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K'nar Finally Caught Up With Me!

Posted on 28 Sep 2014 @ 9:37pm by Ensign Karrak
Edited on 28 Sep 2014 @ 9:38pm

Perssonal log of Enssign Karrak.

It has been an uneventful time sso far since I have received my orderss for my firsst sship to sserve under. I have received notice that I must wait longer.

It has been a long journey for me to reach thiss place, long and hard, with many lessons to learn. A wise old Gorn told me an ancient proverb once, that the more you run from your k'nar, the ssooner it overtakes you. It was proven true with me.

I ran long and far to esscape the place I sstand now. And it was a human who led me finally to face my k'nar, what humans call fortune or desstiny.

It was Admiral Chakotay. It sshould be no ssurprise to me. My grandfather told me how much he resspected the warrior, human Kirk that he fought, and proudly showed the sscars from their encounter. K'nar was with Kirk in their encounter. I was named after Kirk mysself. Others tried, like my Klingon roommate to use that makesshift cannon Kirk used in the training exercisse, and almosst blew himsself up, and required a week in the infirmary.

But back to the main point. It was Chakotay that opened the way to my sspiritual awakening, by introducing me to what he called an animal guide. No ssurprise again that it would turn out to be a tra'nark, the very tra'nark that sspread its sshadow on me and whose feather I bear. The long flight from what I musst do was at an end.

It iss a difficult time for me to adjust to Sstarfleet ways, but one, an Ambassador Worf told me once that it was normal. It took him jusst as long to adjust to his time there.

These humanss are very ressourceful, and not to be underesstimated. They look weak, but they are anything but weak. I know as little about them as they do about me and my people.

I will go to any lengths to live up to the legacy thrown upon me, and honor the memory of my grandfather, Commander S'alath. And to the memory of that great Terran warrior J'onn Wayne.



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