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Lieutenant Trei Jansum

Name Trei Jansum

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 26
Languages Federation Standard, Betazoid, Telepathy, Andorii, conversational Spanish and Romulan, swearing in many languages

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2" / 1.88 m
Weight 223 lbs / 101 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Trei (pronounced Tray) is a tall Betazoid male with olive skin, black curly hair, and the typical Betazoid black eyes. His teeth are very white as he makes sure to take care of them. His face usually has some stubble by the end of the day, due to an overabundance of testosterone that he tries to keep under control. Unlike his brother and cousins, he has NO problems with infertility, where his male relatives are almost sterile. His hair is kept just long enough that the curl shows, but not so long as to be out of regulations. He is strong, and defined, but not bulky or overly muscled like his brother and cousins. Where his relatives tend to look muscular, he looks more athletic than anything else. He has very large feet for his height, and they can get stinky.

On duty his hair is neat and combed, his face perfectly smooth at the start of the day, his uniform pressed and perfect. Off duty he shares the same taste in clothes as his cousins: short sleeve shirts made of lightweight material, jeans, boots, leather jackets, and only occasionally dressing up.

Trei's voice is deeper than some, with a 'husky' quality to it, slightly rough, but not gravelly.


Spouse Looking
Children Someday
Father Lem Jansum (nee, Obran)
Mother Lenara Jansum, Daughter of the Fourth House
Brother(s) LtJG Ranel Jansum, Chief Medical Officer, USS Wolfshead
Sister(s) LtJG Lanaila Jansum, Chief Medical Officer, USS Ares
Other Family Iem Hadren (nee, Obran), Uncle; Liarra Hadren, Daughter of the Eighth House, Aunt; Lt Daln Hadren, Chief Sec/Tac Officer, USS Hera, Cousin; Lt Vien Hadren, SCE Chief/Chief Engineer, USS Archimedes, Cousin. He has other family, but he is not close to them.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Trei loves life. He laughs, he loves, he lives life to the fullest. He is not as by the book as some security chiefs, but while he may give you some slack, he will come down hard if he thinks he has to. Growing up on Betazed, he learned early that women were not fragile flowers that some in the galaxy think they are and because of this he has no problem punching a female if he thinks it's absolutely necessary. He doesn't like it and tried not to, but he will if he has to. Trei also has another rule in his life: if you don't work for it, you won't appreciate it. He lives by the philosophy of If you want it bad enough, you will fight for it. He may crack a joke or two, even if it is bad, or maybe act like an idiot to cheer someone up. He's a good friend to have as he is always there for you. He can also mend his own clothes
Strengths & Weaknesses + Good at separating brawlers
+ Listens to all sides before making a judgement
+ Has good 'feel' for the fighter
+ Patient
+ Kind
+ Likes to laugh
+ Decent mechanic for a console or a replicator, but not much more

+/- Very Honest

- Will go to extreme lengths to accomplish the mission
- Will yell at idiots
- Can really put his foot in his mouth
- Will really tear into someone if he thinks they need it
- Can have a short temper with idiots who don't learn from mistakes
Ambitions To find a woman to love and eventually serve on the Betazed Planetary Council as one of the first men to do so.
Hobbies & Interests Baking and Cooking (His father insisted), Knows how to mend clothes, His 1966 Harley Sprint, His 1965 Candy Apple Red Thunderbird Automobile (Altered for the motor, of course), Dancing (His mother insisted), Music, Holodecks, Exercising, Women, Training for His Job, Women, Reading (All kinds of books), Women, Sports, Women

Personal History Trei was born into the Fourth House of Betazed and like most Betazoids, he is a survivor of the Battle of Betazed. He was only 8 at the time, and he was scared out of his wits. Being so young, he didn't understand much that was happening, only that bad people were coming. When the war ended, he had night terrors about Jem'Hadar on Betazed, and he was put into therapy. He eventually got through it and he began to spend more time with his family, his parents, Lenara and Lem, his brother, Ranel, sister, Naila and his cousins, Daln and Vien Hadren of the Eighth House.

When they got older, they realized that all of them wanted to join Starfleet. Daln and Trei were good at fighting. Naila and Ranel were good with medicine and people, and Vien was a tinkerer. They always competed against each other, but they never went too far. None of them were by any means top of the class, but Lanaila graduated in better standings in her class than Trei did in his, and he got teased. He is always looking for a reason to tease her in turn.

Trei’s first assignment was the USS Eisenhower, a ship in the Eleventh 'Pegasus' Fleet. He began learning the ropes from one of the best security chiefs in the task group, Lt Gamora. The woman showed him the security levels for the brig, how to separate brawlers, how to bring uncooperative misanthropes to the brig and other things he needed to know that the Academy had not taught him. She also showed him something else: the mystery of women. Eventually she got orders and she said she had something to tell him before she left. He was called away by the new chief, a real stickler for rules, and she never got the chance. Sometimes he still wonders what she was going to tell him.

He was eventually promoted to LtJG, and was starting to make his way towards Chief Sec/Tac. Then, he did a stupid. He disobeyed direct orders from the leader of an away mission and two personnel were injured. He never went against that man's orders again. The two crewmen recovered, but he had become an outcast. The other security personnel did not trust him, and that was a problem.

He was reassigned to the USS Orion in the Seventh 'Theta' Fleet, Starfleet hoping that a completely new fleet, taskgroup, and ship would be better for him. His reputation would be determined by his actions on that ship. He did well, finally starting to become the officer Gamora thought him to be. Trei meant to fix his reputation, to fix his relationship with command, and he was well on his way. He was the chief's go-to guy because he handle anything.

He is now being transferred to the USS Achilles as a Lieutenant.
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