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Ensign Doctor Amiri Aldana 365

Name Doctor Amiri Ariennye Aldana 365

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Hermaphrodite
Species Kazarite/Hermat
Age 38
Languages Kazarite Prime, Federation Standard, tlhIngan Hol, Catian

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9812m
Weight 91kg
Hair Color (fur) (update later)
Eye Color (Heterochromic) Left: Icy-Blue, Right: Gold
Physical Description Amiri is tall, and strong for hir kind. Hir mother gave hir rather fair, soft-looking skin under hir fur. Because of the feline like heritage of hir Hermat “mother” Amiri inherited vertical-slit pupils that can open wide to encompass almost the entire eye, allowing Amiri to see better in the dark than most humanoids. Amiri has a tail, and digitigrade feet, meaning s/he walks on hir tiptoes like animals with paws. Amiri has heterochromia iridum which means, in hir case, s/he has two different colored eyes. This does not affect hir vision in any way shape or form. Aldana has a long lion-like tail


Mother Aldana 354
Other Family COMPANIONS:
Dr. Aldana has a neurological disability that grants hir the use of – for lack of a better term – service animal(s). However thorough screening from Starfleet Medical has cleared hir for duty. Hir current set is a pair of twin litter-mate intelligent canids. Large animals with tall pointy ears, long face, and a long bushy tail. Each being is between 30kg - 35kg. They have medium length dual-coat fur each with their own unique coat-pattern.

Sombra is the male with a so-called ‘panda’ coat. He is required to attend Dr. Aldana everywhere; often even surgery. He is accustomed to finding the most out of the way place to be secluded, but he still needs to be in the same room in order to perform his job.

Luna (sometimes Lunna) is the black & tan sable ‘silver’ coat bitch, sister and twin to Sombra even though they look nothing alike -- particularly in coat. Luna is strictly protective of Aldana, and is a registered security officer trained in search and rescue (SAR/S&R), and cadaver recovery. Luna is fiercely loyal and attuned to her partner. Regardless of her actual duty status, she will obsessively assign herself “guard duty.” Luna is not necessarily required to be with Aldana, but frequently accompanies hir, sometimes in place of Sombra as the situation entails.

Both beings are very loyal, fun loving and gentle. Due to phenomenal communication skills with their handler and average-level intelligence, they are well trained, and – to the pride of Amiri – are completely capable of being fully under control without the use of physical restraints.

Both individuals have very unique personalities and each have very close, personal relationship with their packmate

Personality & Traits

General Overview A note on Kazarites: One may note, if they go to “Memory Alpha” that the Kazarite race as it is written on the site is a bit mentally overpowered. However in the interest in avoiding I have chosen to make this character a hybrid with a Hermat, thus one may never know what genetic traits and combinations may emerge from the Kazarite parentage. Thus allowing me to dial back the mental abilities of this individual as I and/or a CO may agree upon.

Primarily on “Memory Alpha” it is not clear whether the ability to “mentally teleport” is supposed to be interpreted as so called “astral projection” of a ghost of one’s self, or if the ability is more like a Nightcrawler-of-the-X-Men-type physical teleportation from one physical place to another. Therefore I have eliminated that ability all together in my character among others.

A note on the meaning of “animals”: I am generally of a more literal and scientific mind, so I take a dictionary definition of the word. Meaning any living thing that does not fall under one of the five other kingdoms in biology: bacteria, protozoa, chromista, plant, or fungus. Therefore insects and other so-called “bugs” are animals.

Dr. Aldana is an easy going free-spirited individual. S/he is loyal to hir coworkers, teammates, and superiors. When on duty s/he has a higher than average work ethic, and is focused on the task at hand, and works well with others. S/he isn’t however a “stick-in-the-mud” and doesn’t mind a bit of fun and perhaps some flirting from time-to-time. Though, s/he is always a consummate professional.

Quite often being the odd one out – partially due to hir kind being rare and not very well traveled in the Federation – Dr. Aldana doesn’t let this break hir however, and s/he is on the constant lookout for a new friend, companion, or partner. Dr. Aldana likes to try new things, and s/he likes to be invited to and enjoy new activities. S/he enjoys a variety of arts including fictional stories, and comics. S/he sometimes likes to partake in holo-adventures involving the characters s/he has read about.

