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Lance Corporal Jason Eirias

Name Jason Thomas Eirias

Position Alpha Team - Sniper

Rank Lance Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22
Languages Federation Standard.

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 205
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall, with a slightly more muscled build that does not sacrifice speed and dexterity. Hair is styled in the close cut of the traditional Marine, while a deeper and accent-less voice contrasts his younger looking face.


Spouse None
Children None
Father MSgt. Thomas Eirias, SFMC Ret.
Mother Diana Eirias, D.Sci,
Brother(s) Thomas Matthew Eirias (22)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview The almost juvenile look to his face and the open, friendly expression hide his intense focus on his assignments and discipline. He was well known during training to keep working at a problem until solved, even to the point of forgoing sleep.

While normally not one to approach others, he maintains an easy-going demeanor under the most trying of situations, and is very open once addressed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent, analytical, creative, and adaptive. His first priority is always the assignment or order issued.

Has a tendency to be more of a follower than a leader, and will rarely speak out until addressed unless a safety issue is present. Can be too by the book. Extremely shy when first learning new people.
Ambitions To eventually qualify for Warrant.
Hobbies & Interests Technology research, swimming, reading science fiction, vocal music performance, marksmanship practice.

Personal History Jason was born on March 21, 2370, 20 minutes ahead of his identical twin brother Matthew. With his father on a combat deployment, his mother had the joy of raising two very active and inventive twins on-board a starship. As soon as his father returned, and had accepted an Instructor duty position, the two boys were taken to be with him, hoping a planet would be large enough to keep them occupied. Starting at age five, the application of modified SFMC discipline and training finally brought the pair under control.

Finishing her contracted period, Diana returned to the base to be with her family, and took a firm hand in setting the schooling for the boys. This began to show the difference in the twins, as Jason showed a higher aptitude in maths, sciences, and technology than Matthew. Like with most twins, a full out competition developed in the only area they were roughly even in, physical training. As school progressed, Jason quickly learned to ignore the taunting of his brother, continuing to maintain the high academic and physical standard set by their parents.

As the twins approached their 16th birthday, their father decided it was time to see what the boys wanted to do after they graduated. As both stated an interest in the SFMC, permission was obtained to bring them in for a couple of weekends to see and interact with the various jobs the base had. Jason initially found Communications and Sensor operations to be fun, and started to set his heart on that. Time was then arranged each weekend for Jason to come in and get some hands on experience assisting in the maintenance and setup of the gear.

The physical activity competition between Jason and Matthew continued, with Jason developing a slightly heavier build than Matthew. After graduation, the enlistment papers were signed and Matthew would leave ahead of Jason by six months, marking the first separation for the twins. While waiting for his ship date, a friend of their father's who was an instructor in the Artificer field came by. As his father pointed out that Jason was shipping soon and going into communications, the conversation turned to a discussion of what the Artificer field was and did. When it was pointed out that not only did Artificers repair and maintain but could also work with demolitions, he immediately asked if there was a chance to come by and see it in person. A couple of visits later, an ecstatic Jason renegotiated the contract to change from Communications to Artifice.

Despite being brought up in a SFMC tradition and household, like all recruits, Jason initially had a few adjustments to make. It was quickly noticed that he remained calm under almost all the pressures the Drill Instructors threw at him, however he had no desire for leadership roles. In the first week, he was very open and forthcoming, and quickly learned this was disaster in the training environment. In the second week, after one long session with the Drill Instructors followed by the recruit leadership in his platoon, Jason decided his best chance of getting through was to simply do everything quietly. By the time Jason graduated SFMC Boot Camp, the quiet, reserved personality had become his norm.

Skill Training for Artificer gave Jason a chance to relax again, and he quickly made friends with a few of the other Marines from his own class and other classes. Once his classmates realized he was actually better at the material, he was soon sought out by his group for help. Not wanting to repeat his mistakes from Boot Camp, he fell back into the reserved, quiet persona, not realizing this made him more approachable to others. To everyone's surprise, the only time he spoke out in training came during a field exercise, when their assigned leader decided to try and take a shortcut in setting the charges to demolish a bridge. Knowing that Jason tended to be too much by the book, his comment was ignored. Taking responsibility for the first time in training, he called the instructors over and explained the situation, stating the safety hazard that was about to be executed. After a close inspection, Jason was declared correct, and the student leader was removed from the exercise. Refusing to take over, another student was selected, and by heeding Jason's advice, the class completed the field exercise with the highest grade possible.

His posting on Aleron proved to be a mixed blessing. Adapting quickly to the environment and assignment earned him some official praise on the level and quality of work performed. During a long-distance mission, Jason’s infantry training from both home and boot camp were required as the team he was with faced a crash and ambush situation. In the aftermath, he applied to the CO and his department head to go back and change his primary speciality to infantry, resulting in undergoing the full School of Infantry course of instruction.

The School of Infantry instruction proved to be more challenging than Jason thought. Due somewhat from having to get used to being in training again, but mostly in learning to suppress the analytical nature and just react to the order given without time to think it through. The primary instructor for his platoon, SSgt David Ross, also happened to be one of his father’s prior platoon members and pushed Jason to the limits of his abilities. Despite a rocky start, he completed the course of instruction with honors and a final shock came as his class received their orders. Instead of going back to Aleron as he thought, Jason was instead assigned to the USS Achilles Marine detachment.

Re-learning, his interactions with the detachment were slow and painful at first. Within a few months, his mixed skill set came in use, and he found a more adaptable place as a jack of all trades. Several times, the onboard Recon unit would "borrow" his unique skillset when needed. With the reassignment of the Detachment from the now damaged and destroyed Prometheus class to the new Ascension Class, Jason found himself first finally promoted past Private First Class to Lance Corporal, and then Corporal. At this point, he was offered a chance to test for Recon. After completing the grueling course, he returned to the Achilles to take on his new role.
Service Record 2388-Graduated SFMC Boot Camp
2389-Graduated SFMC Artificer Training
2389-Assigned to SFMC Base: Aleron
2389-Reassigned from SFMC Base Aleron to SFMC SoI
2390-Graduated SFMC SoI
2390-Assigned USS Achilles
2391-Promotion to Lance Corporal
2391-Promotion to Corporal
2391-Assigned to SFMC Recon Course.
2392-Graduated SFMC Recon Course.
2392-Assigned to SFMC Recon Detachment, USS Achilles