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Checking Engineering

Posted on 14 Jan 2018 @ 11:32am by Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran & Lieutenant Marion Kent
Edited on on 14 Jan 2018 @ 10:32pm

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Engineering
Timeline: MD 1 - 1600

Cevel entered Main Engineering and took a look around. There was a mixture of station engineers along with the ship's engineering staff. He looked around for the man he knew would be in charge, one Lieutenant Marion Kent.
He found the man he was looking for. Lieutenant Kent was tall for a human, 1.8 meters with black hair kept nice and neat.

"Lieutenant Kent." Cevel called out hoping he could hear over the noise of the crowded Engineering room.

The sounds of the workers could be filtered as Kent stood at the Master Control for the Power systems. Taking into account the analysis of the power flow; the small bits of disjointed power mixed with power surges Kent sought to find the common denominator. The voice in the crowd called his name; he straightened and glanced around to see the source of the voice. He had been concentrating and the voice he heard filtered through was not one he had been working with over the time he had stepped into Engineering so he had to have someone of importance to come into this mass of controlled confusion.

"Over here at Master Control." Kent remembered to turn and focus his vision in the direction of the voice, some people were put off by his greater peripheral vision so he tended to look people in the eyes and focus on them as normal people do. "What can I do for you?"

Cevel walked over to the man, "Captain Montoya wanted me to check on the status of the power disruptions and initiation start-up procedures and find out if you have been able to determine what the problem is."

"The problem lies in the connection of the Beta Module master control panel." Kent explained. "There was a cross routed portion of the panel that was put more as a switch ; as is the normal pattern, rather than a detachable connector." He shrugged. "Once we were able to put in the proper connections it should work. The middle section of the core being out of alignment power grid wise has popped up the lack of power."

Cevel nodded and noted that he only had a rudimentary knowledge of Engineering and the power systems on Starfleet ships. I will have to remedy that at some point.
"I see, any other problems cropping up as a result?"

"It is more of a cascade effect; once we get the root of the problem solved and the power flows more along the designated flow charts we will just have to fix the 'repairs' made by the shipyard." Kent chuckled. "The help is just taking the switches and converting them to connectors, a very simple but time consuming job. if you could convert the ten switches I will finish the others and we should be upo and ready, after that is only running down little things that will not affect the being on internal rather than external power sources." He nod. I believe we can make short work of this."

Cevel nodded, "Alright. Do you have an ETA?

POwre being back on line; barring any significant problems that are unforeseen, I believe I can have power back on line in a little over forty seven minutes and the total repair of what is projeceted to be repaired from this cascade effect by the end of shift." Kent glanced over. "The minor repairs can be effected while in flight so I would say with Half an hour of Engine Start up and on line within ninety minutes. WHich beats out the Dock estimates by a good margin. " Kent grinned. "I will not relay their estimates as I do not speak badly of anyone's work under these conditions. The ship should be from an ENgineering stand point ready in an hour and a half for standard operations.

Cevel nodded, "Good to hear. I will relay to the Captain and give him the good news. Keep up the good work."
He turned and walked out of Main Engineering.


Lt. Cmdr. Cevel Th'raran
Executive Officer

Lt. Russell Kent
Chief Engineer.


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