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I've gotta tell somebody...

Posted on 16 Apr 2015 @ 10:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Fanvo Adtanis
Edited on 18 Apr 2015 @ 6:05pm


I know this is a bad idea, to have a record like this. I just... there is too much to keep inside my head, the Nosk is even asking me to calm down, anxiety makes it active and irritable.

What the hell am I doing? What the HELL AM I DOING! Starfleet is going to find out, they are going to find Catherine for damn sure, her body....

I'm doing this because I have no other choice right... If you are listening to this in the future, some version of me that makes it past all of this... Will I agree? Will I feel running was my only recourse?

Starfleet intelligence, Tal Shiar... Someone is going to pick up the trail where Catherines body starts it, I've covered myself so far, but the paranoia, the uncertainty... every time I see a Tactical uniform I cringe like they are coming for me. One day they will be...

For now I'm in the door and the boat is afloat so if we can get to the Gamma quadrant I'm home free...

Computer delete this entry, Use embedded algorithms Adtanis-110.



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