New Beginings

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A brand new starship awaits her crew at Deep Space 5. As the stations crew finalize the ship, stow supplies, and complete the huge list of systems check, the crew begins to gather for their maiden voyage.

Below Decks

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Below Deck is a mission for those events taking place outside the events of the main mission. While there may be some reference to the main mission the main focus is on the day to day activities of the crew and the other passengers on the USS Phoenix.

Prison Planet

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A first contact mission, in the Tarelis System, with the Incesra has gone terribly wrong. The surveillance teams, away teams along with the CO and most of the senior staff of the USS Berlin have been taken prisoner.

The crew of the USS Phoenix find a way to recover the Berlin's crew...by force if necessary.

Iconian Glory

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In Development

A No Win Situaton

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"A no win situation is a possibility that every commander may face..." - Admiral James T. Kirk

This is the situation that now faces the crew of the USS Phoenix. While surveying the unknown before them, the crew encounters the remnants of a neutron star hurtling through space. They soon realize that the rogue star fragment will pass through a nearby star system. A system inhabited by a civilization on the verge of warp technology.

What is the Crew to do? Federation policy is clear - to aid them would be a violation of the Prime Directive as well as First Contact policy.

Torn by the rules and the knowledge that nearly 20 billion people are about to die; the crew must choose.

Serenity Broken

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In Development

Port in the Storm

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In Development

The Lost is Found

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The remains of a starship, lost long ago, is found where no one would have ever imagined.

Sole Survivor

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In Development

Blood Moon Rising

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In Development

Part of M13: To Boldly Go


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In Development

All is Lost

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In Development

M13-D: The Alundra Host

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As the Crew of the Achilles lick their wounds after their conflict with the ISS Achilles and deals with the loss of friend and family they meet the first power in the region. The question is will this species be Friend or Foe?

Part of M13: To Boldly Go

M13-C: Shattered Time

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The Achilles has left DS9, passed through Cardassian and Ferengi space and has left the explored part of the Alpha Quadrant behind.

In the future of an alternate universe a single vessel is under attack by ships of the new Terran Empire that has found its way into other universes. As the ship of the Terran Empire try to bag their prey the combination of the exchange of fire and the Empires dimensional transport has shattered space time!

As the Achilles, its escorts, and their crews are just getting into the routine of deep space exploration a rift is detected. Now they must defeat the Terran Empire vessels, determine if the other vessel is friend or foe, and seal the rift before time itself falls apart.

Part of M13: To Boldly Go

M13-B: The Big Goodbye

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The Achilles has left Earth and will be stopping at Deep Space 9. Once they complete their business there they will pass through Cardassian & Ferengi space and into the unknown...What could possibly go wrong.

Part of M13: To Boldly Go

M13-A: From the Old to the New

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Following the Murder of his Father, then Rear-Admiral Da`nal went on his own to avenge his father's death and protect the future of his family and his House. Withe the destruction of his ship and his enemies Da`nal and his crew have been escorted to Earth to answer for what they have done. What will become of them...

Part of M13: To Boldly Go

M12: For Duty or Honor

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While on an inspection tour of established Romulan refugee facilities and the Federation starships patrolling the Romulan-Klingon border; the crew of the Achilles learns of a plot, by one of the great Houses of the Klingon Empire, to invade Romulan space. The CO of the Achilles is now faced with a decision he has be dreading his whole career...He must choose between his duty to the Federation and the Honor of his people. No matter his choice it will change the fate of his House and could cost the lives family, his friends, and his crew.

M11: Feet to the fire

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After being returned to the present the Achilles is ordered to report to Earth for debrief and investigation of the crews possible violation of the Temporal Prime Directive.

M10: Divine Intervention

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After a millennium of peace, a major archaeological find on Dandurand 4 has thrown the planet into religious turmoil. The USS Achilles has been sent to investigate the situation between the planets ruling government, religious groups, and to see that things don't get out of hand. While the away team is on the planet a mysterious object appears at random both in orbit over the planet and on the surface. Scans of the object are inconclusive.

The away team accompanied by representatives of both the religious group, the government, and the Federation archeology team attempts to beam aboard to analyze the scrolls to validate their authenticity. However just as they are to be beamed up, the strange object orbiting the planet glows bright and disappears. On the surface the away team suddenly realizes that they are no longer on the planet...at least not the planet as they know it.

In orbit the Achilles is helpless - unable to communicate or recover those on the surface. They soon discover that they are far back in the planets past and in the middle of "The War of Judgment".

M9: Rest, Recovery, and Reflection

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Following their involvement in the Kzinti War the crew of the USS Achilles is given a chance to rest and recover as the Achilles undergoes repair and refit.

