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New Assignment

Posted on 14 Jan 2018 @ 2:15pm by Lieutenant JG Zitla & Lieutenant JG Lauren L'Vor

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Science Office
Timeline: MD 1 - 1400

Lauren knew this assignment was going to be difficult as a smaller ship meant she had a bigger profile and there were less options if things went wrong. Her superiors must have thought command familiarity might work in their favor. However familiarity came only cover so much. She had no doubts that her ability to perfore her duties, nor was she concerned with any medical screenings as she had passed many with various identities. However she could not become complacent, humanoids were still well behind them but their ability to grow and adapt was impressive. If there was going to be a problem it was going to be the close personal interactions...she would have to be careful.

Knocking on the door frame as she watched the officer rumaging deep in a crate. Eventually, with much protective packaging tossed aside the blue woman straightened.

Zitla held out the object before her - the precious iridescent bifurcated carapace of an aquatic creature long extinct on Bolius, but one that in myth or truth her family revered as an ancestor - this specemin had been gifted to her when she graduated from Starfleet Academy and had been with her ever since.

She felt a slight prickle as the air moved and as she she turned her head, Zitla's face broke into a welcoming grin.

"Let me guess," she said trying to recall all the profiles the computer had repeated to her while she wandered through the lonely hours, "Laur - no Lola - no Nala Laveritas?"

Grinning as she brushed a strand of hair aside. "You were close the first time, Lauren." Stepping into the office as she admired the piece she held. "That's a beautiful specimen; real or replica?"

Zitla sighed, "So close, but Nala is in astrometrics. I sometimes find they have a faraway look about them. You don't have that, Lauren," the Bolian smiled back. "This is very real, the giant Tylknosest spent the first part of its life cycle in an aquatic nursery. When it was mature enough it emerged from the sea and shed its protective shell which would have been an encumbrance in its new life on land. The few that survived the millenia are highly prized," she explained assuming that a fellow scientist would not be bored by a little background on the origin of her species.

"Then that is a very rare treasure. Personally I probably would have left it in a safer place than on a starship. You could have a replica made and store the real one on the station. Just a suggestion."

Zitla pressed her lips together. It was not something she had considered, not that she thought the station to be a safe place in any way, "No," the Bolian said eventually, "We are not a particularly spiritual people but the the possession of the artifact itself is symbolic and has meaning to my family. What would be the point in admiring a replica no matter how well made?"

Lauren shrugged, "I guess the only benefit would be knowing that such a rare artifact would be safe for future generations to experience and admire; in the event something were to happen to the ship."

"Its a personal thing. Anyway, there are much better specemins in museums for those future generations to see," Zitla replied. As an optimist she did not plan for or expect disaster, but she did not necessarily expect anyone else to understand that. "If I were that concerned about something happenning to the ship I would have stayed on Bolius."

"That's understandable. I tend to a hope for the best but plan for the worst. Either way that is a beautiful piece. Too bad you weren't on the Achilles. Those Ascension class ship have a huge cetacean section. Though while i do love the water Astrometrics is more my speed."

"Was that your previous posting?" Zitla asked as she plaecd the shell on her desk. She would dig out the case and the pedestel later.

"I had volunteered for the Achillies mission....before it got recalled that is. I was one of the astrometrics officers on the Achilles. And you? What were you up to before getting the big chair?"

"Mucking in on the USS Hyperion. The Denoblian flu took out the assistant chief and I happened to have a bit of capacity to help out the chief. I guess I must have done something right," she said.

She grinned..."Well you must have impressed someone." Looking behind her making sure no one else was in ear shot. "You meet the Captain yet?"

"An hour or so back. Suddenly this place is filling up," Zitla said, something she was pleased about.

"What do you think of him?" She asked with a bit of a smirk.

"He seems enthusiastic about the mission, and on a personal elvel relaxed and easy going," Zitla said missing the nuance.

Shaking slightly. "Noooo...that's not what I meant", she said raising eyebrow slightly.

"Oh," Zitla said, she had been very much in a professional mind-set and not given any thought to the man beyond his role. But Lauren seemed to want something more from her. "Far too much hair," Zitla replied afte a moment, the one honest response in this vein she could give.

She smiled outwarly and humorously at that, while her mind analyzed the situation. Thinking to herself, ~Perhaps this one just needs more time to get acquainted before engaging in humanoid 'girl talk'? Very well...~

Shrugging, "To each their own I guess. At any rate, do you mind if I over see astrometrics? That's kinda my area of expertise, though I have been expanding into genetics."

It was quite a question. There was a perfectly qualified person already earmarked for that position who had earned it. It was notin Zitla's nature to push that aside without the knowledge to back it up.

She smiled, "I love your enthusiasm, Lauren, but the role is already filled. I cannot wait to review your work though, and we can review where we can best use your expertise."

To Zitla it was the obvious response. One worked and found reward, not through the asking but through the earning. She was Bolian above all else.

Surpised by the rebuttal she pressed a bit further. "There is another Lieutenant grade officer in the department specializing in astrometrics? On a ship this size i was actually surprised that both of us had been assigned."

She was persistent, Zitla gave her that. "Lauren, right now it is neither a yes nor a no," she said in the same tone she used to mediate disputes among family members. She made sure she smiled as she spoke. "There are ample opportuntiies for growth and discovery ahead of us. Once I have seen everyone in action I will review the situation, not before."

Zitla left it unsaid that it irked her that Lauren seemed to think that she should have the position by virtue of rank when there were several others with outstanding skill in the field who might be a better fit, but that was her job to determine. "Was there anything else?"

Lauren's first reaction was a mental ~Bitch!~. The reaction was surprising, ~this humanoid form must be influencing me~ Having kept her face neutral she nodded at the explanation. "That's understandable...only fair for the best person to get the job. Did you want any help checking the rest of the department in tomorrow?"

"Its a kind offer but I've got everything in hand," Zitla replied, "Get yourself settled in, and rest assured that I'll be considering your request in the coming days."

The Bolian felt a little bad, but she had a job to do and would do it in a balanced and efficent manner - it was only polite though to take on board a staff preference as her mother had told her and see if it fitted in the wider scheme.

Lauren grinned at getting the prospect of getting rhe rest of the day off, but she had other plans. "Will do. If you want need any help you just let me know. If you like i can run some diagnostics tomorrow and make sure the equipment, sensors, etc., are in working order while you deal with the new crew members."

"That would be great, Lauren," it was the right way in Zitla's mind to get noticed - helping out with the small things. "The inventory all checks out so lets meet up before departure in case anything needs replacing" not that it would on a brand new ship, she thought.

"Consider it done." With that Lauren headed out to enjoy the rest of her day. ~What to do... tour the ship, check out the station...~ Choosing the latter she decided to investigate some suspicions she had had and was included in her overall instructions. Now to monitor and select a target for absorption.

Ltjg Luaren L'Vor (NPC)

Lieutenant JG Zitla
Chief Science Officer


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