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Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Larsen

Name Thomas Milgrund Larsen

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49
Languages Basic, Marine

Physical Appearance

Height 5’3
Weight 180
Hair Color Salt and pepper
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short but stocky, Thomas is built as solid as any Marine ever seen. His salt and pepper hair, turning more salt as he ages, is close cropped in a high and tight, and he keeps his face clean shaven. He often doesn’t react to people who don’t shave religiously like he does, but an Enlisted Marine under his command never had face fuzz as he puts it. His uniforms are often custom made for his muscular structure, and his pale skin is dotted with lightly colored but heavy freckling.


Spouse SFMC
Children None
Father James Milgrund Larsen
Mother Joyce Larsen-Copper
Brother(s) Anthony Copper
Sister(s) Jayce Larsen
Amelia Larsen
Other Family Geoffrey Copper (step father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thomas is a no nonsense man, he doesn’t often smile and never makes a joke. He works out before and after every shift, often asking others to join him. They usually don’t last long.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- Writting, Command, Phase weaponry, Tailoring, History

Weaknesses- Thomas gave his life to the Marines. He doesn’t have a home life, a wife, or ever thinks of gaining either. His biggest weakness is that he will probably work himself to death before 60.
Ambitions To become Command Sergeant Major over the Marines and to die in battle like his kin.
Hobbies & Interests Thomas is always looking at old and new weaponry to play with, to get better with, and to have fun with. He thinks that there is a weapon for every occasion, and is trying to learn how to build older 18th to 22nd century weaponry for use and a coallection.

Personal History Thomas Milgrund Larsen was born the eldest child to a Nordic fisherman and his wife. His mother who was never happy with being a fishers wife left after the birth of his third sister, and there is some debate on if his sister is even a full blooded Larsen. At the age of five Thomas knew what he wanted, to serve in the Marines for Starfleet, to protect his world and others like it. At 17, barely finishing high school, Thomas went on to join the Marines and soon they knew him by his great great great grand mother’s name, Milgrund. This fazed Thomas a little, but he battled through and continued to work hard.

At a young age his parents divorce for differences in life choices. Thomas was always traveling between the two homes, which his parents seemed ok with doing. Some times he felt like a rope in a tug of war contest, but never once complained. He was able to see both of his parents when he needed or wanted to. But sixteen he was dating women from school, but never found the woman that he wanted to spend all of his time with. He was a fishers son, which made him lesser in the eyes of many of his dates, and he didn't want to end up like his parents with a divorce under his belt and an unhappy life. Deciding to not date he quickly became a pariah at his school.

Graduating near the end of his class from school, that very same day Thomas walked into the recruitment office for Starfleet, signing up without a second thought for the Marines. When asked if he wanted to Enlist or go for an Officers rank, Thomas just enlisted. He was alright with others doing the thinking for him, and he went off to Mars for his Basic Training.

Making it through Basic training, Thomas stayed Enlisted, even with the multiple opportunities to become an Officer. It never appealed to him what so ever. He wanted to stay where the “real work” was being done. Gradually Thomas worked up the ranks to where he should have been sitting behind a desk, but refuses every time. A slow gaining of rank kept Thomas where he wanted to be, on the front lines.
Service Record (Can I fill this out later.? It’s gonna be really long.)