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The time it takes ...

Posted on 01 Feb 2015 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant JG Tobias Todd

"First personal log entry, Tobias Todd, Lieutenant. The transfer to the new Achilles was without incident. My personal belongings arrived safely and more importantly the data I brought along is undamaged as well. I intend to extensively research every method of life extension, biological or mechanical, known to man ... or unknown for that matter. The length of this mission pushes federation guidelines and experiences to the limit. After 70 years, most of the human crew will be dead or, in the parameters or our species, ancient. I hope to change or at least alleviate that problem. More detailed log entries will follow from the science station, but this is a log of my personal journey.

My own cerebral deterioration and already significant reliance on computer technology puts the chances of me coming back to earth to ... slim. I have several decades of exploration and research ahead of me, I hope that is enough time to change that.

End log entry, Tobias Todd, Lieutenant"

Tobias sat back in his chair, the lights of the room were dimmed. There was much to do, preparations to be made and people to meet. This was a new beginning, the first step on a long and fantastic journey.

No. Not a first step. It was a leap into the darkness.


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