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2nd Lieutenant Jason Mitchell

Name Jason Thomas Mitchell

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 210
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Ice Green
Physical Description Slightly taller, with a more developed Build. The ice green eyes have the intelligent look and an appearance of looking into a person, but his face makes him look far too young.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Thomas David Mitchell, SFMC, MGySgt, Ret.
Mother Rebecca Diane Mitchell, Senior Researcher, Daystrom Institute.
Brother(s) Matthew Thomas Mitchell, SFMC, GySgt (34)
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Uncle: David Jason Mitchell, SFMC SgtMaj, Ret. (55);  
Aunt- Carissa Anne Mitchell, (52)
Cousin-Brian David Mitchell, (22), SF, Ens; Connor Jason Mitchell(22);

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considered more genial most of the time, Jason usually takes the time to get to know the people around him.  He prefers to handle situations at the lowest level possible.  Coming from a service family background, he can be a bit too focused on the rule, or flat out ignoring them if they are too cumbersome. In his off time, there's usually a technical review PADD nearby, a trip to the holodeck to fly or dive, and his twice a day physical training regime.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Capable Mediator, Adaptive, good technical scrounger
Weaknesses: Can second guess himself in tense situations, not always willing to put himself forward, Can develop tunnel vision on projects.
Ambitions Complete his Career, begin working with R&D for Marine-specific technologies
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:  Weight Training, Swimming, Marksmanship Training, cooking, Piloting
Interests: Technology R&D, High gravity physical training, SCUBA diving

Personal History The younger of two boys, Jason was born to Thomas and Rebecca Mitchell at the Medical Hospital Facility on the Daystrom Institute North American Campus, Earth, much to the dismay of his 10 year old brother Matthew.  An active child, he constantly found ways around the people and objects that were to keep him contained and safe, and took to wandering around their home with reckless abandon.  Much like with Matthew, Thomas simply waited until Rebecca came to him to suggest they find something to keep their youngest child occupied, and Thomas then gave Jason to Matthew as an “assignment” when they were home from school.  Teaching his younger brother initially caused more resentment between them, however as Matthew started to realize how much Jason was trying to be like him, the relationship mellowed.  
Aptitude testing at age five showed that Jason had a strong potential in technology applications, maths, and spatial awareness.  Rebecca then started him on an independent study program to hone those skills that was done after his school timeframe.  Determined to not let Jason become a total ‘bookworm’, both Matthew and Thomas devised a plan to challenge Jason physically and socially, which resulted in a compromise that he would study at night, and play by day.  Like Matthew, Jason took to the physical challenges easily, and just as easily started devouring the lessons his mother set for him.  At age seven, Matthew broke the news to Jason that in less than a year, he’d be leaving to enlist in the SFMC like their father, and extracted a promise from Jason that he’d continue his training without Matthew’s presence there to help.  Once Matthew left for boot camp, Jason took to a sullen mood, spending more and more time on his own, and discovered a flight training program on the family’s holographic simulator.  Finding something no one else in the family had done gave him a way out of the depression, and after speaking to his parents, it was agreed he could take lessons after he turned ten so long as he kept up with his training and studies.  The next two years dragged on for Jason as he waited for the promised lessons, and on his tenth birthday, he got his desire.  
Over the next five years, Jason would learn to pilot and navigate a variety of craft, and obtain his license on his fifteenth birthday, while continuing the physical training with Thomas.  At that same time, he also began an internship with the Daystrom Institute, following a fierce competition for one of the 25 slots available to computer oriented students.  
Completing his secondary education, he was able to fulfill both of his ambitions by accepting a place in Starfleet Academy as a Marine Cadet.  Maintaining his major as a Computers and Encryption specialist, he originally was placed as a technical Marine.  During the first year, he requested to be placed back with the Infantry Officer Training, feeling much more at home among them.  Maintaining a steady GPA, he quickly became a Cadet Leader in his second year, and maintained a training position for the remaining three years of his Academy experience.   
Upon graduation, Jason and his classmates were moved from the San Francisco area, to Officer Training School and then The Basic School at SFMC Camp Lejeune.  Despite his technical degree, jason proved to be a versatile Infantryman, assisted by the size and endurance he worked endlessly to maintain.  Being more easy going, he again was selected as a class leader after two others failed in the position.  Finally, they were at last sent to their final training at the School of Infantry, where his family connections resulted in a much more harsh treatment from the Instructors than normal.  Twenty-eight grueling weeks, and one medical setback from a broken collarbone later,  Jason finally received orders as a Platoon Leader for the Marine Company on the USS Phoenix.
Service Record 2390-Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems and Encryption Analysis Awarded from Daystrom Institute.
2390-Graduated SFMC Basic Training and SFMC Marine Combat Training.
2392-Graduated SFMC Officer Candidate School.
2393-Graduated SFMC School of Infantry, assigned to USS Phoenix