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Bumping into

Posted on 13 Jan 2018 @ 10:54pm by Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya & Lieutenant Voric Miller
Edited on on 14 Jan 2018 @ 12:06am

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Deep Space 5
Timeline: MD 1 - 1000


Voric was on the promenade he had temporary quarters established and was looking forward to his new assignment as a very freshly green Chief of Security and Tactical officer. Voric maintained his pilot status should the need ever arise again. He saw a local eatery of Bajorian culture and ordered a hasperat. He ate it, it was a very spicy dish. He needed alot of water to compensate for the heat. As he was walking out of the establishment he bumped into a female officer.

Voric said, "I'm so sorry, Lieutenant?"

Still distracted by the dress she had purchased and imagining what he was going to come up with for her 'other' item, she never say the man before running right into him. "Oh I am so sorry!! It was completely my fault, I wasn't paying attention at all. Are you alright?"

Voric chuckled for a moment and said, "I'm okay, Lieutenant?" She was very pretty and he wondered what ship or duty station she was assigned to here.

The collision had snapped her back into reality but even more surprising than the accident was was a Vulcan chuckling. Tucking her hair behind her ear she smiled and knelt to pick up one of the bags. "We at least there is no permanent damage."

"No, that's good. Can I help you carry these anywhere? I have just finished lunch and have no where to be at the moment, if you need assistance." Voric said trying to be a gentleman.

A strange man on a starbase offering his assistance...sounded like a page straight out of a safety briefing. Smiling warmly, "Thank you but no. I'm just heading back to my ship.

"I see, what ship are you assigned to? I am newly assigned to a ship here as well." Voric said

Before she could reply st station's address system interupted their conversation. =^= Attention all personnel assigned to the USS Phoenix. The USS Phoenix is now dock with the station main docking facility, docking bay 94. All department heads are to report to your commanding officer by 1500 hour. All crew may begin boarding and can begin reporting to their respective department heads 0800 hours tomorrow. That is all.=^=

Turning her head, "Well that's me..."

Voric said, "That is me too. I'm the Chief Tactical and Security officer for the Phoenix. Lieutenant Voric Miller." He said it proudly.

Cocking her head slightly. "Well in that case I should be in good hands, not everyday you get an escort by the Chief of Security. I'd be honored to accept your assistance.

Voric smiled and said, "Let's go to the dock, then shall we." Voric started to walk forward leading the way.

Not expecting him to bolt away like he did she almost had to hurry to catch-up. "So what were you doing before your assignment to the Phoenix?"

"I was the Chief Flight Control Officer for the USS England. This will be my first assignment as Chief of Security and Tactical."

That made her pause mentally. "Really, helm to security must have impressed someone. Did something happen on the England or did you just want a change of pace?"

Voric said, "Just wanted a change. I still maintain my skills as a pilot. What department do you belong to, Lieutenant?"

Stepping int a lift, "Deck 150." As the lift sped off she replied, "I'm in operations, nobdepartment head yet assigned that I'm aware of yet so I'm not sure if I'm senior or not."

"No worries, Lieutenant, its good to have friends in different departments. I look forward to working with you." Voric said

"As do I, an new ship can be a lonely place..." The lift opened to the lounge looking out at the docking bay. On the other side of the windows was their new home.

"Well, I suggest that I walk you to the ship and I appreciate your thoughts and I was curious have you ever served on a Prometheus class before?" Voric asked

Nodding her head with a smile. "Thank you sir. And no I never even been close to one. Heck you could have probably landed a Prometheus in the shuttle bay of the last ship I was on. What about you?"

Voric smiled and said, "Why, what class of ship were you on previously?" He asked as he laughted.

Stepping up to the window to look down the length of the ship. She could make out the separation line going down the main hull, ~hell of a ship...~ Glancing back to her escort, "It was an Ascension class. That thing was HUGE; four warp cores, mining facilities, internal tram, sickbays that could stand against any starbase, its own promenade. Basically that beast was a flying starbase."

Turning towards him see him check out the Phoenix as well. "Well I don't want to keep you. As a senior officer I'm sure you have things to do, and you do have that deadline to meet."

“I do have to meet with the Captain. I hope to see you again.” Voric answered.

Bags in hand she walked with him towards the gantry that link the station to the Phoenix. "Well they did give you until 1500," she said humorously.

"Are you suggesting something, Lieutenant? Do you wish to continue our conversation over some food?” Voric asked

She blushed slightly, though with her fair complexion it didn't take much. "Nothing like that, just reminding you that you do have some time to prep before meeting the boss, but thanks for the offer however I already have a lunch date."

“True, do you need assistance to your quarters?” Voric asked

"That would extremely helpful, thank you." She handed him a few of her bag from her shopping excursion. Once aboard the ship they stepped into a lift and she announced the destination "Deck three." Once they arrived on deck 3 she led the way and eventually they entered the section for married personnel. She stopped outside her quarters and the name on the top of the door panel read ' Captain Montoya, Ricardo E.'. Reaching out for her things, "Thank you so much for all your help."

Voric laughed and smiled and said, “You are most welcome. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.”

"Definitely. And don't worry about your meeting with the Captain. He doesn't bite..." She blushed again.

Voric nodded at the comment and headed his way.

Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya (NPC)


Lieutenant Voric Miller
Chief of Security and Tactical


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