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Lieutenant Billy Brooks

Name Billy D'wayne Brooks Jr.

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Billy is tall, and muscular, with dark skin, short-cropped black hair, and eyes that are such a dark shade of brown that they are often mistaken for black. He wears a simple, well-maintained goatee, and can usually be found with a smile on his face.


Spouse Carlos Esquivel
Children None
Father Billy D'Wayne Brooks Sr.
Mother Amelia Brooks
Brother(s) Jordan Brooks, Michael Brooks, Phillip Brooks
Sister(s) Arlene Brooks, Rose Brooks, Christine Brooks
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Billy is a very light, and fun-loving person, so long as it doesn't involve his work. When he is working, especially in his particular field he can be quite cold and calculating. In general he can be found with a smile on his face, and a bit of witty banter to be thrown around with friends, and acquaintances. In the office he is calm, cool, and efficient, with a bit of a Vulcan-like control over his emotions that allows him to truly focus on the task at hand and work through it.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Confident
-Can Seem Distant
-Trust Issues
Ambitions Billy is now at a point in his life where he has achieved most of his major career goals. His remaining ones are personal and revolve around building a good life for himself and his husband. Eventually, he has plans to return to Earth and use the skill she's gained in law enforcement to go into the private investigative field, something he's always held to be quite fascinating.
Hobbies & Interests True crime novels, forensic science, ballistic science, weapons, combat tactics, hand to hand tactics, and martial arts are some of Billy's most important interests. He is also interested in wine, fine cigars, good food, and oddly enough high-performance classic cars from the 1950's through the 1970's, what were known as muscle cars.

Personal History Billy was born in a small town in East Texas known as Jefferson. He was part of a rather large family, with several sisters, and brothers, but still always felt loved. He performed well in school and knew at an early age that he wanted to go into law enforcement. He would read true crime books during his down time from his studies, and researched careers in the field all the time. When he graduated from high school he went to the local Sheriff's Office and applied for an entry-level position as a jailer.

It was clear from early on that he had a distinct aptitude for the work, and he quickly made his way up the ranks from a simple jailer to a Corporal, and then to a shift Seargent. Before long he found himself promoted further, and eventually became the Captain of the jail itself, the highest position available to a person still in the jail. After five years as Captain of the jail he decided he wished to move out into law enforcement proper and attended the Academy to become a sworn peace officer, which led to his becoming a deputy to the local sheriff.

After a few more promotions in that area Billy decided he'd take a very big step, and at the age of thirty-eight he ran for and was elected to the position of Sheriff. He would hold that office for five years. During that time his father, a man he loved deeply and had the utmost respect for, would die. This tragic loss prompted Billy to retire and follow another dream of his, that of joining Starfleet, as his father did before him.

Because of his extensive background in law enforcement the natural choice for him was to enter the security division, which he did. He was granted a fast track through the academy, also because of his previous experience and was allowed to graduate after only a few months to get him acclimated to the way things in Starfleet are done. His first posting, at the age of forty-three was to the USS Demetrius, as an assistant to the chief security officer, more as a crash course in how things are done aboard a starship than anything.

During that time, he met the man he would end up marrying, Mario Esquivel, a young civilian medical student who was stationed aboard the USS Demetrius at the time, as part of a learning program Starfleet Medical had worked out with John-Hopkins University. He met him when he was brought in as part of a group of people who had been involved in a bit of a brawl in the ship's lounge. During the investigation, he found Mario to be innocent, and for some reason felt compelled to ask him for a date. Soon after the couple realized they were falling in love and were married aboard the ship. A year later they would be separated for several months while Mario returned to Earth to complete his work and earn his degree, but afterwards he applied to return to the Demetrius as a civilian physician to be with his husband, and was granted that request.

During this time Billy was told that he was being groomed for a CSO position, but that because of policies he had to serve in a reduced capacity, under an experienced officer, for a few years before it could be given to him. He would do that for five years, until he was forty-eight, at which time he would be assigned to the USS Achilles as her Cheif Security Officer. Now he finds himself posted aboard the gargantuan ship, nearly big enough to be called a space station, and learning more and more every day.

Service Record Pre-Starfleet:
Marion County Sheriff's Office:
Jailer 2 yrs
Corporal 2 yrs
Seargent 4 yr
Lieutenant 3 yrs
Captain 4 yrs
Deputy 5 yrs
Sheriff 10 yrs

Starfleet Academy 3 months
Lieutenant J.G., Assistant Chief Security Officer, USS Demetrius 5 yrs
Lieutenant, Chief Security Officer, USS Achilles, Current