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Lieutenant Commander Michael Garabaldi

Name Michael Alfredo Garabaldi

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40
Languages Standard, Vulcan, Old French

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 220
Hair Color bald
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Excellent physical condition. good muscle tone, not too beefy, but also not too lean. He keeps his head shorn, believing that he looks better bald.


Spouse Neela (deceased)
Father Alfredo Garabaldi
Mother Natalie
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview A bit on the abrasive side. Those who don't know him think he's stand-offish. He speaks his mind and calls a spade a spade.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: Fierce loyalty to the people under his command. He will never abandon them, or throw them under the bus, even to save himself.

W: His mouth can get him into trouble.
Ambitions To expose corruption and crime wherever he sees it, and to reaffirm the triumph of the rule of law over anarchy.
Hobbies & Interests Tri-d Chess. Parrises squares. Cooking. Collects archaic guns.

Personal History Michael Alfredo Garibaldi was born on February 2, 2352, the son of Starfleet Marine Alfredo Garibaldi. The Garibaldi family had long been involved with law enforcement, as Garibaldi's great grandmother had been a police officer in Boston. He later inherited her "slug thrower."

Michael spent most of his early childhood living with his family in an old 82 story apartment building in Manhattan, New York. Michael's father Alfredo was famous in the building for being a prolific cook and taught his son everything he knew. On Sundays he would cook up a huge dinner for anyone who wanted to come, serving sometimes twenty or thirty guests at a time. Most that came would bring some food too, though a few would just come to be fed. Not that Alfredo ever seemed to care, such was his love for cooking. He'd spend all day cooking, singing ballads he claimed were from the "old country". Though Michael never questioned that claim, given that his father was six generations removed from Italy he rather doubted it.

In 2361, when Michael was only 9 years old Starfleet came to the aid of the Bajorans, using covert black ops teams to bolster the resistance to the Cardassian Occupation and his father was called away to serve as an undercover operative, infiltrating the provisional government on Bajor. Around this time the Garibaldi family moved to Mars where Michael would spend some years there growing up, though he retained very few fond memories of the place.

After returning from his assignment on Bajor, Alfredo left Starfleet and began working security. Though Michael eventually saw his father live to the age of 75 and still hauling in crooks, he unfortunately developed Darnay's disease and passed away soon after.

Years later, looking back at this period, Michael would describe it as being like some long summer night. Crazy, innocent and optimistic as hell.

In 2371, he met and married Neela Lancaster after a six month engagement, but she was killed three months later during a bungled attempt to rob her at knife-point. Michael was devastated, and began drinking. and resenting crime in all its forms.

In 2372, Michael took a job working security at the ice-mining station on Europa. Michael was one of very few officers on that post who was neither corrupt nor apathetic regarding his duties, causing considerable strain and leading to a drinking problem. Fortunately, Michael befriended a shuttle pilot named Frank Kemmer, who would often invite Michael to come with him to spend time with his family, including his young daughter, Lianna, who called him "Uncle Mike." Determined to expose the corruption at the station, Garibaldi ignored warnings that it would go badly for him if he did not back away. He believed he could deal with whatever came his way. Unfortunately, they did not come directly, but rather rigged Frank's shuttle pad to explode, killing Frank instantly. Worried about a scandal, the incident was officially blamed on Garibaldi's negligence. Garibaldi had to tell Frank's wife and Lianna personally. Lianna did not even cry, but according to Garibaldi she just "died inside." Michael ran off soon afterwards, falling "off the wagon" hard and staying there for a long time (which only made Lianna all the more angry and resentful for years).

Michael stayed in one security job or another, broken up by periods of his drinking. During one job he met Walker Smith, whom he arrested for being heavily intoxicated and taking apart a holosuite in Fortune City. The two became fast friends. Smith went on to have a successful boxing career.

After a bender which almost killed him, Michael realized that he had to be rid of his addiction to alcohol for good. He had an elective surgery which rendered alcohol toxic in his bloodstream, making him violently ill if he ever drank it. He stayed sober a whole year before he decided to enlist in Starfleet.

Starfleet academy was hard for Michael. He had no trouble with the coursework, but he saw cheating and corruption everywhere. He saw fellow cadets receiving scores they cheated to get. He saw instructors with tenure accepting bribes from students to change their grades, and even discovered an illicit drug ring for stimulants among the upperclassmen. He tried to expose the corruption to the dean, but someone had tipped off his enemies, who thoroughly erased their tracks, leaving no evidence. Discouraged and dejected, he let his grades slip. he kept his head above water, performing with only slightly above average grades. he graduated four years later, with a lackluster record.

Ensign Garibaldi served as a security officer, mostly on science ships and Medical transports, painstakingly progressing up the ladder, missing out on promotions because of his big mouth, but gaining others when he'd clean up some minor crime spree or participate in a successful drug bust. For fifteen years, he would go on this way, never distinguishing himself, and only getting into occasional minor trouble. His big break came when, in 2391, He discovered and foiled a mutiny plot aboard the USS Bounty, a Saladin class destroyer. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant, and given his pick of assignments. He was transferred to the USS Achilles later that same year.
Service Record 2377: First assignment: Security, USS Equinox

2380: transferred to the USS Rhode Island, with promotion to Lieutenant JG.

2385: Tranferred to the USS Nobel hospital ship, promoted to lieutenant.

2389: Transferred to USS Bounty, no promotion.

2391: Discovered and foiled Mutiny on the Bounty, promoted to Lieutenant commander, requested and was granted transfer to the USS Achilles as Chief Security Officer.