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Lieutenant JG Shirayuki Hayami

Name Shirayuki Hayami MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Languages Federation Standard, English, Japanese

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 20lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Shirayuki is quite petite in height and stature. She however has a slim healthy build and is known to be athletically quick. She isn't the strongest of officers, but she see's herself as a healer and not a fighter. Therefore she hasn't seen any need to build up her physical strength. She has short red hair which comes down to her chin, this is strange that a Japanese descendant would have such bright red hair, and it was traced down to a gene passed down through the family when one her descendants on her father's side originated from Ireland. She keeps herself presentable and tidy and likes to make sure she looks professional at all times.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kotaru Hayami (Deceased)
Mother Rinka Hayami
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shirayuki is a very caring and kind person. She is always sympathetic to others and is always willing to help where she can. She is also a very spoken person and will resolve her own conflict by talking things out. She can be very diplomatic and can come across as a little headstrong at times. She isn't one to go out and start fights, rather she avoids them.

Due to her upbringing in the mountains, Shirayuki is very knowledgable about plants, especially healing plants which can be used to make traditional herbal medicine. She loves the outdoors and when off duty can often be found on the holodeck taking a walk through the woods.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Kind and caring attitude
+ Herbal rememdies and traditional medicine
+ Knows a lot about healing properties of different plants
+ Quick thinker and highly organised

- Can be a little headstrong at times.
- Doesn't bode well in physical comfrontation.
- Can push herself too hard at time and even overwork.
Ambitions Shirayuki's ambitions are clear. She wants to progress as a doctor and to heal the wounded. She has a few other ambitions too, she one day wants to run her own medical ship and help where she can. That is the main reason she joined Starfleet, her desire to help others and that of healing led her to where she is today.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
- Herbal remedies.
- Healing Plant knowledge
- Herbology
- Preventive medicine
- Reading Classical Literature.

Personal History Born in the Mineoka district of Japan, an area known for its vast mountain peaks and forests, Shirayuki has always been close to nature. She grew up in a small village high in the mountains, where her mother was the local doctor. From an early age she was fascinated by the traditional usage of medicine that her mother used and when not at school would study them. This is what started her life long fascination with herbal plants and traditional forms of medicine.

She was often bullied at school for her red hair, as it wasn't usually seen in Japan. She was also known as the "Plant girl" as she loved plants and her herbs. She overcame this when the other students noticed that she was using these for healing and helped her mother with an outbreak of flu in the village and their cures were developed at home using traditional methods. She was then finally accepted by the community and the other children and it was from this moment she decided to go into a medical career.

She excelled in her studies at school and studied Biology at high school. She enjoyed learning about how old medicines were made from plants and still to this day across the universe most basic medicines could be traced back to biological ingrediants. At age eighteen she graduated high school with a distinction award for biological sciences, mathematics and literature. She applied to the Tokyo Medical School part of Tokyo University and to her surprise was accepted into the school to train as a Doctor.

She attended the Tokyo Medical School for the next four years, learning everything from basic medicine to first aid. She enjoyed her four year medical degree and made a few close friends whom she still contacts from time to time this day. It was also at medical school that she learnt the hard way that she was a total lightweight when it came to alcohol. She graduated at age twenty two, with first class honours and the certificate confirming she was a Junior Doctor. She however had to find a place to do her Medical Foundation years in which she would have to write her own thesis for her full doctorate and specialise in a certain medical field.

After learning in medical school about the millions of different medicines in the known galaxy at the time, Shirayuki wanted to go out into the stars and find them. She hoped that one day she could use traditional medicine to cure the wounded and come up with her own special recipes to advanced medical science. Therefore she applied to complete her two medical foundation years at the Starfleet Medical Academy.

She soon found herself based in San Francisco attending the Starfleet Medical Academy. The first year was working as one of the junior doctors at Starfleet Medical and specialist classes in Xenobiology and Spacebourne medical practices. The second year she was told that she would be moved onto specialise in what she wanted to do. She chose to specialise in medical and drug synthesis. She often visited her home town to pick up local ingrediants to make her remedies. It was noted by her professor that her medicines always seemed to be better quality, and that was because she informed him that she would find the ingrediants the hard way by foraging, instead of using a replicator. She earned a high grade and after two years she had passed her foundation years at Starfleet Medical.

She was told that she had the basic equivalant of the rank of Ensign having passed and completed the Starfleet Medical Academy. She could find herself on a ship once she had passed through the Medical Officer's Academy course, which was an intense course of a year designed to get newly trained medical officers into the field. She found herself on this course and at the same time was writing her doctorate thesis, which once completed she could claim her full role as a MD.

Throughout the next year she worked hard writing her doctorate which she based around what she knew, her traditional methods of medicine and how they could be adapted to be used on a Starship. She graduated the officer academy the same day she got the results back from her doctorate and was given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade by Starfleet, also she finally got her full doctorate and could now be classed as a MD. Starfleet was impressed by her work and offered her the position of Chief Medical Officer on one of their newest and most advanced Starships, the USS Phoenix.
Service Record Tokyo Medical School - Tokyo University (4 years Medical Degree)
Starfleet Medical Academy - Starfleet Academy (2 Years, medical foundation)
Starfleet Officers Academy Crash Course (1 Year Medical Officer's crash course)
USS Phoenix - Chief Medical Officer (Awarded rank of Lieutenant Juniro Grade)