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Reporting for duty - CMO

Posted on 14 Jan 2018 @ 12:23am by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya & Lieutenant JG Shirayuki Hayami MD

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: 1200

Doctor Shirayuki Hayami, stepped out of the turbolift and looked around the bridge. As of today she was this vessel's newest Chief Medical Officer. She had waited many years to finally be at this level in her career. She had yet to visit the sickbay of the ship, however first it was required to check in with the commanding officer.

She made her way down the Commanding Officer's ready room and pressed the bell.

"Enter". Rico held up a hand to the person at the door as he completed his conversation. =^= you aren't going to tell me? =^=

A teasingly humorous reply followed, =^= Nope =^=

=^= Well I have a visitor here...just a sec =^=

Looking to the you lady slowly working her way into his ready room. "Have you eaten yet Lieutenant?"

Shirayuki stopped, a little surprised. "Not yet sir. I was going to visit the mess hall after reporting in..." she said. "Wait..." she paused. "Doctor Shirayuki Hayami reporting as ordered captain" she said with a smile. "I'm your new Chief Medical Officer"

Completing his conversation over the comm, =^= Come on up here...I'll be a working lunch. =^=

=^= On my way. =^=

The comm closed and he smiled warmly as he stood. "Sorry about that. My wife wanted to know what I had planned for lunch. Welcome aboard Lieutenant. Have a seat...please." He indicated a seat at the sofa next to his desk. "I must say I was impressed; you usually don't see a CMO assignment right after Academy...Medical training."

Shirayuki smiled as she sat down. "I've been studying medicine since I was young" she explained. "They thought that I was qualified to walk into a medical assignment right away" she told him.

Nodding. "So I saw that you had a medical degree before signing up to Starfleet Medical. What made you decide to join Starfleet?"

Shirayuki simply smiled. "Well I've always wanted to see what’s out there. There are so many treatments and breakthroughs in my field out there that I want to discover" she paused. "It sounds quite geeky, but I want to know as much as I can to save as many as I can"

"I think that type enthusiastic curiosity is what brings a lot of people to Starfleet, and a desire to serve and to seek knowledge is far from geeky. Don't ever lose that desire."

The side entrance to his ready room opened and Heather walked in and Rico made the introductions. Dr. Shirayuki Hayami, my wife Heather Fischer-Montoya. Dr. Hayami is our Chief Medical Officer."

Heather's smile was warm and welcoming. "A pleasure to meet you, I was wondering who he was talking to earlier."

Shirayuki smiled in return. "Same here" she said. "This is my first assignment if I'm honest, so I would appreciate any guidance you both have" she explained.

"Well it is rare for a first assignment to a deep space assignment. Rarer still that first assignment be both a deep space assignment and a chief medical officers posting. I can't tell you how to do your job, but as far as administration of the department I can get you assistance there.

"Naturally any equipment or personnel need you have go to the XO. But if you need help on the job....there is always the EMH."

As Rico paused Heather chimed in. "I was in personnel for a while at Starfleet Headquarters, if you need help with duty rosters I'd be more than happy to help."

Shirayuki nodded. "Thanks" she said. "Oh, did you say something about lunch?" she asked with a smile. "I'm always the one for healthy food... I suppose setting an example is what I should do" she laughed.

Heather was already out of her seat and moving to the replicator. "I know what he wants, but what can I get for you?"

"I'll have a salmon rice bowl, it should be listed under Japan Culinary Dish three-six-four" she said with a smile.

She nodded. "Computer, one Japanese culinary dish three-sixty-four, a spinach and strawberry salad with grilled chicken, and a medium sirlon with seared scallops with manhattan sauce and fried garlic potatoes and a small loaf of italian bread."

As the dishes were produced by the replicator Heather handed them off to the appropriate recipient and the trio sat around the coffee table.

Cutting into his steak Rico restarted the conversation. "So Doctor, what do you think it was in your record that got you a Chief Medical Officers posting right out of the gate?"

"Itadakimasu" Shirayuki said to herself, her hands together and eyes closed. She then picked up the chopsticks and began to use them to slowly pull apart the salmon, which was placed neatly on top of white rice and the bowl was lined with green vegetables.

Having cut himself a piece of his steak he lifted it with a grin as he replied in Japanese "Zettai ni".

