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End of a long day

Posted on 17 Jan 2018 @ 10:54am by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya

Mission: New Beginings
Location: CO's Quarters
Timeline: 1900

Heather had changed into a long tshirt she had picked as she padded around their quarters. She had figured it was going to be a long day for Rico so she had dinner already pre-programmed into the replicator, the table was set and and the wine chilled. All she had to do was wait for him to show up. Every now and then she would check on his location and everytime the computer replied that he was in his ready room; that or on the bridge.

~At least he was getting up and moving around...~ she thought as she reviewed the ships and station personnel for a proper yeomen. Rico was an active person, all that sitting in meetings and reading over reports...he was going to have a stiff neck tonight.

Most of their stuff was unpacked, but there was no big hurry on that, besides Rico needed to be here so he felt he had at least some input on things. Smiling at that thought she grabbed the book she had been reading on their trip to the station and on the couch, pulling her legs underneath her. She only got another chapter and a half done when doors parted an Rico walked in.

Setting her book down as the doors closed behind him, "Well look what the cat dragged in."

Rico smile as he undid the jacket to his uniform. "Guess who i ran into on the station this moring then decided to pop in for a meeting a few hours ago?"

Obviously not having a clue she shrugged and replied. "Who"

"Admiral T'Vel"

Puzzled and surpised Heather wrinkled her brow. "From the recall debriefing?"

"The very same..."

"What did she want?"

"Well she...reminded me of that the detail of the recall were still classified. Then she invited the Phoenix to participate in a weapons test/battle sim of some kind in a few days."

"Reaeaally...she give you any details?"

"No. At least not yet. I don't know if she's up to something or if my opinions are simply colored because of what happened after the recall."

She got up and moved to him. "Well after what she tried to pull with the Commodore no one would blame anyone for being suspicious."

Rico was about to reply when he registered the fact that she had on a 'new' shirt. Stepping back he took a look at the shirt and the phrase on it. 'Don't confuse YOUR rank with MY Authority'

"Where did you find that?!" he asked laughing.

"On the station this morning." Stepping back she playfully modeled it for him. "Don't you like it?"

At the moment he was paying more attention to her legs and the shape of her frame as she posed. "Yes I do. Just don't wear that around the ship."

"Now would i do such a foolish thing like that?"

Rico just stood the grinning with an arched brow. "So what else did you do today?"

She moved to the replicator and called up their dinner while Rico sat to take off his boots. "Well while you were hobnobbing with the Station's CO and the local Admiralty I did a little shopping, ran into the Chief of Security on the Promenade, had lunch with the Captain and the Chief Medical Officer, looked over the incoming medical staff, helped Mr. Kent with reconfiguring several power connections, OH and Lauren is on remember her don't you?"

"Lauren? The name is familiar." He paused as he thought. "L'Vor...Science officer...where do you know her from?"

"She was an astrometrics officer on the Achilles. We first met her on the transport from DS9 to Bajor..."

"Yes I remember. Sounds like you had a busy day." He remarked as he moved to help her with dinner, wondering if L'Vor had any ties to T'Vel.

Handing him a dish as it came off the replicator. "Well at least I was able get around, you were probably at you desk all day weren't you."

Pouring the wine he set the bottle back in the chiller as he sat. "The hazards of command..." he said shrugging. " least we can cut over to internal power now." He went over the list of thins that he wanted to do but tomorrow was going to be a department nightmare for everyone as station crew left and the ships crew began their check ins. But still...maybe an alert drill...he wouldn't do that, not yet anyway.

They both sat, the aromas from his mongolian beef stir fry making his mouth water. He raised his glass, "To new beginnings."

Heather clinked her glass to his. "New Beginning."


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