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Silonez Eircson

Name Silonez Jel Eircson

Position Medical Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Languages English, Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short cut black hair and stern eyes round out his nordic appearace.


Father Jorge
Mother Rozan
Sister(s) Kahya
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Silonez or Sil for short is noted for his quick whit and even quicker trigger finger. Sil earned a reputation for his apptitiude with fire arms and his even more clinical methods when analyizing a problem.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sil has a bad habbit of "shoot first don't ask any questions", his methods are methodical he always gets results. Sil has been knowen to take extraordinary steps too get the job done including using unorthidox methods to accomplish his mission.
Ambitions "get the job done, the rewards will follow" is a motto hes' lived with since his early years at the academy its proven valueable
Hobbies & Interests Camping, Basket ball. Hunting

Personal History Silonez was born just outside stolkholm sweden in june of 2359, from his early years in school until the late years of secondary school he showed an almost unimagineable ability to interpret things he was taught in school, many of his teachers thought he would become a professor or a diplomat, it was his mathmatical skills displaying aptitude for problem solving.His acceptance into starfleet surprised everyone but Silonez, he studied hard, worked harder and did everything to make his entry. After he was accepted on his first attempt to enter the academy, his Parents were very proud of thier son and did everything to encourage him further. After he arrived in San Fransisco he set too the task of becoming an officer.

During a class in politcal science a heated debate with his professor he proved he was equally capable of finding more info than the problem required, by his third month at the academy he found his calling in the intelligence beaureau. Silonez transfered too the intelligence facility in Langley virginia, Silonez showed that his abilities in the class room combined with his time on the drill grounds. After graduation silonez was assigned to the USS Chicago as a Field Intelligence officer. Silonez showed his ability to work in any situation, and proved he could be more than just take holoimages and break into unfriendly facilites.

During his tour on the USS Seattle Silonez participated in several covert operations involving Romulan Defectors, his true nature surfaced, he showed a compassion that only someone willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done could do. During one particularly dangerous mission, Silonez was forced to use deadly force to subdue an attacking Romulan security guard who had already initiated a fire fight at a Romulan starbase upon discovery of his presence and innvolvement in the defection of a Romulan scientist and his family.

Silonez has always showen that no matter how insane the problem there is a solution. when he wasn't behind a desk his operations in the field were often completed in the most effective method possible. During the Denmark inccident Silonez lead a squad of troops on to the captured frieghter Denmark and rescued the crew from Red Sun terrorists. In another inncident with the Red Sun Silonez lead a small detachment of crew to repel boarders who attempted to steal the USS Seattle during a scheduled maintenance stop.

In the Fall of 2385 Silonez was Promoted and assumed the Assistant Cheif Intelligence officer role aboard the USS Seattle, it was his first taste of command and it was at this time he met his girlfriend Rita. The two had a stormy romance, their relationship was only challenged by the distance of silonez's assignment, after three failed attempts to transfer to earth or a starbase Silonez was transfered too the USS Freedom and Promoted to Cheif Intel Officer, during the shore leave before changing assignments Rita left him with no explaination and no note.
Service Record Starfleet academy 2377 to 2380
USS Chicago July 2380 to march 2384 (intelligence officer)
USS Seattle March 2384 to Jan 2386
USS Freedom March 2386 to present (SD 63427 - considered for First Officer)