"Well" Shirayuki said. "I guess they were short of good doctors. I've heard that most of Starfleet's medical officers don't usually attend the Academy with a full medical degree like I did, and most train with Starfleet Medical before gaining their actual doctorate" she told them. "I however, did all of that before going into Starfleet for my medical foundation years" she explained.

"No doubt having completed your medical education and training on your own played a roll. Shows drive and motivation to push yourself than have the Federation provide that training for you." Slicing himself a chunk of bread and dipping it on to his plate he savored the herb flavors in the sauce.

"Something like that" Shirayuki replied as she placed a small chunk of fish in her mouth and chewed it. Once finished she looked back towards him. "Maybe it’s also due to the fact that I make my own medicines from real herbal ingredients" she explained. "For my final, I travelled back to Japan to use traditional herbs from the forests around my home village. The result was a much stronger and better medicine than what a replicator could create, mainly due to the real nutrients in the soil and thousands of years of growth" she explained. "Sorry... I rambled a little. I came from a background of herbalists..."

"Impressive. Though I wouldn't have called that rambling at all. Out of curiosity...what region of Japan are you from?

As the two went back and forth Heather listened intently, taking bite from her salad.

"Mineoka" Shirayuki said. "Its very beautiful, especially in the spring and early summer when the cherry blossoms are out in bloom" she explained with a smile as she ate more of her fish and even picked up small chunks of rice with her chopsticks. "Its also known for its ancient forests, some of the tree's have been there for thousands of years. Shinto recognizes that every forest has a spirit, and they are still strongly worshipped and appreciated in Mineoka" she explained.

Wiping the corner of his mouth with his napkin as he shook his head. "I studied for several years in Noda!"

"Ah" Shirayuki replied. "Noda isn't too far away" she said. "Many of my families traditional medicines were used in the city's hospital for a many years" she explained with a smile. "When I was a child, I used to help my mother formulate them. Although I was usually the one gathering the plants" she explained. "If you ever needed medicine at the hospital there, it's more than likely it came from us"

Taking another bite he rose from his chair and pulled a small case from a cabinet. By the time he sat back down his mouth was clear. "When you spoke of medicines that reminded me. I hate to change the subject but I need a few refills." Opening the case there was a loaded hypo-spray and several empty ampoules. Removing the ampoules he handed them to his young CMO.

Shirayuki took the hypospray and viles from him and looked them over. "I take it you have a repeat prescription with Starfleet?" she asked. "What exactly will you be needing?" she also asked curiously.

"I do. I have to take a pheromone suppressant to keep my Deltan pheromone at the proper levels." Sparing her the trouble of digging into his file he explained. "There was an incident early in my career that permanently damaged several glandular functions. Left untreated, my pheromone production would be five times that of a full blooded Deltan rather that my normal half Deltan levels."

"Ah I see" Shirayuki replied. "Well, I'll take these down to sickbay and get something worked up for you" she told him her voice soft and smooth. She finished the last few pieces of rice and fish and put her bowl down. "I know a few plants that I have in stores that I can use to help with the pheromone levels" she said. "Although, it might be a little stronger than you're used to. So it would mean possibly halving the dosage"

Leaning back in his chair. "You're the doctor. I will talk to the science department about setting up a hydroponics area for you grow whatever you wish."

"Thanks" Shirayuki said. "Also, if you wouldn't mind, if we ever get chance to go down to alien planets I'd like to bring back plant samples too. I've found in recent years that there could be millions of different plants out there that could have healing properties" she explained.

Noticing the time he reluctantly had to call an end to their little luncheon. "Heather if you would help the good Doctor get her staff together. There is going to be a lot of crew members reporting aboard tomorrow."

Shirayyuki stood up, and bowed slightly. "Thank you Captain. I'll get everything in sickbay ready for you as soon as possible. I'll make up some more medication in the medical lab this afternoon" she said.

Returning the bow, "Arigatō. ....and welcome aboard."

Heather was up as well and put a hand on his shoulder and stepped around towards her. "Let’s go look over your staffing manifest."

Giving the two another short bow, Shirayuki turned and left the ready room.

Captain Ricardo Montoya

Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya

Lieutenant JG Shirayuki Hayami MD
Chief Medical Officer


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