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Sudden deployments can be hard.

Posted on 31 Dec 2017 @ 2:54pm by Lieutenant Marion Kent

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Star Base 80
Timeline: Backpost (Prior Rio Lobo)

Kent was in a rush; his 'automatics were getting things ready, he had an hour to pack up what he needed and then report to a Runabout from COmmand to take him to a new station. He was not exactly ready when they pulled him from the planet to be transferred. He was heading to a star ship; a new command and he had no idea what was going to be happening?
Jillian was on a shuttle run between the surface and the Station. HE hoped she would be landing on schedule, he might just make it?
"Kent to Peters." He had called while in transit. "Jillian, I really need talk." It was a simple thing they had used when his head glitched or he really needed to just allow himself to relax and it seemed only her company and affections kept the cyborg demons at bay.
"Peters here.  Shuttle is en route," Jillian said, relaxed and unhurried.  "Just on the 'milk run' today," she explained, referring to the planetary runs that had become routine recently, and as predictable as the milk-man's rounds from days-gone-by.  "I"ll be home long before shift ends."
"Milady, please tell me you are landing on schedule; I have something I 'need' to tell you and if you are late It will have to wait." He paused a second. "Maybe a while?"
Jillian didn't answer for a moment.  "We're pretty much on time," she said after a bit of hesitation.  "There's some station traffic that could cause a slight delay if we continue at our current speed...."  She did a few mental calculations and put in for permission to increase speed slightly above standard safety precautions in this area, just enough to 'cut the line' that would be forming in about 10 minutes based on the other flight plans that were filed.  If they stayed at their current speed they would hit the middle of that air traffic control issue and so end up landing in the shuttle bay almost 20 minutes behind schedule. If they increased their speed, they could skip the line entirely and be in the shuttle bay almost exactly on time.  As she waited for permission she asked slowly.  "Duke... are you alright?"
"A new bit of turmoil in my head." Kent said truthfully. "You know how you help me keep that straight, I really need you." He told her. "This is more than just my head this time and I need to have you here to sort things."
"Just got clearance to modify my flight plan to keep on schedule.  I'll be landing in... 7 minutes," she updated him and increased her speed and flight path slightly.  "Stand by?"
That was a bit off his mind; he would be able to see her for a little bit; he had to be quick as Command never really waits and all.
"I am like a tree by the water, I will not be moved." Kent replied and stood ready.
Jillian's smile could be heard in her voice over the comm.  "Careful, you'll tempt a flood to wash you away," she teased and signed off so she could concentrate on getting through the traffic that flowed around the station.  With repairs and heavy supplies coming in now, it was a bit more complicated that usual.  Luckily, she was in a small and highly maneuverable Starfleet shuttle and could weave in and out, even when one large freighter didn't make a turn as tight as he should have and got into her flight path when he corrected to try to make his berth.
At six minutes 23 seconds after her last time estimate, she was pulling into the shuttle bay; at six minutes 52 seconds she settled down onto her landing pad, and at six minutes 59 seconds, she powered down the engines and hit the door.  Ops would unload her cargo from the back, then she'd be back at the helm for another milk-run.
The landing checklist was done in only a few seconds and she was out the door, stretching out the little tightness that had developed in her back on the run.
Kent came up to meet her, taking in the woman he loved he stood back for a moment and his eyes slowly blinked. 
"Hello Lovely One." Kent came up and gave her a light kiss.
Jillian brushed her lips against his softly and smiled up at him.  She was generally considered a bit reserved in public- not prudish, but she hated to make a scene or be on display.  Light touches and kisses were quite acceptable, though, from Russ, anyway.  "Hi.  You look like you're doing pretty well.  What's wrong?" she asked as she scanned his face, not seeing the usual signs of distress that showed he was being overloaded.
"Could we get somewhere the roving eyes and ears will not bother us?"  He looked to the shuttle."I have something important."
She glanced back at the shuttle too.  Ops was unloading the back, but the cockpit would be out of their way and at least more private than the open bay.  "Alright..." she agreed and led the way into the cockpit.  "What's so important it can't wait?"
"Please sit." He asked of her and waited for her to sit. "I have been assigned to a new star ship as the Chief Engineer and they have given me an immediate Transfer order and will be shipping out at the top of the hour; in fifteen point six minutes."
It was fortunate Russ had made her sit, because even now Jillian almost fell out of the pilot's chair.  "Wait, what?" she asked, shaking her head to try to make sense of what he'd just said.
"I have been transferred rather abruptly to the USS Phoenix as the Chief Engineer." He said more slowly. "I leave within the hour. The shuttle is loading the things I managed to get put away and I will not be coming back." He looked her in the eyes and took her hand to kneel down beside her.  "I want you to come with me?"
Jillian's hand reflexively tightened on his, fear griping her.  "I- I can't- I'm stationed here- I c-can't just leave..." she drifted off slowly and her heart started to fall.  She felt like she'd been kicked in the stomach.  She blinked fast to fight tears.  He was leaving her.  Again.
 "I want you with me... always, you know that." Kent continued. "I have a way to make it possible." He kept eye contact. "Listen to me very carefully for a moment please, I need your total attention Love."
She met his eyes, her captivating violet orbs showing clearly into her soul the aching loneliness she was anticipating without him.  She'd had to face that before, but she hadn't known how bad it would be.  Now she did.  And the idea of living those years again...
"I have made mistakes before but with this computer I recall everything from now on." He smiled.  "This time I want to do it right and not lose you because of Fleet again. I want you forever." He reached into a pocket and brought a box. "I want to marry you and love you til the end of my life?" He opened to a ring with a real diamond; not too large and frivolous, but a medium stone with six smaller diamonds surrounding it like petals on a white-gold band and mounting.
Jillian blinked.  She almost thought she was hearing him wrong, but...  she reached out a trembling finger to touch the ring he offered her.
He took the ring out of the case and showed it to her so she could touch it. "Rings and proposals are an Earth Tradition right?"



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