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Lieutenant Shawn Hamilton

Name Shawn R. Hamilton

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age April 06, 2353
Languages Federation standard

Physical Appearance

Height 72"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color dark Blonde (gray starting)
Eye Color Blue with an hint of green
Physical Description Shawn wearing upon his upper lip an large mustache. Depending on how long he been working, he always seem to have a five a clock shadow. He always wears an smile upon his face. Shawn's hair is also unkept at times as well, but, most of the time, he combs it.


Spouse None
Children None that he is aware of.
Father Hollie Marie
Mother Jared Christopher
Brother(s) Jacob (Jake), John
Sister(s) Erie, Lily
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shawn uses more as a straight man to most of his friend's antics. Hamilton tended to be much less aggressive, usually preferring to be a quieter voice of reason to his friends. While Hamilton tends to fly strictly by his gut , Shawn is more reasoned and mature. Despite generally empathizing with his friends, he often suggests alternate, less confrontational solutions to problems and will occasionally outright refuse to participate when it violates his principles. Shawn, also a charming and sweet talker, plus a bit of a loony time, when the time calls for it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Good humor, voice of reason, mature, suggest other avenues to choose from

Fly strictly by his gut, stubborn at times
He has no love for Star Fleets endless rules and protocols, which he struggles to remember and abide by on a daily basis.

Ambitions Going that extra mile to solve complex issues, to help people in need and to help them as best he can with kind words or an ear, to help those that can't help themselves.
Hobbies & Interests Motor bike riding, combustion engines and the wondrous majesty that is the Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction System.

Personal History Born in the pan handle town of Hooker, Oklahoma. Shawn grew up as any child of earth. Wanting to join Starfleet. But, he had to go through the paces of growing up. Skin knees, elbows, and just being a boy, Shawn rough his way through childhood and teenage life. When he was eighteen, the young Hamilton, graduated Hooker High School in like his father before him, he enlisted into the United Federation Starfleet Marines Corp and went directly to Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, California, to become an basic riflemen, then later Advance Individual Training (AIT); Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. to Warp Engine Repairer.

After five months of training, Shawn, went to his first duty assignment, the USS Hawthone, an Miranda class starship. Over the next ten years, he seen the universe, placed his feet on foreign soil, promoted to Sergeant and become shop foreman of maintenance Shop of the Hawthone.

But, Shawn wanted more in life, and the SFMC just didn't have a lot of options open for a young man, like Shawn, in the Maintenance section. The point system to gain rank was horrible in his eyes and he decided to take up the Green to Starfleet gold program, which, is turning one enlistment to officer, without going through Starfleet Academy, but through an college or trade type school. Shawn soon enrolled himself into Universal Technical Institute to continue what the SFMC had trained him and what he enjoyed doing. Where upon two and half years he was able get an Associate degree in Primitive Combustion Engines(Gasoline/Diesel), Ion and Warp Engines and the rank of Ensign.

The man from Hooker Oklahoma, was soon assigned to USS Lexington, where he spent the next few years as that Miranda class Engineers, where he used his experience as an Enlisted man, to keep the Lex preforming it upmost in all sort of missions. However, Starfleet, had transferred Shawn to the USS Telsa, for some time. he picked up the roll of helping the Telsa master of the Engines with several tasks. Before the new Achillies departed on her mission. He had become that ship's master of the Engines or Chief Engineer. Where upon, he found several problems, repaired them. However, one of those issues Shawn encountered was an subroutine in the communication buoys that the former acting Chief Engineer had placed. he informed the CO and XO of this, before he was shock out cold by an misaligned cable, knocking him out cold for a good while. Recovery came and Shawn is back on his feet, maintaining the Achilles once more.
Service Record Education:
~Hooker Public School System
~Marine Basic Training
~Advance Individual Training
-Warp Engine Repairer
~NCO Training
~Universal Technical Institute
-associate degree: Primitive Combustion Engines(Gasoline/Diesel), Ion and Warp Engines
-Green to Starfleet Gold course

Service Record:

Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, California Earth
Advance Individual Training (AIT)
-Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, Earth
USS Hawthrone: Miranda Class
Promoted to Sergeant
NCO Training (on board starship holodeck program)
Maintenance Shop Foreman

Departs Starfleet to do Green to Starfleet Gold program at Universal Technical Institute (U.T.I.) Avondale Arizona Earth

USS Lexington Miranda Class
Promoted to Lt. JG
USS Tesla: Akria Class
Engineer/Assistant Chief
Promoted to LT.
USS Achilles: Ascension Class
Chief Engineer