Being of a pack species and telepathic, s/he is sociable. S/he enjoys the company of others and will often seek them out, including the sort of interactions that s/he complains s/he doesn’t ever get. Beware, one of hir kind’s most common form of greeting, instead of a handshake, is a friendly hug. Most Kazarites on hir planet don’t have the same social inhibitions about personal space and affectionate touching that many humanoids do, and as a result Aldana may make others slightly uncomfortable until they get used to hir affections.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kazarites are known for being the “Doctor Dolittles” of the galaxy. Kazarites are able to communicate telepathically with all non-humanoid animals from all planets. The Kazarites also had limited telekinetic powers, however due to a personal tragedy when s/he was younger, Amiri mostly avoids hir telekinetic abilities, and causes hir such psychological stress to do so, that s/he has nearly completely forgotten how to use hir ability on a conscious level. Sometimes due to their proximity to a creature, and depending on their moods and feelings however, Amiri can have a hard time sleeping. Also due to hir dual heritage, Amiri, can usually only communicate telepathically with other telepaths, and has the same limitations with species that have quad-lobed-brains that Betazoids do.
Ambitions Doctor Aldana's present goal is to complete hir medical residency under Doctor Hayami aboard hir first assignment. S/he desires to work hir way up to become a Chief Medical Officer hirself oneday. After that hir dreams lead hir to command school where s/he will someday XO and then command hir own Olympic-class starship.
Hobbies & Interests Collects and reads a large variety and age groups of, digital as well as real graphic novels and comic books, manga, and henti. Board and card gaming. Holo-hunting. Flirting, and as someone once called it “nocturnal activities.”

Personal History Aldana had a pretty typical early childhood growing up on Kazar. After graduating from a form of high school s/he took a job at a pet shelter for two years taking care of various pets who were without homes for one reason or another. It was during this time, which s/he developed an interest in the veterinary sciences and a heart for healing and caring for others.

After two years, s/he felt s/he had a good grasp on what it was like to live in the “real world,” so s/he decided to enter secondary schooling with hir parents’ enthusiasm and support. S/he signed up and was easily accepted to a public school, entering their veterinary technician program. It was supposed to be a two year program, but s/he ended up taking three – s/he couldn’t fully abandon the orphans at the shelter after-all.

After graduation, Aldana, was rehired by the shelter as a full-fledged Vet. Tech. S/he worked there for a while longer, but after a while s/he began to feel the call to education again, and soon entered graduate school with an eye to become a full fledged veterinarian.

Graduate school was a little harder than s/he thought, and half-way through s/he was forced to resign hir position at the shelter, one of the hardest things s/he’d ever do up until that point. In addition, in order to complete on time, hir parents also had to hire a tutor, and s/he enrolled in night classes.

Moving back home again wasn’t as hard as leaving the little ones, but it wasn’t easy. S/he found it hard to adjust to hir parent’s rules again, especially after living on hir own for so long. S/he managed, and actually found the lack of responsibilities for food and shelter a little refreshing, and s/he even found that s/he was able to study better and more effectively in hir old den-room and in familiar surroundings.

It took a while, and there were a few bumps, scrapes, and bruises along the way, but with a lot of grace and mercy from hir deity and hir community – not to mention prayer and support from hir family – s/he managed to graduate from a civilian veterinary school with honors, and a full D.V.M. Though a year or two “late.”

Learning from hir experiences in the previous years – good and bad – Aldana, now Doctor Aldana, came out of it a changed being, and with a whole new outlook on life. S/he was quickly recruited by the Kazar space program as a physician to care for and manage the health of its employees and explorers. Over time, Doctor Aldana was able to progress through the ranks of the program. Soon s/he was on the developmental team to assemble and create a medical department for a new space exploration organization.

Dr. Amiri Aldana must have really impressed someone, for not long after that, someone in Starfleet approached hir, and invited hir to apply to Starfleet Academy. It took a few tries, maybe a few “favors” – and someone might have had to pull a few strings – but Aldana was finally accepted. Not long after, s/he graduated from Starfleet Academy, on time, from the academy branch on Betazed and finally assigned hir first residency aboard the U.S.S. Phoenix
Service Record Cadet, The Academy, Xenobiology, four years
Ensign, U.S.S. Lexington, Veterinary Officer, two years
Medical Intern, Starfleet Medical Academy, 1 years
Residency - Ensign, U.S.S. Hope, 1 years
Residency - Ensign, U.S.S. Phoenix, present