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No rest for the weary

Posted on 09 Jan 2018 @ 1:20pm by Lieutenant Marion Kent & Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 1 - 1030 hrs

The power was on, thanks to the umbilicals tying the ship into the stations power. He had stopped by their quarters to pick up a few items to customize his ready room. He placed a few climbing mementos about, a Romulan Commanders shoulder baldric from 2268 over the back of his chair, a Klingon family crest and D'k tahg, he propped a Rokushaku Bo in the corner behind his desk, the Nodachi presented to him by his bujinkan Shidoshi, and a few other personal items.
He was contemplating have a few models of the various ships he's served on produced when the terminal sounded and the holo-monitor on his desk came to life. He took a seat and began reading the transmission, but what he read only added to his frustration.

Deactivating the monitor he picked up the PADD containing the XO candidates he had selected and with a huff he tossed it across his desk. Talking to no one but himself, "First the yard crew can't seem to get the power running, then Admiral T'Vel and the same sharks from the Achilles debrief show up, now Starfleet has seen fit to assign me an XO..." He wondered if T'Vel had anything to do with it. "No...I can't start suspecting or distrusting my officers."

Rising he stepped over to the replicator.

Kent had a time schedule; he had been following the progresssion of the ship's power systems and the problems that they were having. It was only one of a Hundred things that could be wrong that should not be. The thought process was driving him a bit bonkers as he is biting at the bit to get his hands onto the project.

"Damage Control Personnel would be a better fit in this case." Kent said to himself as he was making his way onto the ship and finding a Turbo Lift to the Bridge. Walking onto it was another sight he knew well from his days in the Reasearch and Development days, fine tuning new systems on a star ship or building it were about the same process and the technicians trying to assure the consoles were 'perfect' hovered in place with tools and all the other needed parts to put things right.

HE kept an eye on them as he passed to the Captain's door the Computer placed the Captain and rang the chime.

Pausing before making a selection. It hadn't been much time at all since his announcement had been broadcast on the station and someone was already at his door. "Enter".

"Thank you for seeing me Captain." Kent offered his hand. "Your new Chief Engineer, Lt. Russell Kent reporting. Sorry for the abruptness, I have been following the Engine's progress and wanted to report in and maybe get cracking?"

Still standing in front of the replicator, taking a step back. "I won't ask how but I'm glad to hear that...seems the station's yard staff aren't as proficient as those at Utopia Planitia." Gesturing to the replicator, "I was about to have some coffee. Can I get you anything?"

"Coffee, Triple shot sugar please." Kent replied with a grin, his expanded field of vision giving him a full story of his surroundings. "You might say that the guy in charge is a bit under the gun and the incumbent Chief Engineer's spin on things might be of use?" Kent chuckled. "Or the fact I have several bodies that could help him work what is behind schedule and I volunteered to be a nice guy and do it unofficially once I have been given official access to the ship of course Sir?"

"Two coffees. One, 'triple shot sugar' and one Jamaican Blue Mountain blend with cream and sugar." The replicator produced the beverages and handed Kent his. "Well whatever your methods for getting a head start on the ship...well done. Have you had any luck figuring out what the problem is?" Leaning back as he took a drink of his coffee.

"Cross wiring, a simple mistake in a small place that is holding up the steady flow of power. The Engineers are trying to put things together focused on a list of troubles to be fixed." Kent started. "If you think like dominoes backwards you get to the root of a problem. I think one of the master Junctions has some error and once that is repaired like opening the gates of an irrigation system the power will flow properly." He shrugged. "At least from a distance that is my best guess."

Taking another drink of his coffee...he loved that Blue Mountain coffee. "I like the way you think Mr. Kent. Well those are your engines now. On my orders you are to take over all ship-board repair operations from Station engineering personnel. If you have anyone down there has a problem, send them to me."

"Taking the ordered coffee Kent nod to the Captain. "I have been playing the friendly type; taking the Mr. Dowd way of things." Kent explained. 'One can be oh so smart of oh so pleasant." Kent smiled. "I prefer oh so pleasant as one can go farther offering to help rather than replace, plus adding our crew to the mix we should make up for lost time." Kent shrugged. "It is good to know I have you backing me and if needed we can play that card but best to keep the ace up the sleeve don't you think?" He took a sip of the sweet coffee.

Rico stopped his cup as he raised it, he wasn't used to having anyone question his orders, especially a Lieutenant. He was about to repeat the order but paused to examine his options and their potential ramifications. "Granted you can catch more flies with honey...and as DS5 is going to be our home port...I will leave it up to you. I want you to pursue the option that gets this ship operational in the shortest time. If you can accomplish that with the carrot, so be it, but if you need to use more aggressive measures you are authorized to do so."

The hesitation was noted by Kent and the tonal change, it was something he knew he should address. "Captain, I do thank you for the support you are giving me; especially when I am doing something out of the norm." He genuinely complemented. "I was trained that the Captain is not to be the one to take my problems to or ask for his support as that was too far up the chain and the XO would be the person of choice." He could bring up so many times his trying to get a job done had cause friction in some ranks. "I am not used to having the Captain's Direct ear." He raised his own mug. "Thank you for that opportunity, it is a most welcome thing I assure you and I will not make your confidence in me waiver. If I do my job correctly you will hardly give brain space to concerns about Engineering, but know we are here to serve your Ship and Command Sir."

"That's good the hear Mr. Kent, this is a new ship that hasn't even had the sheen worn off the paint yet, so until we get past all the shine and down to the day to day things are going to be a little off. The XO, I'm not even sure he's arrived on the station yet so..." raising his hands "...that leaves me to handle things. When it comes to the way people do things; I like 'out of the norm" so until people prove otherwise there's no reason for me not to let them do their jobs they way they want or need. Lastly a Prometheus class ship may be the most highly automated ships in the Federation but a Captain can't do everything; and a Captain that doesn't have confidence in his crew has no business in the center seat. For now...get us flying Lieutenant."

"I do not have a woman at every Port sir, I like to be a traveling man. I will have us up and ready in short order I assure you." Kent nod. "You sound like you have you r hands full, so consider it done."

"Outstanding." Rico stood, "Well then Iwill not keep you from your duties." He extended his hand, "Welcome aboard Lieutenant."

"Thank you Sir." He gave a slight bow. "I should get to my living up to expectations." Kent turned to leave and hesitated. "Thank you for accepting my transfer Sir." Then he departed.

Captain Ricardo Montoya

Lt. Russell Kent
Chief Engineer


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