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Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran

Name Cevel Th'raran

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 35
Languages Andorii, Federation Standard, Dominionese, Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8 Meters
Weight 70 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Cevel has a lighter coloration to his skin than the average andorian, being almost a skyblue coloration. He has a chiseled chin and blue eyes that are a much deeper shade of blue.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sahlin Ch'raran (57) & Tas Th'raran (60)
Mother Atossia Sh'raran (56) & Tyre Zh'raran (59)
Brother(s) Bor Th'raran- 39
Ror Ch'raran- 38
Sister(s) Sazo Zh'raran- 35
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cevel is a quiet most of the time. This comes from his training and childhood as being the middle child. He learned early on to observe what's going on and his training taught him to commit things to his memory for later use.
Strengths & Weaknesses Patient and able to recall things easily

Guilt over disappointing his family.
Tends to be dismissive of information not coming from a verified source.
Ambitions Cevel hopes to one day make his family proud. He also would like to own his own private investigation company.
Hobbies & Interests Chess (Both Standard and 3-D), holonovels involving Earth's history. Antique Weapons of any kind

Personal History Born on May 7th, 2359, in the Kal'Ten region, he grew up the middle child. He lived a rather quiet childhood, and formed a slight bond with his older brothers. His parents wished him to marry at the age of 18 but Cevel refused and informed his parents that he had been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Much to their disappointment he left Andoria and headed for Earth.
During his time at the Academy he managed to excel at his tactical and system analysis classes and went on to receive high marks his introductory classes to intelligence, prompting the professors to recommend he change tracks from Tactical to Intelligence.
After graduation he was stationed on the USS Iroquois. He served for a full year on the Iroquois as an Encryption Specialist. He earned a promotion and was transferred to the USS Pegasus where he served for two years as an Intelligence officer. After the Pegasus, he was recommended and accepted for Infiltration and advanced Intelligence Training. Upon Completion of this course Cevel was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Cairo as and Infiltration specialist. He spent two years on the Cairo involved in several intelligence gathering mission in Dominion and RomulanTerritory. He was transferred to the USS Hermes and assigned as an Intelligence officer for 2 and a half years after that. He then applied for Command school and was subsequently accepted. Upon completion of the Command Courses he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to Deep Space Two. He spent 3 years on the station where he served as both the Assistant Chief Intelligence officer and then the Chief Intelligence Officer. After his two years he was transferred to the USS Phoenix as the XO.

During his time on the USS Hermes and subsequently on Deep Space Two, Cevel published several holonovels, including the following titles:
This isn't a Bond Novel: The real story of spywork.
1778: A story of American Spies
Gestapo Gestapdont! The Spy game In ancient Germany
Service Record 2377- admittance to Starfleet Academy-Tactical
2378- Course change to Intelligence
2381- Graduation from Starfleet Academy
2381- Assigned to the USS Iroquois - Encryption Specialist - Ensign
2382- Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2382- Transferred to the USS Pegasus - Lt. JG
2384- Advanced Infiltration and Intelligence Training - Lt. JG
2385- Completion of Advanced training - Promotion to Lieutenant
2385- Assigned to the USS Cairo - Infiltration Specialist - Lt.
2387- Assigned to the USS Hermes - Intelligence Officer - Lt.
2389- Command School - Lt.
2390- Completion of Command School - Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
2390- Assigned to Deep Space Two - Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer - Lt. Cmdr.
2393- Deep Space Two - Chief Intelligence Officer - Lt. Cmdr.
2394- Assigned to the USS Phoenix - Executive Officer - Commander