USS Phoenix    [ View Specifications » ]
Astrometrics   Astrometrics is a specialized lab used aboard Federation starships and facilities for advanced stellar cartographic purposes.
Bridge   Command center of the USS Phoenix
Brig   Detention facilities aboard the USS Phoenix
Cargo Bays   Used for the storage to various ships stores, equipment, or other mission related cargo
Computer Cores   Prometheus class starships, unique for it's Multi Vector Assault mode, has another unique feature in that this class of ship has a computer core for each section.
Corridor   Passageways within the Phoenix
Engineering   Power centers of the USS Phoenix.
Gym   Exercise facilities aboard the USS Phoenix
Holographic Monitors and Control Surfaces  
Lounges   Places for the crew to relax and unwind
Quarters   Everyone needs a place to rest the head after work.
Security   Finding yourself here is not a good thing.
Shuttle Bay  
Sick Bay   Medical facilities
Transporters   Primary means of transportation to and from the ship
Turbolifts   Main mode of transportation aboard a starship.
Warp Core  
Weapons Lockers   Accessible throughout the ship allowing crew members to arm themselves in emergency situations.