M8-A: Kzinti War - Recon from Hell

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Unknown to the other, both the IKS Dama and the USS Achilles have the same mission. To gather intel on the Kzinti.

However the IKS Dama...in typical Klingon fashion is taking the direct approach and engaging in battle when the opportunity arises. However with the power of the Kzinti weapons it will be a surprise if tha Dama will survive.

What will happen to the Dama's crew and will the USS Achilles find them in time?

M8: The Kzinti War!!!!

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The Year is 2388
As 2387 would be known as the time of Romulus's destruction, 2388 would be a year that will always be remember as a year of upheaval and turmoil as the Federation moves to aid the fragile Romulan empire.

From the ashes of destruction rose a new time of cooperation between the Romulan Empire and the Federation. The time of interaction that began with the Shinzon incident of 2379 was only made stronger as the Federation moved to aid their one time nemisis.

However there were those the saw oppostunity in these events. The Klingons saw a chance to right the Dishonors of the past. So now the Federation must not only deal with the massive aid program, but once more must hold back their allies. The Federation walks a razor's edge between cementing a lasting peace or trading one ally for another.

The strain of supplying such a massive aid program as well as helping to secure the Romulan borders has pushed the Federation to an exteme and other eyes see this...

Eyes that have been watching from the shadows for 200 years...

Eyes that have watched and learned their enemy...

Eyes that see the time to strike is at hand...

Eyes filled with hate and a lust for revenge...Kzinti Eyes

JM site - http://kzinti.rpgresource.org

M7: Shore Leave - Mercer Colony

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Just a little R & R....or so it seems.

Following its mission in the Altar system the Achilles is given shore leave at Mercer Colony, near the Romulan border. However not long after the crew begins to enjoy themselves all ships in the area are set to red Alert as chaos takes hold in the Romulan Empire.

The Achilles stands ready but is soon faced by a new threat from an old enemy

M6: Blood of the Innocent

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While returning to DS5, during the ships shake down,the Achilles receives orders to make emergency speed to the Altarian system. A distress call from the USS Ballard, a Galaxy-class starship, indicated that she had experienced some sort of devastating attack.

The Ballard was hosting a large peace conference between two powers. The conference had just begun when two large explosions destroyed the portions of the Ballard along with both diplomatic parties, as well as the ships command staff and most of the senior officers of the Ballard.

When the Achilles arrives she finds the Ballard has two massive holes in its saucer section, and is desperately trying to defend herself from two other ships.

M5: Transitions

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The USS Freedom is headed to Starbase 515 for decontamination, refit and…reassignment. What that means for the crew is yet to be seen

M4: The Cartaris Strain

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A survey team, whos mission is to find planets suitable for colonization, unknowingly discovers a planet where a (second) biological collective has evolved. The 'fungus' has infected the survey team, taken contol of the ship and with its new found sentients discovers that it had existed before and been destroyed.....by the Federation.

Together the crew of the USS Freedom must stop the spread of this bio-collective while protecting the lives of Federation citizens both infected and not, if any. At the same time they must avoid the disasterous outcome that resulted in the deaths of ove 50 people, the distruction of an orbiting research station, the annihilation of a planets bio-sphere, and prison for the last Captain to encounter this new form of life.

M3: Shore Leave

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The Freedom is heading home and what could have led to war has been settled. The leaders of an extremist group, and there followers have been exposed and dealth with by the Romulan government. Now the Freedom heads to Star base 47 for repairs for the ship and some well earned time off for the crew.

M2: Aggressive Negotiations

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Preparations are complete...as best that could be given the situation. Now the Freedom is about to face her first challange. Three...or is it Four (?!) Romulan Warbirds to the front with nothing but a Disabled Space station at her back with one real ship, some fighters, and a collection of hologams at her side.

What will happen after the battle to defend Deep Space 5? Where will the answers they find lead them? Very likely deep into Romulan Space...Can they complete there mission and avert fueling the extremists that are looking to start a war?

M1: Prepare for Battle

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The USS Freedom, the first of the new Majestic Class Starship, is in the final stages of construction at Deep Space 5, and was being prepared for her trial runs. However before those runs could take place 4 Romulan Warbirds took position around the station. Now, thanks to the Romulan Ambassador on Deep Space 5 the command staff has been informed of a pending attack and potential sabotage to the station.

Commander Davies has order all civilians to take shelter and the Department Heads are preparing for the attack. With all of the Stations Guardian Platforms offline, they hope the stations Advanced Holographic Decoy Array can delay things long enough to get systems back online and get the USS Freedom ready to fly.