USS Roulette- Ensign
---Decorated for Valor

Starfleet Command- Utopia Planitia
---Assigned as Lead Researcher (TYKOS project)

USS Bowshock
---Federation Citation of Honor following loss in Sector Rugunar